Sunday, July 31, 2005

anyone have a van or truck in the GTA?

hey folks,

quick question, anyone out there in blog land have a van (mini would work) or truck (or know some kindly person with a van or truck) that i might be able to borrow to transport some tables from guelph to TO for a friend?

Friday, July 29, 2005

yay for vacation!

today is the begining of my week and a day off.

it's wonderful.

i slept in.

the house is not yet unpacked (not even close, in fact, one bedroom and the kitchen are unpacked, the rest remains in boxes, taunting us every time we sit down...) so i imagine a big chunk of the week will be devoted to that, but who knows, maybe we'll get it done earlier than expected and actually just have some time to hang out and be.

i had a crappy day yesterday for various and sundry reasons (the topper being my cell phone was stolen, woe is me) but i must say, the good night's sleep seems to have wiped all that away. i'm now happily anticipating our trip to ikea and to scratch and dent appliance places in search of cheap dishwashers and fridges....

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i want i want i want

i want to write interesting things. i want to be witty. i want to be clever. i want to come up with metaphores and similies that paint a picture for you as clearly as brush to canvass. i want to bare my soul. i want to expose my inner-most thoughts. i want any kind of shell i have to be torn asunder, leaving me bare before all of you.

honestly, i love blogs that do that. the intensity of it. the honesty (well, the feeling of honesty anyway) of it. and the voyeristic pleasure that comes from reading it. these are, at times, my favourite blogs to read.

instead i write of mundane things. things like 'my mum is coming'. things like 'i'm packing'. things like 'i'm unpacking'.

i realise that part of this is a function of the unstability and uncertainty of my life for the last several months as i work through a new job, selling a house, finding a new one, moving etc. but also i feel a bit out of touch. so maybe i'll write about that.

i don't know if out of touch is the rigth word or not. i guess i need to do some specific thinking around it. i guess it's possible that i'm just in a good space right now and it's been so very long since i've felt like that that i can't recognize it. when i look deep down inside i don't find any demons to wrestle. i don't find some core of a problem that needs to be plucked from my belly so i can heal. i don't find a clump of emotions taking up so much space i can't think.

don't misunderstand me, i also don't find some kind of bliss or feel that i have finally found all the answers (nor do i for a second think that i ever will). i just don't feel anything particularily bad.

i do worry though. i worry that it's a trick, that my body is hiding something from me, that the bad things are just waiting to reappear, that the clump of emotions are just now wound so tightly together that i can't decipher one from the other, i can't pull them apart, but they're so tight they feel like they take up less room. i worry that it's just because i'm busy so i haven't noticed that it's all still there.

then i think how sad it is that i can't seem to just believe that i'm okay.

so i guess what i'm saying is, maybe, if i'm lucky, i won't have any posts exercising my demons, because, who knows, maybe they're all done their workout, showered and have gone home.

if i'm lucky, maybe from now on this blog will be things like "i went to see charlie and the chocolate factory last night, it was bloody amazing, everyone should immediately go out and see this movie"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

now it's unpacking hell

last week it was packing hell, now it's unpacking hell. fun fun fun.

i feel like my life has been unsettled for the last million years (okay, so it's only been 4-5 months, but damn, that's a long time).

so, anyone feel like coming to help unpack tonight? i'll provide food and booze. huh huh, wanna? come on, you know you wanna...

as for right now i'm on a conference call, have been for the last hour and a half, every once in a while i say something so they think i'm engaged... okay, okay, i am listening, i am engaged, it's just very weird and removed feeling, usually i'm in the room during a meeting.

Monday, July 25, 2005

precarious packing predicaments

while packing the bedroom i set aside a bag of stuff. i closed the bag and wrote 'meg or john to open' on the bag, because this was not a bag i particularily wanted anyone else (like say, my mother) unpacking.

i set the bag on the bed.

a few minutes later i notice a strange buzzing sound.

after a quick look around i discover that the buzzing is coming said bag. and that said bag is jiggling ever so slightly, one may even say, vibrating.

much laughter ensued.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

packing hell

we're in packing hell.

hopefully we will be back to our regularily scheduled programming tomorrow, you know, when i'm at work and can take a second...

as for paddy's request for a guest post from mum, i will ask her. it may happen, but not for a couple days.

daelyn i hope your move is going well. enjoy your new house!

okay, back to packing...

also, louise, good luck with your unpacking (because by the time i type this your move is finished.)

and everyone else who is moving, which seems to be, you know, everyone...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

today, today, i love ya, today, you're not away at all...

today today today today today today. it's today. yay for today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away...


you may well ask why am i so excited, and luckily for you (or, perhaps ambivalently for you 'cause it doesn't really affect you at all) i am more than happy to tell you.

tomorrow my mum arrives.


my mum is my best friend in the world. she is an amazing, strong, beautiful, brilliant, crass, hilarious woman with a 'mouth like a sailor'.

when we're together we laugh until our sides ache and we can't breath anymore.

when we have to leave each other we cry, sometimes also until we can't breath anymore.

when she lived in ontario we spoke at least once a day, usually more. we spent probably ever second weekend together, not just a quick dinner, but staying over at each others houses and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning, laughing, gossiping, bitching, reading, watching movies, making fabulous meals, drinking too much wine, and a miriad of other things.

she now lives in the south of france. because of the time difference we don't talk on the phone during the week anymore because it's midnight there by the time i get home. and weekends, well, weekends are hit and miss for phone calls because we both have busy lives. a great deal of our current communications happens by email. i am a very big fan of email, email has it's uses, and those uses are many. but an email with my mum cannot replace a face to face visit or even a telephone call to her.

we now see each other probably around twice a year. the last time i saw her was christmas and new years in paris. a far cry from the every second weekend of yore.

so, needless to say, i am so very excited i can barely contain myself. i'm so excited. and i just can't hide it. i'm about to lose control, and i think i like it.

P.S. the rediculously large coffee i seem to be drinking fast as lightning doesn't mitigate the jittery excited feeling much...

Monday, July 18, 2005

sing it big boy!

i got the sister's singing street car driver today.

what she forgot to mention is that not only does he sing out each stop, but he's also hot, and lovely and nice. i wish i could be on his street car all the time. yum!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

reefer madness: the movie musical

okay, so here's a movie i *HAVE* to see.

now the original reefer madness is funny in the way a 1934 movie warning people of the dangers of life is funny.

but this, this looks hilarious.

this is a campy tongue in cheek take off of the original. it's a stage musical that i would love to see, but it's in LA and NYC, so not a ton of chance of that. but now, thanks to the folks at shotime the pain of missing it live is somewhat mitigated by the fact that in october i can rent a dvd of the movie they made of it.

i'm trying to find a link to the movie, but of course shotime blocks their site to none US IP addresses 'cause they suck... so i think the best you're gonna get from me is the imdb link, but there is a trailer there, and i highly reccomend clicking it. i suspect this is going to be most fun for those who have seen the original reefer madness from the 30s, but even those of you who have denied yourself that hilarity, i can't imagine that this movie will dissappoint. i mean, really, reefer madness was born to be a musical, it suits it soooo perfectly.

also a note for dickey, alan cumming is in this one...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

european-style lap dancing

okay people, what the hell is european-style lap dancing?

there is a strip club near us that advertises "european-style lap dancing" and i've been dying to know what the hell that would be, as compared to the run of the mill plain old canadian-style lap dancing.

i've been wondering for a while, but have only ever thought of it when i was at work, where an interweb search was out of the question, or at least a bad idea. but today, today i thought of it at a home computer. and you know what an interweb search turned up? do you? huh? huh? do you? NOTHING! well, no, that's not entirely true, i now know that the brass rail also offers european-style lap dances.

and yet, i continue to have no idea what they are.

but i have faith in my reader, surely you know, so please, please, please enlighten me. i'm begging you!

Friday, July 15, 2005

to those of you familiar with toronto...

i'd like to go out for dinner tonight to somewhere cheap and cheerful. i realise that toronto's version of cheap and cheerful will be different than the guelph version (e.g. latino's - nice atmosphere, main dish for $9)

but something in the $15 or less for an entree but still reasonably nice atmosphere would be nice.

or something in the $9 or less even without atmosphere.

as for types of food, we're open, the only thing i can think off off hand that i'm kind of meh on is ethiopian food, but john loves it and i don't mind it, i'm just not a great dal fan, and there is a lot of it. oh, and something that has nothing but fish choices is out too. if it swims for a living i don't eat it, except for fish and chips and tuna from a can (oh, i don't know, it's just, i don't know, different...)

so all you folks out in internetland, suggestions on toronto eats?

i think i'm going to go check out beyond burgers on the metro morning part of the cbc site to see if i can get any inspiration there...

comfort in the mundane

have you ever noticed how much comfort you can garner from the mundane bits of life?

i had a stupendous night last night.

be forewarned, if ever there was a boring as hell day in the life post, this is it. seriously, i'm about to outline what we did last night.

okay, don't say i didn't warn you...

john was in my building for a meeting all day so he and i walked home from work together in the rain (it was lovely, first time i could walk home without fearing heatstroke since we've started staying in toronto).

we stopped at tandury place (nope, i'm not misspelling it, instead of tandoori it's spelled tandury, maybe it's like 'olde shoppe') to get some take out so we didn't have to cook. it's around the corner from us and we got a shiteload of food and ended up only being out of pocked $13. i got rice, chicken curry, vegetables (some kind of dry spicy maybe roasted), matar paneer. john got rice, mataar paneer, chana masala and dal. we also got 2 bhajis and 2 samosas. and after tax it was a whopping $13. did i mention $13 for bunches of food?

we ate our quite tasty meal (although i wouldn't get the bhajis at the end of the day next time, they were a bit dry and straw like), we sat and yakked a bit over a cigarette or two and then we watched a movie. while watching the movie john worked on a website and i folded laundry. it was also interspersed with switching laundry and stuff.

after the movie i switched the laundry again, did dishes and baked cookies (just from the pre-bought dough, don't get too excited...), while john continued working on making the website accept content from the database.

we finished around the same time, so, some more smoking, some more hanging out and then to bed. where a mostly restful sleep ensued, punctuated somewhat by cats meowing 'cause they still haven't quite figured out the new digs.

it was such a nice change to have a 'normal' night, with no commitments, no things to move, no frantic happenings, just normal plain old everyday happenings. *happy sigh*

Thursday, July 14, 2005

things that make you go hmmmm...

while wishing some french friends a happy bastille day today a question dawned on me...

does everyone have this kind of holiday in the summer? canada day is in july. independance day in the states is in july. and basitlle day in france is in july.

boy, it's sure nice people planned these things around us getting a day off in the summer. *grin*

anyway, happy bastille day everyone.

everything old is new again

so, um, yeah.

i was listening to the radio this morning and just as i was about to leave the current started, enough to hear the little intro of what was going to be on the show. and the host (don't remember her name, not anna-maria, i think it's sheila someone 'cause i keep expecting them to say "with shelagh rogers", but i digress...) was talking about one of the bits and said something about wanting to escape your real life and blah blah blah well, "we'll tell you about the new phenomenon called "Live Action Role Playing"."


surely to got i'm not the only one geeky enough to remember LARPing. i'm pretty sure it's been around for eons. it seems to be that it experienced a big resurgence in the early to mid 90s with the popularity of LARPing to Vampire or whatever that game was called, but even then i'm pretty sure that wasn't the beginging of LARPing.

"new phenomenon"?!?!?!?!

so, this is new in the way that the red hot chili peppers were voted best new alternative band on some people's choice awards thingy (maybe the MTV awards?) in something like 2003.

P.S. don't worry, i did notice i was tagged, i just haven't had time to write a meme yet. perhaps tonight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

take cover

okay, so, as a caveat, let me start this post with the statment that i know very little about the hijab.

and now i will continue with my post which actually has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with heat and the heatwave.

yesterday on the bus home i saw a woman in a hijab. but not the kind of hijab that you tend to see around here most of the time, which is mostly just a covering of the head. this was a full on, cover it all, just a tiny bit of space for her to look through so she could see where she was going.

and it was black.

and she was walking.

honestly, i'm not sure how she maintained a vertical stance.

35 degrees (95 fahrenheit) with a humidex that made it feel something like 46 (115 fahrenheit)or something, sunny, and, well, just all around thick. i was in a short skirt and a spaghetti strap shirt and i was dying.

and she was covered head to toe in swathes of black fabric. (one hopes at least it was cotton or linen and not something synthetic)

a stronger woman than i.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

cold hard truth

okay folks. it's time to face facts. even with our cull, we have way more crap than will fit in our new house.

so it's time to make some decisions. time to go through and decide what stays, what goes.

believe it or not, a lot of what will likely go will be shelves. the irony of course is, what the hell do we do with the stuff that was previously on the shelves? and what of the big furnature that has to go? and do we ditch the old computer desk in favour of a more compact version? but then what of all the stuff on the computer desk?

see people?!? see how facinating my life is!?!?!?!!?!

Monday, July 11, 2005

fairly fanciful frights

so, i have a fear that feels quite indulgent. indulgent because it's first, not the end of the world if it actually happens, and second, pretty bloody unlikely to happen.

for those of you who don't know me i will now let you into a not-so-well-kept-secret about my biological rhythms... my blatter is a size that would be more appropriate in, say, a lehmur than a human.

i have to pee a lot. my mum as the same tiny blatter issues. when the two of us go shopping together we plan our route based on washrooms "oh, such-and-such store has a washroom" "i think we can pee at this-and-that place" and so we plan our trip accordingly. (you'd be surprised how many places have public washrooms, but you'd be even more surprised by the number of places when faced with someone who's face is contorted in pain from the expansion of their blatter is begging and pleading with them to please god let them use the washroom will actually throw their head back in laughter and tell you that you cannot use there washroom, and the only one is a kilometer away but you can't drive there, in fact, you have to crawl there on your hands and knees over gravel*)

but my urination habits are not actually the point of this post, rather they serve simply as nessesary background information.

the point is actually my indulgent fear. ready? are you sure? okay then, here it is...

whenever i get on an elevator, if i haven't just taken steps to empty my blatter, i get scared it's going to get stuck and i'm going to have to pee and i'm going to either be in agony, or i'm going to pee myself.

pretty indulgent, eh?

*i am perhaps exagerating ever so slightly here, they might not laugh out loud, but you can tell they want to. and, okay, you don't have to crawl over gravel with bare hands and knees, they give you gloves and knee pads...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

drunken blogging

well, here i am, post party (yes, it's 1am, we're old, what can i say?) and a bit sauced...

and so you fine people are treated to drunken blogging. what fun!

the party was lovely. small. but lovely. that's the thing with summer parties, they're hit and miss in terms of attendance, either everyone is around and in a festive mood, or everyone has gone away to party elsewhere.

we talked about a range of things, including how children can learn sign language before they learn speech. in fact, there is a movement to teach hearing kids sign language because it leads to better communication. who knew. pretty cool though.

i made some bloody good daquiries. some bloody salty lime margaritas (i always make strawberry, this was by special request though) and some very tasty mojitos with a splash of gingerale added, because, well, i'm not good at following recipes.

no one is staying over. john and i have the place to ourselves tonight, which is kind of nice truth be told.

but we made nary a dent in our booze, so i guess we're moving it after all and a cocktail party will ensue in toronto. i'll keep folks posted on that...

okay, that's enough drunk blogging for one night.

be well folks. tomorrow we move our cats to the new place. more and more real every day. we'll be torontonians before you know it.

Friday, July 08, 2005

random stuff

first off let me be sure to alert those who may not be aware, right now, as i type it is the toronto fringe festival. if you're looking for cheap (and sometimes unbelievably utterly spectacular, like say, da kink in my hair) theatre, now's the time. shows are $10 and there is a selection of passes available too.

next on our list of random stuff...

a parking permit! john and i went and got our street parking permit, so we can now park at the new house without fear of tickets. it's getting more and more real each day. we're actually gonna do it. we're gonna move to toronto.

and the final random item...

apparently i am not dealing with this particular set of stress very well. my nails are chewed down to little nubs. i am a nail biter, but i always always have white showing on my nails. that is, i bite them, but never too short. not so anymore. i am biting my nails at a break-neck frantic pace. at this point i'm just hoping i still have fingers left at the end of the month.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

house cooling party

if anyone's interested in coming to guelph on saturday evening we're having a house cooling party.

it's kind of an excuse to get rid of our copious amounts of booze so that we don't have to move it. it's a cocktail party, but feel free to not dress up, or feel free to dress up, as the mood strikes. i think i will dress up, but we'll see.

it's starting around 8pm and everyone is welcome to stay over, although sleeping furniture is limited, so i suggest bringing a sleeping bag or air mattress if you have one.

if you're interested email me and i'll send you directions and stuff.

fashion police

okay, let me start this post by pointing out that i am ceratinly not bastion high fashion. i do not wear interesting, exciting, or perhaps even flattering clothes.

i am a fairly plain/boring dresser. i in fact often think how great it would be to have a fabulous wardrobe and wear clothes that look great, elegant, funky, hip, basically any kind of descriptor that would denote something interesting.

instead i am a boring dresser. i don't look particularily bad and i don't look pariticularily good. i'm pretty average in the way i dress.

okay, so, that little disclamer finished i will get on with my post.

yesterday i had a meeting, in this meeting there were people, some of the people were women, one of the women was in her late 40s, this post is about her.

this woman was wearing... wait for it... a little sailor top.

yes, you read that correctly. the kind of sailor top you see people putting on their babies. the kind of shirt you see in this random picture i found in google images (yes people, i care enough about you to do the research!)

the shirt was old, previously white, but now a kind of dingy light grey, thin material, and had a blue and white stripped 'sweat shirt type' cuff around the waist.

this is what this grown woman wore to work.

this woman who in other ways is nice, competent, smart, interesting, you get the picture.

so, why the shirt that even i, with my lack of fashion sense, wouldn't be caught dead in?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

i want your sex...

hey, i just noticed something. the last three posts (well, now make it 4) all had some kind of a sex reference in it (even if it was so removed as a used condom smell).

yay sex!

apparently my usual real life habits (most conversations tend to get around to sex eventually with me) are seeping into my blog. hmmm. interesting.

again i say, yay sex!

he's so dreamy...


sometimes they're bloody intense.

i know some people who don't remember their dreams. i do. i remember a lot of them, certainly not all of them, and not always for more than an hour after i wake up, but i do remember them. sometimes it's not a detailed memory, sometimes it's a sense, a feeling, or a snapshot where one piece is clear but the rest is blurry. i have on more than one occassion said to john "i just had a really terrible dream" and he would say something consoling and ask me what it was about and i would shrug and say "i don't know, but it was bad".

dreams are always a facinating thing for me. one of the most facinating is the fact that sometimes it is so intense, so real, that i doubt myself, i start to think it was an actual experience. in that moment where i can't decide where it was a dream or an actual memory i always have to laugh at myself just a little, okay, well, sometimes quite a bit.

a couple weeks ago i had a dream about my friend jeff. it was a *ahem* 'steamy' dream. you know, steamy? *nudge nudge wink wink*

oh okay, fine, i'll spell it out. i dreamt that we had lots and lots of hot hot sex. very good hot sex i might add (i feel this is necessary since there is a reasonable chance jeff will be read this, and i feel it is always important to build up the esteem of your dear valued friends, even if it is in a dream world...).

the funny part of the dream (be forewarned, this gets convoluted) is that in the dream i knew i was dreaming, but i though i was dreaming about something that had actually happened. i was dreaming, i knew i was dreaming, but as part of the dream there was a very real feeling memory that i assumed was not dream-based, and the memory was of previous hot sex with jeff. i remember thinking something along the lines of 'boy, it's nice i get to re-live this hot sex that i had in real life in this dream i'm having now'.

the feeling and memory were so intense that when i woke up i sat for quite some time thinking "have i had sex with jeff?" for about the first hour i honestly wasn't sure, i didn't think i had, but i wouldn't have bet any money on it either. by the end of the day i was quite certain that no, no i had not slept with jeff, that was just some strange part of the dream.

i came very close to sending him an email asking if we'd slept together, he assures me that had i done so he would have replied with something to the effect of "yes, of course we did, and it was beautiful, are you saying you don't remember?!?!?!"

ahh... dreams.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

smells in the city

one thing i have learned in my sojourn in toronto (which is very soon to become more of a relocation than a sojourn) is that this city smells.

i suspect all big cities smell. i also suspect this is no where near the worst smelling of the lot.

nonetheless, this remains a smelly place.

there is upon occassion some strange venting from the sewers that smells of, well, the best description i can give is rotting garbage, it smells of rotting garbage.

then there are the dumpsters which smell of, well, rotting garbage.

then there is the garbage bags which smell of... oh, you get the picture.

lately there has been an unpleasant smell that has nothing to do with garbage, it in fact is the smell of a flower in bloom. unfortunately this particular flower smells a lot like used condoms. yes. you did in fact read that correctly. the flowers smell like used condoms. luckily the flowers are now out of that cycle and now just smell kind of like sweaty body, which doesn't make me crinkle my nose as i walk down the street.

and today, today i experienced the piece de resistance... there was a person walking in front of me who (i am going to go out on a limb here and make an assumption) was homeless. this poor soul smelled so badly that my eyes were watering and i was seriously about to gag. i had to cross the street to get away from them, it was that bad. it was a putrid stench of urine, sweat, dirt, grease and the gods only knows what else. it was a bit heartbreaking that that there was a person who smelled so badly that even though i was walking a good 10 feet behind them or more i had to get away from.

what i'm trying to say is, toronto is a virtual cacophony of smells.

Monday, July 04, 2005

i'm spent

that's it. i'm done. no more. please.

i'm spent.

not in the had-seven-orgasms-so-i-can't-move-except-for-the-occasional-twitching kind of spent. no no. nothing quite so delicious. i'm talking about the there-is-so-much-going-on-i'm-bloody-overwhelmed-and-exhausted-and-i-need-a-rest kind of spent.

i was going to list all the stuff that is keeping me so exhausted, but then the idea of thinking about them and listing them seemed exhausting in it's own way.

i do know that that it will someday end, and likely sooner rather than later, but still, man oh man, i gotta say, if i were the prayin' type, i'd be prayin' for sooner.

and when that happens, well, hopefully i'll be able to have a life again, and perhaps, just perhaps, i will be able to start writing interesting things in my blog again (but lord knows i'm not making any promises...)

Friday, July 01, 2005

picture time

i'm sure you've all been dying to know what's been keeping me so occupied (okay, so humour me here, pretend you've been dying to know...)

well, it's pretty much all had to do with the sale of the house and the impending posession of our new place (the house we're renting).

i must admit that i am a bit terrified about the move, i have lived in guelph for the last 19 years, the idea of moving is, to say the least, a bit nerve wracking. also, we have lived in our house for the last 5 years, and in that time we have truely made it out own, so many renovations, so much decorating and so much work put into our yard and beautiful (though overgrown at the moment) perenial garden. don't get me wrong, i am excited, but also scared as hell.

but let me tell you a bit about our new house, and then i'll post some pictures...

we got the keys today. we are renting a two bedroom / two bathroom semi in cabbage town. it's lovely. not as nice as our place here, but our place here would be so out of our price range in toronto it creeps in to the the realm of rediculous... this place on the other hand is walking distance to work, has a cute little postage stamp back yard (no garden yet, but we'll fix that...) and close walking distance to a bunch of pubs and other amenities (hmmm, does it say something that the only one i chose to single out was pubs?). we pay $1450/month for all this. now, if you're not from toronto you might be having a heart attack right now, but trust me, it's a good price.

the most exciting part about this place? closets! three closets to be precise. i don't know the last time i lived in a place with closets, probably when i lived in barbados when i was 9. that is the price you pay for being an 'old home' type person. the fact that the 'small' bedroom is bigger than our current bedroom is pretty nice too. we're going to have a bedroom that fits our bed, our wardrobe, and possibly a chair, all with the ability to actually move around in the space, something that is very novel to us as well.

anyway, here are some crappy pictures i took tonight as we were leaving. i was too tired to bother going upstairs, so these are just pictures of the downstairs. you'll notice that we didn't waste any time in getting the place as messy as possible with what little stuff we had brought with us this evening...

when you walk in the door there is a small entrance way, which i didn't take a picture of, but it's where the first closet is, yes, that's right, a hall closet! so very exciting.

then there is the livingroom dining room combo, and look, that i did take a picture of...

Image hosted by

off in the corner there is the fireplace. that's what heats the house in the winter (it's a gas fireplace with a thermostat). right now it's not the most attractive thing ever, but john has said that he will build a surround for it, at which point it will be quite cute. for right now though, this is what it looks like close up...

Image hosted by

almost directly across from the fireplace is the downstairs bathroom, well, powder room i guess, okay, it's a room with a toilet and a sink...

Image hosted by

if you keep walking back through the living room / dining room you end up in the kitchen, note previous comment regarding messyness...

Image hosted by

there are two doors off the kitchen, one to the outside, and one to the laundry room, this is the laundry room (i know, not that exciting, but, well, i'm nothing if not thorough)...

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the other door leads to the back yard. when you walk out the back yard there is a little space to your left and a bigger space to your right. we're thinking of making the space to your left into a little breakfast nook, this is what it looks like now (with the random stuff left behind by the previous tenants)...

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to the left is the rest of the backyard. i personally am quite fond of the fact that there is a great big painting screwed to the fence...

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and, like i said, i was in too much of a hurry to actually go upstairs an take pictures, but i promise, there is an upstairs, see...

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so, there is the quick and dirty tour. i'll take more pictures once we've moved in and put our stamp on it, just think of these as before pictures. we might not be actually moving all our crap in until august, so those pics will be a long time in coming, just so you're forewarned.

okay, night folks, big weekend ahead.

oh, and happy canada day all!

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