Friday, June 27, 2008


I have yet to meet a teenage girl who hasn't fallen head over heels for John.

I say this from experience, since after all, I was a teenage girl when we met.

But since then, whenever I see him interact with a teenage girl (particularly younger than 16) it is SO obvious that they become immediately smitten with him that it's about the cutest thing ever.  This comes up because tonight I watched him interact with the daughter of a friend of our landlord's (convoluted, I know, but we all got drunk together - well, save the teenager who joined us later in the evening).

All I can say is if we ever have a son I pity him when he's a teenager and brings home girls he has crushes on...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Uhaul hates us

Below is a letter that John has sent to Uhaul...


I have a massive problem.

I booked a truck for last night, I was given a "guaranteed" confirmation number (#7751876) and told that I would get a call back.

Nobody called, so I called back to the main u-haul call centre where I made the reservation.  After a long time on hold, a customer service representative came on the line and told me that he would transfer me to the rental place directly.  The rental place was apparently either busy or otherwise occupied because the CSR came back on the line and gave me a number to call them myself the next morning.

The next morning, (this morning, Thursday June the 26th) an agent called back and confirmed the rental to be picked up at the Bermondsey road location in Toronto at 5:30 this afternoon and returned Saturday at 5:30.

Thinking that everything was sorted out, we arranged for loaders to be available on Friday evening.

However, after driving to the rental agency this afternoon, (an hour on the road) we were told that the truck was, in fact, not available.  The person at the agency said that she had tried to call us to unconfirm the confirmation, but we were not at home. We had waited for the confirmation this morning, but once it came we left.

The agent called the regional manager and after waiting a longish time in the office, we were told that we could have a truck from this evening to first thing saturday if we went to the Toronto Warden Avenue office.

Once we got to the Warden Avenue office, (another half an hour drive) and waiting at the counter, we were told that our rental had been transfered there, but that we could only have the truck until noon on Friday and while she was very sorry, there was nothing she could do about getting the truck for any longer than that since there simply wasn't anything available.  Since our helpers weren't coming until Friday evening, this obviously wouldn't do us any good.  She did say we could call the rental line to get the $50.00 fee back though.

However, our tale does not yet end.  We tried to call the a rental line, only to be faced with one busy signal after another for around ten minutes until the call was finally picked up and we were placed on the call cue.

Since I have a timer on my cell phone, I know that we were sitting in the call cue for 37 minutes until the recorded message finally stopped, the line started ringing, and stayed that way for another 8 minutes until I gave up and disconnected after 45 minutes being waiting for someone to tell me something, but coming up completely empty.

Which brings us to now.  I've now spent three hours driving around Toronto and waiting in line at two different uhaul offices; spent, almost an hour and a half waiting on hold on the rental line over two days and I have no truck or any chance of getting one from uhaul or, at this point, anywhere else until next Wednesday.  I need to be out of my house on Monday, and I have no clue whatsoever how I'm going to get my furniture to my new house.

The $50.00 from the "guaranteed reservation" seems very small recompense for the level of frustration, time, energy and gas I've spent on the ultimately futile attempt to get a truck from you.

With the single exception of Megan at the Warden Avenue location, who was utterly professional and efficient, nobody I dealt with throughout this ordeal gave me any confidence in the organization whatsoever.

To say I'm unimpressed with the level of customer service, organization and professionalism at uhaul would be a massive understatement.

The only thing at this point that would make me anything less than absolutely furious would be that a truck is made available to me tomorrow with no rental fee charged.

Painting a hug

So, as part of moving we're painting the new place.

Did you know that paint names are ridiculous?

Our livingroom, kitchen and office are all painted, wait for it, they are painted... "cuddle".

That's right folks, snuggle up to those warm cozy walls, let them stroke  your hair and squeeze you tight.

What colour is it really?  White, with a very slight pinkish tinge.

Now, the bedroom, well, it's painted in, um, uh.  Wait, I don't know the name of that colour.  We'll call it dark brown, although the actual name is probably something like 'desire'.  It looks like melted chocolate when you pour it into the tray.  As you paint it looks like you're smearing melted dark chocolate all over the wall.  It's quite delicious looking.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If only I could blog in my sleep

Last night, while I was trying to sleep, I wrote a wonderful blog post in my head.  It was witty and poignant and wonderful.  And I haven't the faintest clue what the hell it was or what it was about.

On one hand, the idea of a device that I could dictate my thoughts to is incredibly appealing.  No more lost brilliance, it would all be there.  On the other hand, it's an unbelievably creepy idea, and it would just give the Cylons *that* much more power when they take over the world.

Oh.  Wait.  The Cylons are you now aren't they.  hmmm.  Okay, well, maybe it's not so bad then...


And now for something completely different...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

only the important things

Because I know you're all dying to hear about me being sick, I'm gonna blog about it.

Oh.  Wait.  No I'm not, because that's FUCKING BORING - much like being sick.

I could talk about all the packing I haven't done.

I could talk about all the painting I haven't finished.

I could talk about the fact that we haven't had hot water in a week and won't until Wednesday.

But all those things would be whiny and boring.

So, instead I will struggle to find something interesting to say.  Oh, and, btw, I mean to dedicate my last post to Torn.

Interesting...  Interesting...  Interesting...  hmmmmm. 

So, how 'bout that local sports team!?!

Monday, June 23, 2008

thank god for pee pads (yes, a post about incontinence)

There are many things that suck about being sick.  I won't bore you with a laundry list of these things (laundry list?  who makes a laundry list?), I will instead focus on one part.

The coughing.

The coughing is hell.

Not because my throat is so swollen it clicks when I swallow now.

Not because I can taste blood in my throat because it's so raw.

Not even because I can't fall asleep because I keep waking myself up by coughing.

Nope.  Those aren't the worst thing about coughing.

The worst thing about coughing is the constant peeing myself.  Now, to clarify, just in case you have never experienced what I'm going to call pressure incontinence, it's when there's a little bit of pee that escapes when you cough or sneeze.  You mostly hear about it in menopausal women, and, well, me.

So.  I'm coughing constantly.  Which means I'm peeing myself lots.  Which means I'm wandering about with my legs clenched.  But then I remembered, I have pee pads!  Yay!  Pee pads are the best! 

Now that's solved, well, I guess we'll have to choose one of the above items as the worst part about coughing now...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

good brainless movie suggestions please?

Okay, so, as I may have mentioned I'm sick.  I need something to distract me.  Something engaging enough that it captures my attention, but brainless enough that I don't need to think about it too much.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

timing is everything

So.  We move shortly.  Like, in a couple days kind of shortly.  And I have now been hit with a miserable cold.

I'm dizzy, I'm stuffed up (likely the contributing factor to dizzy), my woozy, my throat feels like i've been running sandpaper along the inside of it, my head hurts, and my ears not only hurt, but are itchy, i mean the inside canal bit is itchy.

As you can imagine, this does not make for a very happy meg.  Nor does it make for a very productive packing meg.

um.  I'm not positive there is a point to this post, just me whining...  :P

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pimpin' my new site -

Okay, so, I have been really terrible about writing here on a regular basis these days, so that means I have about 5 readers left I think, but...

I'm looking for people to check out my new site,

I want it to get traffic, and comments.

So, do me a favour, if you're a Toronto person (or, even if you're not), check out the site, and if you feel *really* generous, leave a comment.

Did I mention it's  :P

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

me at the mille femmes gala thingy

The obligatory picture in front of a picture...



This was a 'thank you' poster that was really quite nice to read, but hard to take a picture.  (Maraval is the photographer's name)



The detail of the really nice words


Mum wrote about it on my new theatre thingy Mooney on Theatre.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

do you suppose there is a correlation between heat and apathy?

Okay, okay.  Don't answer that.  The answer, whether proven through scientific study or not, is absolutely yes.  Unequivocally yes.  Emphatically yes. 

So, here we are, getting ourselves in gear to move.  You know, packing, cleaning the new place, planning, all that fun stuff.  But...  Well, there's a hitch.

The hitch, of course, is that we're not doing any of that, because it's bloody 40+ degrees celsius (104f) with the humidex - so, not only hot, but so thick you can't breath.

So.  um.  Yeah.  Not so much with the moving around thing...  Which means, of course, that not much is getting done on the whole prepping for the move thing.



Saturday, June 07, 2008

testing out live writer

Okay, so, I've installed this thing called 'live writer', which apparently makes it so I can put in blog entries here, and possibly others.

Who knows.  If it doesn't let me do multiple blogs, well, then, I don't imagine it will be of much use, but, for now, here we go.

Of course, this means I need to figure out what to write...  Well, I could write about our new apartment, I know everyone is DYING to hear about it. 

First.  It's in the perfect location.

Second.  It's a bit cheaper than our current place.

Third.  It's a bit smaller than our current place (but, you know, it's in the perfect location)

Fourth.  It doesn't have as nice outside space as our current place. (did I mention it's in the PERFECT location).

I guess that's it for the run-down.  Basically, it's in the heart of Cabbagetown, a 90 second walk from Jet Fuel if you're meandering.  When we first too possession it was still dirty from the last tenants, which, you know, was disheartening.  However, after a quick text message exchange with our new landlord she agreed to pay to have it cleaned.  And now it's sparkling! 

I have this wonderful cleaning guy who is super cheap ($14 and hour) so he made it sparkle for us.

I guess now I have to think about packing up our old place... 

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm one of Toronto's Mille Femmes

And apparently I'm even in the "making of" video. Well, a really quick headshot of me is at 5 minutes, 20 seconds.

the video

the write up on the LuminaTO site.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

hey, stress is fun, right?

so, mostly i've been avoiding talking about depression here lately, 'cause, well, it was getting old and boring quite quickly. but the bottom line is, i'm still depressed. it still sucks. i still can't work. or even stay out all day. and i kind of have a hard time with the people contact thing.

why am i telling you this now? why bring it up again? well, i'm in the process of filling out the forms for long-term disability through the insurance company at work. it's really bloody stressful. i'm not sure why it's SO stressful. i guess because it's a reminder that i'm not better and brings up all the old fears about never getting better and blah blah blah.

not sure why i am telling everyone this. just. um. well, just am i guess.

yeah. okay. that's it for now. :P

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