Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i'm a suck

either i care a hell of a lot about the cbc, or i'm a little emotionally delicate.

today mary-lou finlay retired.

tonight was the 'good-bye mary-lou' episode of as it happens.

i cried.



this time of year is full of conflicting feelings for me.

i am starting to feel blah and blue because it's dull, grey, dark, cold and often wet.

but i'm also getting kind of excited because it's gonna be christmas. stockings, new years parties, dinner parties, and general jovial feelings.

the result has left me feeling a bit unbalanced. i don't seem to be able to focus on things, and i sit around almost mopeing, then all of a sudden i am excited about some holiday thing. tres etrange.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i wanna see it

those of you who knew me as a teenager will find it no surprise whatsoever that i really want to see "movin' out".

what you might be surprised of though is that it got a *really good* review on cbc last night.

i know!

i was surprised too!

and so, now of course, i am actually excited about seeing it as a real piece of theatre.

i guess i should do something about getting tickets.

movie screening in toronto on thursday

so, you remember how i was telling you about the whole 'my million dollar year' project?

well, there's going to be a screening on thursday of some 'things so far' footage. this is by no means the final product, for one thing the year isn't up, and for another, there just hasn't been enough time to go through all the footage. but i think i will be a fun sneak peak.

wanna see a flyer?

Monday, November 28, 2005

ALL NEW!!!!! debt-be-gone!!!! subscribe now!!!!!


john and i just made an agreement.

we're going to live lean for january and february and get our debt completely paid off. that's everything. overdraft, credit cards, loan from my dad, all of it.

it's going to mean no going out to movies, no going out for dinner, no ordering in, no buying our lunches, no going to the theatre, none of that kind of stuff.

we have been living fairly lushly for the last couple of months because for the first time in our lives we have had money. but the lush living has been at the sacrifice of paying down our remaining debt. so we have to take care of that. and we want it done sooner rather than later.

i am strangely excited about this. i'm excited about the idea of not being in debt, there is no question about that. i'm also excited at the prospect that it might help make some decent habits, like, for instance, actually getting my act in gear and making my lunch for a change.

so, i will be in search of fun free things to do, book signings, lectures, free concerts etc. and, if we hang out then it will likely be at my place (or yours) or maybe out to a cafe to play scrabble over a long cup of coffee.

*** update***
perhaps worth noting that our version of living lean is nothing like a real version of living lean. we will still have our digital cable with the movie network (the movie network on demand is the best thing ever, i haven't rented a movie since we got it, and i used to rent one or two a week), i will still have my fancy shmancy membership plus at the y, i will still buy prepared food at the grocery store upon occasion. we will still leave a privledged and blessed life. we just won't do some of the other stuff we do (the movies, the theatre, the eating out etc.). i just want to make sure it's clear that i know that our 'living lean' is still more opulant than many folks normal living day to day.

lots i want to say, nothing i want to type

today i am full of ideas of things i want to write in my blog. well, i was, now i can only remember one of them. but still, a topic is at hand.

but here's the thing. i don't feel like typing it out. i feel like talking about it, i feel like debating it, but i don't feel like taking the time to put pen to paper (as it were).

some days i'm dying to write, but have nothing to say. those days make the days where i have lots to say but really don't feel like writing, much more frustrating.

Friday, November 25, 2005

the power of flirting

i would like to say that i'm someone who never uses her sexuality for personal gain (you know, personal gain beyond getting laid...). but i can't. it would be a lie.

i would like to say that i never rely on my 'feminine wiles' at work. but i can't, it would be a lie.

i would like to say that my work speaks for itself and i would never do anything beyond my work to catch someone's eye professionally. but i can't, it would be a lie.

today i had a business meeting with someone that i was hoping to impress. i was flirting with him a tiny bit, but just in the casual interaction way, not in any kind of blatant way. he was reciprocating. then when it came time that i was saying something about talking about something at home i was going to say "my partner's eyes glaze over", but for some reason it came out "my friends' eyes glaze over". and then a bunch of other things where i would normally have refered to john seemed to come out as "my friends".

for some reason i was avoiding mentioning that i had a partner.

and here's the kicker.

i finally noticed he was wearing a wedding ring.

all of a sudden i was talking about "my partner" instead of "my friends"

the best part was this detached part of me watching the conversation, making observations, saying to itself "hmmm, that's interesting" while the engaged part of me was saying "yes, i love performance measures".

Thursday, November 24, 2005

god i love this man

lister sinclair is possibly my hero. i love him. so much.

tonight on ideas there was a program about him, he was being interviewed and the interviewer asked him "how do you want people to remember you?"

he said he would like his epitaph to say:

"he died learning"

like i said. my hero.

finding my feet

i thought after oh-so-many whiny posts about feeling lost in toronto i should post an update.

toronto is indeed becoming home.

it's maybe not 100% there yet, but it's pretty close.

i am meeting some great new people. i am meeting some great new hang outs. i am meeting some great new shops.

yesterday i went to a lecture at the u of t, it was open to the public and free.

i have gone to the theatre several times in the last month.

i have played scrabble in a cafe and scrabble in a lounge.

i have people watched while eating shwarma

i am content.

we have a nice space, thanks to astrid.

we had a house warming, we're having a couple dinner parties, and we're having a new years eve party. the place will be well and solidly broken in by the new year.

and so, when it comes to toronto i have found my feet and am feeling much more grounded.

it doesn't mean i'm done exploring, meeting new people, reading up on what toronto has to offer. it just means that if i *want* i can do something without having to do reasearch first.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

as promised...

okay, here it is, 'that post'...

for some initial context i will point out for those of you who don't already know that my degree is in theatre. i feel at home on stage. i feel at home performing. i can sure as hell act my way out of a brown paper bag. i am happy to improv, with or without an audience. what i'm trying to say is, i have no problem being the centre of attention.

i'd like to think that i'm also not one of those annoying folks who always *need* to be at the centre of attention, although i do often seem to find myself at the centre of attention, so i do worry that i really am one of *those* people and am just living in denial. that was a bit of a sideline though, not particularly relavent to the context for the post, or the post itself, so i digress...

last thursday i went out to a play and followed it up with some live music (blood.claat and jamaica man, i'm pretty sure i talked about it before, so other than 'man, blood.claat was amazing, i'll leave it be). it was a grand night. but one thing really stood out to me.

i love to dance. really really love to dance. i love to feel the music and just move. i often close my eyes so that i don't get distracted by things around me. i love to dance.

but, i love to do it in my own world.

i mean, i enjoy dancing with others, nooneaskedus and i were doing some fun dirty dancing on saturday, and well, you know, he is one of the hottest creatures in the world, so that was fun. but that's not the kind of dancing i mean. i don't mean the kind of dancing that is like a conversation. i don't mean the kind of dancing you did in grade 8. i don't mean the kind of dancing you do when you go out to a club with your friends. i mean the kind of dancing is all for you and no one else.

i guess what i'm saying is i'm talking about the masturbation of dancing.

at this point i imagine you're asking yourself something along the lines of "what the hell does this have to do with her theatre degree?"

ahh, but it does. and here is why...

on thursday night one of the bands was all drumming, it was just a big group of people dumming, it was amazing, and it was MADE for dancing.

and so i danced. i danced my masterabatory dance. i danced in a corner, i wasn't hiding per se, but i was trying not to draw attention either. unfortunately there was not a throng of dancers. over the course of the set a grand total of 4 people had danced, and not all of us at the same time. one of the drummers noticed me.

he spent a lot of time staring at me, which was a bit akward, because, well, here's the truth, i don't want anyone to be watching me dance. i'm find if they happen to see me dance, but that's different than watching me dance, you dig? but you know, i can deal with that, he's on the stage, i'm on the floor, i can just pretend not to see and keep dancing.

but no, no no no, he wasn't content with me pretending not to see him. he came down from the stage, playing his drum, and walked right up to me. which not only made it very hard to pretend he wasn't watching me, but also of course, drew the attention of others in the room, 'cause, well, you know, people were here to watch him and the other people drumming their hearts out.

and now here is where the embarassing power of not wanting to be watched takes over.

i took one look at this man who was goading me with his drum to dance harder and faster, then immediately actually turned my back and broke down into giggles.

yep. i physically turned my back on him. and laughed.

boy. i felt mature. *eyeroll*

later he came and was playing behind me and my friend who was watching the whole thing said "turn around" and i said "nope. i know he's there, i can feel him and i can hear him, but as long as i can't see him i can pretend he's not there"

she laughed at me. a lot. and, really, i totally understood and could not for a second blame her.

he went back to the stage and whenever i glanced at him he was staring at me. i just kept pretending no one was looking.

but here's the weird thing. why is it such a big deal? why can i not deal with people watching me dance? it's not a new phenomenon. even in university in dance clubs if i felt someone watching me i suddenly couldn't dance any more. seriously, it saps all my dance ability. it's like my kryponite. well, it would be anyway, if my dancing was some kind of super power...

i have trained to be on stage. if someone had said 'we need someone up here to do some improv' i would have been there in a flash. but dancing, nope, no way, can't deal.

i mean really people, what the fuck is that? i have essencially been trained to be on display. but i can't dance if someone's watching me??!?!

movies i want to see

i'll write 'that post' later today, i promise, i absolutely totally promise.

but this second i don't have time, so, here is a list of movies i want to see right now:



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

there are others that i would mind seeing, but these are the ones i *want* to see. you know what i like? i like that the top two are canadian. it's been a long time since i was into canadian film. when i was a teenager i was all about canadian film, i'd like to get that back.

Monday, November 21, 2005

time is fleeting...

okay, apparently boobs have to hold you a bit longer.

i thought that i was going to be able to write "that other post" during my lunch today, but it's looking like i won't get my lunch today. so i will endevour to write "that other post" later.

and perhaps, in restitution i will post a picture of my boobs tonight (a work safe picture of course, because this blog is of course always work safe.) but that might take more effort than i can be bothered with...

anyway, yeah, tonight i'll write "that other post", which i have perhaps built up far more anticipation than desereved, since, honestly, it's going to be interesting perhaps, but not interesting enough to merrit antici...................................................pation.

right, okay, that's enough of that, back to work...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

words to live by

just yelled to john in the other room: "well, i was going to write that other post, but i think the boobs post will hold them until tomorrow."

words to live by - "i think the boobs post will hold them"

i want boobies

joh... er, uh, i mean some unnamed person, and i were talking and he she/he said that people should send me pictures of their boobs.

not for any kind of charity or anything, just, you know, unreciprocated emailing of boob pictures.

this would simply be because we he she/he would enjoy looking at pictures of boobs like to see how many people would comply. it would all, of course, be in the name of science.

i of course would never make such a crass request on my blog, i mean, what would the neighbours think?

Friday, November 18, 2005

i just wanna be a sheep, baa baa

apparently i bend at dickey's will, so i'm going to fill this thing out. geeze, you'd think if i bent at his will dickey would be having me do much more interesting things...

Two Names You Go By --
1. meg
2. meggles

Two Parts of Your Heritage --
1. ummmmmm..... irish? (name like mooney, must be, right)
2. uhhhhhhhhhhh..... scottish?
wooo! look at that multi-cultural background. i'm like a walking UN. honestly, i'm a gagillionth generation canadian, i have no real idea of my 'heritage'.

Two Things That Scare You -- (real deep fear, or at the moment fear? i'll go with real deep... geeze, this is a hard question if i'm going for real deep, i've been thinking for a good five minutes.)
1. that i will get horribly disfunctionally depressed again
2. that i will be exposed as a fraud (this is a current inexplicable fear, for some reason i occassionally think that people at work are going to figure out that i'm just fooling them and i'm not as good at my job as they all think i am. this is silly, since, my rational brain knows that actually, i am just as good, and possibly better, at my job than they think i am)

Two of Your Everyday Essentials --
1. laughter
2. human interaction

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now --
1. nightie
2. old ratty shirt over top of the nightie
that would be the sum total of what i'm wearing actually, since i'm home sick today and i think that when you're at home sick there is no reason for you to get dressed...

Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment) --
1. ella fitzgerald
2. big rude jake
bloody hell, that's a difficult one to answer, since my tates range a lot. i am also quite enamoured with the beastie boys and jeremy fisher("We don't get caught up in emotional bliss / We're just friends who sometimes happen to kiss." are currently my favourite lyrics) and the lowest of the low at the moment. i guess what i'm saying is, you can never know my musical tastes by two bands.

Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love) --
1. honesty
2. good sex
i know it looks like i just cribbed directly from dickey here, but really, um, well, it's just what i would have chosen

Two Truths --
1. you can't always get what you want
2. but if you try sometimes, you get what you need

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You --
1. ass. oh my god i love a good ass. did i mention ass?
2. hands. big thick worker hands.

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies --
1. reading (is that a hobby?)

2. theatre (again, hobby?)

ed: good god this this is long. sheesh. i'm going to stop for a bit 'cause john came home for lunch...

Two Things You Want Really Badly --
1. for this bloody cold to be over and done with
2. for toronto to feel like home
these are both highly achievable and underway...

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation --
1. back to barbados (i used to live there, i want to go see my old house, my old school etc)
2. some place where i can just read, sleep, swim, dance, rinse, repeat. so, probably some kind of all inclusive resort. and when it's an all inclusive resort, it doesn't really matter where it is... ooooh, but i'd love there to be a big soaker tub in my room.

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die --
1. live (as oppose to survive)

2. be a lead in a professional stage production and get great accolades for my amazing acting abilities

Two Ways that you are stereotypically a Guy --
1. i love sex. sex sex sex. give me more sex.
2. i belch without embarassment
hey, that's what the question said, so that's what i'm answering. just for the record, it is apparently much easier to answer the stereotypically guy question for me than it would have been the stereotypical girl. for the stereotypical girl side i have come up with 1. i have boobs. and 2. i like pedicures.

Two Things You Normally Wouldn't Admit --
1. i'm not always as confident as i seem
2. uhhhhh, okay, i can't seem to think of anything else, i'm what you may call, an open book...

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now --
1. good god i wish this bloody cold would go the fuck away
2. geeze i don't have many secrets

Two Stores You Shop At -
1. ikea
2. loblaws

Two people I haven't talked to in a while --
1. brendan (i miss him, his phone number stopped working)

2. camille (we email, but haven't seen each other in ages, i miss her)

Two bloggers who may now dislike you for passing this on to them --
1. brando, 'cause meme's go there to die
2. come on people, i've already sent it to it's death. i've hired one assassin, what more do you want?!?!?

i just wanna be a sheep, baa baa (blogger is driving me crazy)

the comments on this are for the post above...

** UPDATE*** book launch

We'll call this update "my brother is a nerd" because it would appear that they are cancelling Sunday because of the Santa Clause Parade. The nerd comment comes not just from the fact that they are cancelling, but more because my brother didn't even tell me it was cancelled, John ran into my brother today and my brother mentioned it to him. This is a problem because I've been promoting this left right and centre and a bunch of folks have said they are going to come and I have to try and remember who is coming and who I need to notify. . .

I'm assuming it will be rescheduled, and when it is I'll be sure to let you know when it's happening.


For those of you in Toronto, my brother is having his book launch on Sunday. Well, I don't know if it's a launch technically, I think that happened already, but it's something to do with his book.

The book is Parting Ways by Andrew Foley (wrote the text), Scott Mooney (illustrator), Nick Craine (inks) . You can find it on and (oddly enough they are different listings, there is a review on the .com site) and ChaptersIndigo (honestly, as online book sites go, I prefer Amazon).

I found this in a news release:
Peter Orbach wants to live. It's too bad he didn't realize this earlier; it won't do him much good now that he's in Hell...
Peter isn't the first person to believe he shouldn't be damned, but he may be the first that's objectively correct. Somehow, his soulless body still lives...and from all appearances, it's doing great without him...

And I found an interview with Andrew and Scott, funny to see (well, read) my brother interviewed...

So, Sunday the SAFETY FIRST TOUR, Featuring Scott Chantler, Nick Craine, and Scott Mooney will be in Toronto. So, it's not technically a book launch, since Scott Chantler isn't involved in this project. It's more a gathering of artists who used to work together and in the process they are also promoting various works.

The details are:
Sunday, November 20th
at The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto

It's free, seems like a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon...

The Beguiling is located at 601 Markham Street, near Bloor & Bathurst, in downtown Toronto.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

mr. crane at blood.claat

last night i ushered at theatre passe muraille.

the shows in the space i was ushering for were:

blood.claat - one womban story Written and performed by d'bi young, directed by Weyni Mengesha (both of 'da kink in my hair')
How can we travel from self-hate to love? A Jamaican girl from Whitfield Town looks to be the first to break her family cycle, dreaming of growing up strong and independent. A best actress award winner for SummerWorks 2004.
Runs November 15 to 27


Jamaica ManWritten and performed by John Blackwood
Who do you think I am? A history of Jamaica, and of being an insider/outsider that leaves us wondering about the realities of culture.
runs November 1 to 20 - double bill with blood.claat

i haven't seen the shows yet, in fact, i'm going to them tonight. although blood.claat is written by and directed by the same people who wrote and directed da kink in my hair, which was one of my favourite theatre experiences ever, so i'm hoping it will be good and i'm certainly looking forward to going.

but this my friends is not the point of this post. the point of this post is far far far more shallow than any theatre related pursuits. this post is all about yummy men. well, one particular yummy man. mr. crane.

i don't remember mr. crane's first name, i keep wanting to say henry crane, but i don't think that's right.

anyway, mr. crane was meeting two friends at the theatre, they were all going to see blood.claat together, this is how i know his name, he said "they'll be looking for ____ crane".

mr. crane exuded an aura of attractiveness. and, no surprise, when his friends arrived i discovered they also exuded an aura of attractiveness.

here's the kicker, i couldn't describe any of them for you. kind of artsy looking, but not in a contrived trying hard kind of way, just in a 'this is the way we are' kind of way. i hesitate to say possibly artsy looking in the way i am artsy looking. which is to say, if you saw me in a bar you wouldn't think i was artsy looking, but if you saw me at a theatre there's a good chance you might.

so, mr. crane, if you are by some strange chance reading this, first, imagine me with a deep crimson blush, because that is absolutely what would happen if i discovered you were reading this, second, i thank you for the little giddy moments you provided me with last night.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

water water everywhere

and many a drop to drink...

part of my cold is a cough and a sore throat. one of the few soothing things is water.

it is 2:30 and i have now had 3 litres of water already.

needless to say, the bathroom and i are well acquainted today...

fashion faux pas

while waiting for the bus this morning i saw a man wearing what appeared to be black leather pants (could have been pleather, i wasn't asking or touching) and white leather running shoes.

it was bad. oh so very bad. i am not a member of the fashion police force, but i was almost moved to make a citizen's arrest.

Monday, November 14, 2005

brrrr, it's cold in here...

must be some toros in the... at-mo-sphere!

that was for kate. all for you babeee!

i would love to regale you with witty reparte, but unfortunately i am sick, again. *huff* i know, sick all the time. bloody hell. plus work is crazy. it's a bad combination.

in the meantime, also keeping kate in mind, and dan too (though the clip is relevant for all canadians, not just montrealers), here's a rick mercer rant...

Sunday, November 13, 2005


you know how people say things like 'that could never happen these days' when they're talking about the way germans blindly followed hitler?

i think as long as people are willing to blindly follow anyone there is always a danger.

the number of people who have willingly strip searched and sexually assulted fellow citizens because someone was on the other end of the phone saying he was a cop and this person had done something bad and it was their duty to do this, yeah, that makes me think that all it will take is someone with enough charisma and we'll* all be happy to shuffle people onto trains to unknown destinations.

*i'd like to think i'd die before taking part in anything like that. i really would. i'd stake my life on it. but i wouldn't stake anyone else's life on it. the truth is, i'm in a pretty safe comfortable place where i can say that i wouldn't, who knows what would happen if i were in a situation like that. just look at how many people happily delivered electric shocks people in the name of science in the milgram experiment. the shocks may not have been real, but the people pressing that button thought they were.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Anyone with contacts at the AGO

Hey folks, I'm looking for a contact at the AGO in Toronto.

Anyone happen to know people who know people?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

reach out and touch somebody

as a society we in the west tend to function with a fair bit of personal space.

maybe a bit too much.

even friends don't touch or sit close very much here.

i notice this because i am a very 'touchy feely' person. but i am very aware of personal space. my instinct is to be touchy feely, but i am aware enought to keep my hands to myself and let people sit far away. i wasn't always that aware. with age comes wisedom? who knows.

anyway, this is coming up now because yesterday it was raining. and one of the things that i enjoy about rain (there are many) is that suddenly people stand closer together, people allow their arms to touch, people push their heads together. it is all in the name of sharing an umbrella, but it is still lovely to see. i think there should be more touching and more sitting close.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

just a reminder

well folks, we're into november. that means you have less than two months to contribute to the million dollar year project.

if you're in toronto i encourage you to find something astrid can help you with, like;
cook you somthing yummy,
serve hors d'ouvres at your christmas open house,
be at your house when the furnace folks arrive so you don't miss work,
read you a story,
teach you a stretch for sciatica,
sing you a song,
plan a dinner party for you,
teach you a clapping game (i have no idea if she can do this or not, it's just off the top of my head),
help you pick out an outfit for that work party...

the list goes on. please feel free to add to the list in the comments section, i'll try and update as i get stuff.

if you don't life in toronto, i bet there is still stuff you can think of. or you could just follow my mum's lead (she's in france, so she just donated money through the donate button on astrid's site).

the idea is to just participate in the project, be a part of the art.

what i want to happen is the national gallery to buy the work for the remainder of the million, which would make the purchase/aquiring of the work part of the work itself. i like the dynamic of that.

anyway, yeah, so, here's your reminder to do something to contribute to the project. if you do end up doing something let me know, i'm very curious about this stuff.

oh yeah, if you want to see a trailer of the documentary or other video clips they can be found here. i enjoyed the trailer and it's nice and small and easy to download.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

rick mercer!!!

rick mercer has a blog. i liked this entry on the national press gallary dinner. a quote from then entry:
Belinda’s dress was all the talk. One of those bright young conservative MPs in the Tory youth caucus asked me if I thought Belinda’s dress was "appropriate". Maybe he was confusing me with his pastor. Usually when guys in their 20’s talk about boobs they are pro cleavage. Maybe next year she should consider a Hugo Boss Burka so as to not offend the young conservatives.

i love that man.

come one, come all!

okay folks, we're having our housewarming and you're all invited.

it's saturday november 19th starting around 8ish.

Monday, November 07, 2005

looks can be deceiving

i climbed onto the street car. looked around quickly and assessed my options.

there was a free seat behind a well dressed man who looked like he was in the habit of bathing.

i chose to sit in said free seat feeling that i would be free of olfactory assaults.

you know that saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover'?

well, this was an abject lesson in that particular adage.

this well dressed man, who looked to be in the habit of bathing, provided an olfactory assult so strong that it actually caused coughing on my part. and, of course, in response to the coughing, this well dressed badly smelling man turned around and glared at me.

god i hope i don't smell and don't know it. it's the only explanation i can come up with for a lot of smelly people i meet, they just don't know.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

i am canadian!***

i call this sitting in our livingroom

playing euchre now
while drinking rye and ginger
listen, cbc radio

okay, maybe that didn't work so well, but yeah, playing euchre, drinking rye (canadian club) and ginger ale, listening to the cbc, which was playing quebecois music no less.

needless to say, john and i had a *very* canadian night tonight.

***for those of you who read my blog and are not canadian, and may not get the reference in the title, there was a television ad for beer a while back that played on canadian patriotism (apparently not as much of an oxymoron as we thought...) if you want to see the commercial click here, it starts up in quicktime.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

perception is reality

i find it interesting how two people can precieve the same person or event completely differently.

we imbue everything with our experience in the world. with our hope and dreams and wishes. with our preconceptions, our biases, our hate.

it goes far beyond a question of what you like and what you don't like. the whole personal esthetic of that i can understand. i have a friend who can't stand 'actor-types'***. i have no problem with 'actor-types'. but at the same time i can see how they would be annoying, and i'm sure she can see how they could be entertaining. it's just a difference in taste between us.

but when one person sees someone as fundamentally bad, and another sees them as fundamentally good, and it's not based on any kind of moral belief (for instance, it's not a skin-head vs. a liberal minded person), it's jut a perception of actions, i find that facinating. so, say i have a friend bill (not the same bill as before) and bill goes over and talks to someone in the corner, and jane and i are standing there. i see bill's action as being polite to this person in the corner. jane see's bill's action as being rude because he's not talking to us. it's the same act, but we have seen it in a completely different way.

that's the kind of stuff that facinates me.

***'actor-types' are not to be confused with actors. some 'actor-types' are actors, but not all, and some actors (many really) are 'actor-types', but not all. i for instance am an actor, but i don't think i'm particularily an 'actor-type'.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

coming in for a landing

you know how they say "time flies"?

well, i'd like to clip it's wings.

i would like time to walk for a while. just a nice pleasant stroll. something i could keep up with.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


my dear friend di came over last night to hand out candy with me.

then she terrorized the small children.

di - hello

small child - *blink* *blink*

d - what are you dressed up as?

sc - *blink*

d - do you have something to say to me?

sc - *furtive glance at candy bowl*

d - can you say 'trick or treat'

sc - *less furtive glance at candy bowl*

d - come on, you can say it...

sc - *blink* *blink*

d - come on ...

sc - *openly gazing at candy bowl*


john and mainja - *laughing our asses off *

sc - *ignorning di, plunges her hand into the candy bowl to seek her own reward for this punishing inquisition*

j and m - *continuing to laugh our asses off*
needless to say we didn't let di answer the door again for a while...

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