Sunday, March 01, 2009

Got Bed Bugs in Toronto?

Well then, tell the world.

I just found a bedbug registry, which is such a good idea.  This way, if you’re looking to move into a place you can check out this site to see if anyone has reported bed bugs at that location.

This, of course, is not going to be a comprehensive list, since it’s just people finding it and providing content, not something from the landlord tenant board tracking complaints or something, but it’s a start.

So, I’m all for the telling the world thing.  Bed bugs suck.  Literally and figuratively.


BTW – it’s for places in the States and Canada, it’s not just Toronto – but my personal interest in getting as much information on it as possible is completely Toronto-based, I am ridiculously allergic to bed bugs and could never ever live with them.

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