Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The results with 48 respondents…

Okay folks…

We have 48 respondents (the survey is still open, but this seems like a good number to report in at) for the http://tinyurl.com/pregomego name survey.


1st place: Sebastian

2nd place: Jacob and Maxwell (tied)

3rd place:  Liam


I'm leaving the survey up, but I won't report back again until we're at 60 or more respondents.

Also – remember, we're not looking for commentary on the names (*ahem* mum *ahem*), that's why we did it in this format.  *grin* We're just curious about how the numbers play out.

Also also – remember that it's just a curiosity thing, it doesn't mean he's gonna get named the name that comes in first…

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