Saturday, April 30, 2005

news to me...

who the what now? don't get me wrong, man, i'd love to be that person, but, well, i'm not convinced that i am. who knows. maybe i am. maybe that's why the hot guy winked at me last night. ;)

Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic

You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic!
You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale.
You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack.
It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are!


okay folks, for those of you who haven't already emailed me to ask me, i thought i'd let you know about the audition...

first, i was late. i have a less than stellar sense of direction and dundas does some weird thing and i somehow managed to be on some wrong bit of it and blah blah blah. anyway, that's fine, except that my friend who i called to help me apparently also, not so good with directions. well, she's fine when she's driving, but not so good with description. so i showed up to the audition almost half an hour late. which had me freaked out, but it turned out to be fine. i just waited until they had a slot free and did it then and i apologized and they said it was no big deal in a way that made me really believe it was no big deal.

there were a number of us waiting. at first we were all very quiet. no talking. barely looking at each other. as you can imagine, this was not my type of thing. so, i started talking, asking the occassional question, gently trying to engage people. it worked. we chatted away, it was really nice. there was a very very attractive guy who was really nice and who i really hope gets a part, he winked at me as he left. that was fun.

apparently they got over 1000 people asking to audition. this my friends is why i will never act for a living. 1000 people. for a fringe show. you don't get paid for fringe shows. well, you do, but it's a co-operative, so you only get paid if the show makes money, and i suspect usually they do not. so it was pure luck that i managed to get a spot to audition in, i just happened to respond quickly enough. the winking man was "crashing", so he was told there was no space but asked if he could come in and see if there happened to be a no-show.

so, the audition itself...

well, it was okay. i got some very positive feedback, i finished and they said it was really good, they could really feel the character in the room (how's that for artsy talk? *grin*) and that i'd done some really interesting stuff with her and she was really coming out and other really nice positive stuff like that.

and that was it.

which says to me, thanks but no thanks. i don't doubt their sincerity for one second, they didn't have to say nice things, it wouldn't have been rude to say nothing, they could have just thanked me and sent me on my way. but the fact that they didn't explore any part a bit more, they didn't aske me to do it again or differently or anything like that, well, all that stuff says either i was totally perfect (not bloody likely) or i didn't fit the physical type they were looking for (perhaps short and cute doesn't translate to mean and intimidating to them very well).

so, all in all, i'm glad i did it, it was much less painful than i expected, they were all (there were 4 people there casting) super super super nice. but yeah, i'll fall over in shock if i get called back, especially since they didn't even say if or when they were doing call backs. and in truth, not getting this part, well, that would probably be for the best, since life is so bloody insane right now.

and then today i got my hair dyed funky colours.

so all in all i'm in a pretty darn good mood today. ;)

Friday, April 29, 2005

big is beautiful

okay, so last night we printed the headshots. i don't know if there's anyone out there who doesn't know about headshots, but basically they traditionally are 8x10 glossy pics.

it's a little terrifying to behold an 8x10 picture of my head. who knew my head was so bloody big. it's very weird.

i am very nervous about this audition. i shouldn't be, because actually it would be better if i didn't get it, there's enough crap going on in my life right now, but t is one of the most judgemental human beings i've ever met, and judith, well, she's lovely, but she doesn't pull punches. honestly, i might be happier skipping the whole ordeal and going to see hitchhikers tonight. but no. i am a dedicated performer. i must conduct myself professionally. i must try really hard not to pee my pants in terror.

oh, and i'm supposed to be a scary burly bartender, the last line of the monologue they provided me with is "how do i look? would you be scared?"

this will be a true test of my acting abilities, since i'm a really cute 5 foot nothing woman who really really isn't scary in any way.

i guess i should try to avoid giggling during the audition too...

so, everyone think happy positive thoughts of me getting the part and not passing out during the audition. really key in on these thoughts between 8:15 and 8:45 tonight - eastern timezone, feel free to make time corrections as necessary for your timezone. ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2005


so, i have the audition friday, which meant i needed a headshot, 'cause my last headshot was when i had long long hair, and i now have short hair. so, thanks to trina koster, an amazing photographer (who also happens to be my sister-in-law), i now have a new headshot.

Image hosted by

The image is of course copyright Trina Koster, not that anyone is dying to leap out and use it for any money making shemes, but you know, worth saying just in case...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

planning planning planning...

i swear to you my plan was to write about da kink my my hair last night. it really and truely was.

but here is the joy of commuting... i rolled into guelph a little after 6:30. john picked me up and we went straight to the grocery store. got home 7:45ish and i made myself a really stupidly quick dinner, really, seriously, it was a bowl of baked beans. checked my mail quickly, and then, *poof* it was 8:00. well, 8:00 on tuesday, i have no choice, i must be watching television. doctor who on cbc, i mean, how can i not be watching? then there is that whole hypnotizing effect of the television that meant i also stuck around to watch scrubs afterwards. then, bloody hell, it was 9:30 already, i had to start getting ready for bed (no, i'm not joking...).

so, not only does commuting mean that i go to bed at 10pm and still only get 7 hours sleep, it means i don't have time to blog. stupid no time to blog. i like blogging. i like it when people read what i write. it is ego fulfilling. i want time to blog goddammit!!!!!

oh, and i guess i need time to prep for the audition and write a theatre resume and figure out a solution for a headshot.

but mostly, mostly it's all about the blog.

Monday, April 25, 2005

good and bad

so, i'm insanely busy with stuff at work. with fun stuff. with work i love.

this is excellent.

but it also is kind of sad because i really want to tell you all about 'da kink in my hair' that i went to see saturday and that was possibly one of my best theatrical experiences ever.

but i have no time.

so, hopefully tonight i'll write about it...

oh, and that audition i was talking about before? i audition friday night at 8:15.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


okay, my little cousin, who is 12, made a website just for me. it's linked off of her site. it's about the sweetest thing ever. we were messengering and she asked me to send her pictures of me, then sent me this link. unfortunately (read: thank god!) she said she couldn't get the music working on the site she built dedicated to me.

so, yeah, go check it out, 'cause it's about the sweetest thing ever.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

because i'm a glutton for punishment...

so, just because i have been liking myself just too damn much lately and feel i need to take myself down a peg or 20, i think i'm going to audition for a fringe show written by t. berto and being directed by judith thompson.

yep, my self-esteem is long overdue for a beating...

i feel i should clarify something, because when john saw this he said "see, the thing is that being passed over for a play in the fringe directed by a famous canadian playwright isn't something to get knocked down about at all" and i totally agree.

i was thinking more in terms of if i actually got the part, because i think it will really stretch me, and also be emotionally wrenching because, well, that's what t and judith write, emotionally wrenching. and although i think i would grow a great deal as an actor from the experience (why else would i do it?) i also think it will go through at least some phase of me feeling inadequate. it's been a long time since i've done a drama, that's the thing about fat chicks, we tend to get comedic roles, which is cool, i like comedy, but this will be a whole different ball of wax.

i just wanted to add that i think it's funny that the update was longer than the initial post...


hello, you've reached mainja's blog. no one is here to take your read at the moment, but if you'll please leave a message after the beep i'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

do ya think?

okay, you know how popes get to choose their own name?

well, do you think when someone becomes a priest they start fanatsizing about what their pope name would be?

"if i ever get voted in as pope, i think i'll call myself george..."

the sun actually entertained me today

okay, i will admit that i haven't read the toronto sun in a million years. it's uber right wing slant used to infuriate me, so i decided for the health of all concerned (which, really i guess was just me...) i should stop trying to read it.

i still haven't read it, but i did notice it in the paper box as i walked past.

apparently the sun is aiming to increase their journalistic integrity by putting 'dad jokes' on the front page.

today's headline (which unfortunately doesn't show up on the website, so it's just for those of us who walk past it every day, or *gasp* read it) was:

"ooooom papa! a german pope"


Tuesday, April 19, 2005


why are we so bloody afraid to look at each other?

on the street, walking by, you look at someone, they look away.

today, i looked at somone and smiled and she actually actively frowned back at me.

but the other day, when someone looked at me and smiled it made my day, i smiled back at her and her smile turned into almost a grin and she said 'hi' and we both went on our way, having a great start to our day.

the experience made me decide to try and actually look at people and smile more, which led to the frowning incient. *sigh*

and now for something completely different, 27 degrees in april!?!?! WTF. i need to buy some summer clothes, i'm going to melt.

*** update ***
okay, i just came from an off-site meeting, and there is NO way it's 27 degrees out. maybe 22. which is, as far as i'm concerned, perfect.

Monday, April 18, 2005

open or closed

i like to think of myself as an open person.

i like to think that i don't have secrets.

i like to think that i expose myself, bare to the world, and live by a take it or leave it philosophy.

i'm not. i do. i don't.

i have learned that i have actually become a guarded person. it used to be that people had to earn mistrust with me. i started out every new relationship (be they friends, co-workers, health practitioners, random service providers etc.) with an assumption of trust. i would trust these people until they proved to me that i shouldn't.

the truth is, that is a useful thing to a point, people often live up to expectations, so if you expect to trust them, they become trustworthy. but sometimes, well, sometimes you leave yourself open for a hell of a lot of heartache.

i have a compulsive need for honesty in my life. i'm not entirely sure where it comes from, but it's a common reaction among children of alcoholics. i think it has to do with growing up in uncertainty, waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting to find out what got fucked up this time, waiting to see how things play out. it's pretty exhausting to live like that. which is where the compulsive honesty comes in -- if you are compulsively honest, everyone knows where you stand, and if others return the favour, you know where they stand too.

in response to the wrenching pain of having your trust betrayed by a friend (we're talking over 5 years ago here, so this isn't a fresh wound, it was just the catalyst) i stopped trusting so readily. i learned that there was a difference between honesty and sharing every little detail, splitting my soul open for display. i didn't have to be like that cow at college royal with the window in it's stomach (in case you're confused this is a guelph specific reference...), i didn't have to have a window to my soul, and i didn't have to let people dig around in it to figure out how i ticked. so i stopped.

i still live by the philosophy that you can ask me anything you want, nothing is too personal, nothing is too nosey. you can ask me when the last time i cried was. you can ask me how i feel about being a fat chick. you can ask me how i masturbate. you can ask me what it was like to grow up with an alcoholic father. i won't mind. you can ask. as always, any question is allowed. the difference from 5 years ago is that i might not answer you. i won't be offended. i won't be upset. i just might say 'i don't want to answer that'.

truthfully, any of the questions i listed, i'd answer those. i'm not sure what questions i wouldn't answer. and no doubt it would depend on the audience. i mean, kate, who has been my best friend for 25 years, probably could ask me any question in the world and get an answer, probably even more than i would provide for john or my mum. but then, jeanette at work, who i like, she's fun and nice and interesting, but i don't want her to know my life story (and no doubt she doesn't want to know it either, but that's not the point for this particular illustration)

so, now i approach people without expectations. no expectation of trust. no expectation of mistrust. just as a person that i will test the waters with before i lay myself bare before them.

i don't know how to describe it, but it feels like a fundamental shift. it feels like a new stage in my life, and i like it, but some how i'm also nostalgic for 'the old me'.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

brushes with fame at the guelph farmers market

so, i'm going to start this post, then come back later and finish it, i just don't want to forget.

the only two famous (in canadian terms) people i've seen in guelph (other than actually at a concert or something, which doesn't count) i have seen at the guelph farmers market.

they are:
shelagh rogers (several years ago)
sandra shamus (today)

Friday, April 15, 2005

you go girlfriend...

in the hall i can hear three of my co-workers talking. they are talking about money, wishing they had some (i can relate to this bit of the conversation) then one of them said if she was rich she'd get a louis vuitton bag. this started a whole conversation about how much they like the bags and how they're thinking of getting a knock off, but it's hard to find a good quality one, and you can always tell the knock offs from the real thing and on and on about this bag.

i call out "do i have to turn in my girl card because i have no clue what you people are talking about" and then walk out into the hall.

shelly looks at me and says "no, you don't need to worry, you're a bona fide girlfriend!"

*phew* another bullet dodged.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

open letter

dear man who kept staring at me all through lunch,

what is so bloody facinating!?!?! haven't you ever seen anyone eat a hot dog before?

seriously, it's not that exciting, you really should just be reading that book that is in your hands.

'cause, well, being watched intently while eating my hot dog (in what i had hoped was going to be in peace, in the beautiful sunshine) makes me feel a wee bit self-concious.

yours sincerely,
the woman eating the hot dog.

my dream apartment

unfortunately this is already rented out, which is a good thing, becuase it's about $400 more than our randomly chosen price limit, but it's my dream apartment, i'm not sure i could have resisted.

so, if you know of an apartment that is similar to this that is coming up for rent, let me know...

the biggest draw for me (apart from the obvious gorgeousness) is the outside area. outside area, sooo important...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

toronto apartments

okay, if i were to start my search for apartments online, other than, what where would be a good place to check out toronto apartments online?

at a loss for words

this house thing is so bloody all-consuming i don't seem to have room in my brain for anything else. so, be forewarned, the blog will likely be pretty painfully boring for the next couple days or weeks...

in the meantime, as a meditative practice i'm going to imagine myself on my back deck...

it is a late june day, it's warm, but not too hot. as is the friday ritual, we are sitting on our back deck drinking, me with a cider, and everyone else with a beer. sitting on the deck with me, soaking in the sun is cameron and kate and john and dave and yves, others drop by, come and go, stay for a beer or two and then vanish again, but the four of us are steady, we're all there when camille arrives, we're still there when she leaves, we're all there when di arrives, we're still there when she leaves, the pattern continues with many excellent and fun people. we've been there since 4, and we'll be there until midnight or later, it's just our way.

we admire the garden, the colours, the textures, the trees, all of it.

we can hear the trickling of the neighbour's fountain.

we turn on the big chill soundtrack which always seems like the ultimate soundtrack for summer.

the music choices range from skydiggers, lowest of the low, sam cooke, and as the evening draws on and candles are lit, ella and louis aurally grace our deck...

we talk about politics, we talk about sex, we talk about books, we talk about sex, we talk about work, we talk about sex, we talk about friends, we talk about sex, we talk about all sorts of things, but always our conversations make their way back to sex eventually.

we laugh uprouariously. we mock each other. we giggle. we talk and talk and talk.

it's my idea of a perfect night. it's a night i've had many many times on my back deck.

the mls listing

because i know you people can't get enough of boring news about our little house...

here it is with it's own mls listing...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

holy god!

so, today we had the agent viewing on our house. they all leave their business cards. there were 39 business cards. who knew there were even that many agents in guelph...

our agent was very pleased, she said it's an amazing turn out.

apparently there was also a couple civilians through during the agent open house, and at least one of them wants to come back and see it again.

and we had someone through today, and another that was supposed to come today but had to postpone until tomorrow.

apparently there is a reasonable amount of interest in our humble abode...

i'm a wig-wam, i'm a tipi, i'm a wig-wam, i'm a tipi

a friend just wrote "sniff..sad you are leaving guelph"

and i responded with "yeah, i'm sad too. i'm in some really unplesant and odd state right now. a mix of excitement and sadness with a heafty dose of terror."

you see, i have been living in guelph since 1986.

pile on top of that the fact that we are selling a house we love dearly to move to a city we no nothing about, which is WAY bigger than any city either of us have ever lived in, and, well, terror abounds.

i have no doubt that i will love toronto. i also know that this is the right thing to do right now.

it's just that it's all becoming so very very real. the house went up yesterday. the agent open house was this morning. someone's coming to look at the place at 2:30, then another at 6:15. it's all happening. it's all real. we're selling our house. we're moving to a different city. we're moving into an apartment. real real real. all so very real.

the irony is that a year ago i probably would have been more excited about this than i am now, because a year ago we had only a few friends in guelph, all our old friends had moved away (you know who you are...) and we hadn't yet made new ones. but somewhere close to a year ago, maybe a bit longer, i decided it was rediculous to not have any friends in the city we called home. so i started making an effort. when i saw someone i liked i talked to them. if someone seemed interesting i made sure i could hang out with them for a bit. and now we have friends in guelph again. so now it's hard to leave, even though guelph is stupidly close, and we have tons of friends in toronto. nonetheless, the fear is a bit pervasive.

but my good friend brendan reminded me of something today. he said "you can always change your mind."

he's right. i have to remember that. it doesn't mean i'm going to change my mind, but it does mean that this is my choice (obviously it's actually *our* choice, but i'm writing about me, not john...) and i am in control of my own actions and my own life. it's funny, 'you always have a choice' is one of my mantras that repeat to myself, they are words i live by, but sometimes when i'm in the middle of stress hell it's easy to forget. sometimes i just need a gentle nudge to remind me of what exactly it is i tend to live by...

Monday, April 11, 2005

pictures, yay pictures!

okay folks, for those of you just dying to see what the house looks like, now is your chance!

but don't worry, i won't ladden the blog with many pictures and slow down the loading process, i'll just send you to an online album, where you can't comment, but at least you're there 'cause you choose to be there. *grin*

so, go look at the album, then come back here to comment if you want to commment.

it's official

Image hosted by

Sunday, April 10, 2005

playing favourites

not sure why, but i was thinking yesterday about my hollywood favourites.

i have two favourite actors.

tony shalhoub and vincent d'onofrio.

i don't know what draws me to them, but they've been my favourites for several years now. since before men in black, because i remember being excited that they were both in it. and now they're both on television, which means i get to see them every week, but i only get to see them as on character...

and i don't know what it is about vincent d'onofrio, but oh my god am i ever hot for that man. seriously, more than i am for any other man i have never met.

you know that game, the one where you list two people's names and you have to say who you would sleep with? today we'll play it by assuming that it's a wonderful wonderful world and that both these people want to sleep with you, and you have to choose. lets play it now shall we.

tom cruise or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

brad pitt or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

christian slater or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

wil smith or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

bruce willis or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

dennis quaid or vincent d'onofrio... it would be a difficult choice, but i think i'd still end up going for vincent d'onofrio

james spader or vincent d'onofrio... ummm. can i choose both? please? 'cause, apparently vaguely creepy seems to appeal to me... no? okay... vincent d'onofrio

denzel washington or vincent d'onofrio

robert downey jr. or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

jude law or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

justin bateman or vincent d'onofrio... hmmm. another very very tough call. i'd be negotioating for both. but if i could only have on then vincent d'onofrio

seth green or vincent d'onofrio... man, this just keeps getting harder. but yeah, vincent d'onofrio.

queen latifa or vincent d'onofrio... again, hard choice, she is bloody bloody hot. i'm leaning ever so slightly to vincent d'onofrio, but i assure you queen latifa could probably convince me otherwise...

drew barrymore or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

christina ricci or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

sarah michelle geller or vincent d'onofrio... vincent d'onofrio

the woman who plays shane on "the 'l' word" or vincent d'onofrio... hmmm. damn. she's hot, so so so so very hot. but, if i were a gambling woman, i'd probably put my money on vincent d'onofrio

okay, that's enough of that, you get the idea. this is a much more fun game with someone else...

so, what i'm saying is, even though he's 45 (older than i generally like) and 6'4" (taller than i generally like) i am so hot for him, man oh man, i can't begin to tell you.

gee, the post started out as "here are my two favourite actors" and degraded to who would mainja bang...

Friday, April 08, 2005

it's official

TTC is going to strike on monday.

if you live in toronto, i hope you live within walking distance of work...


so, my normal morning routine, which involves listening to metro morning with *cough* *cough* andy *cough* barry *cough* was pre-empted by the pope's funeral.

unfortunately i didn't realise that when i turned on the radio, so after several minutes of a very monotonous song i said to john 'wow, this is a really repetative little dity'

it was then the little lightbulb went on. *ding* it's the funeral. this is some kind of, i don't know, prayer maybe? it is a listing of all the saints being sung. it's a LONG song. we turned off the radio. i wonder if they'll release it as a new single. ;)

i guess the pope's funeral is an influential world event and all, but in truth, i would rather have been listening to kevin sylvester talk about sports, because even though i could care less about sports, i LOVE kevin sylvester. any sports caster compares some kind of sporting event to elements of ancient greek theatre has a forever all day pass to my heart.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

we're getting there

if the gods smile kindly on us we will be done tomorrow. some agents are coming on friday, then the overall agent open house is on tuesday, the listing will go up monday.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

bit of a difference from before, no?

ever have one of those days?

ever have one of those days where you're totally tapped out and really can't think of anything interesting to write about?

yeah. me too.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A boring update post

For those following along in the chronicling of the preparations for house selling, first – you may want to consider taking up watching paint dry, I imagine it is more interesting. Second – I have another exciting instalment to share!

We’re almost there. So close we can taste it. Oh, no, that’s just the stirred up dust settling itself in the back of our throats. Hmmmm. But nonetheless, we are close. Very very close people.

Camille can attest, she was over last night helping with the kitchen, and she commented on what a difference it was. Man that woman can clean!

So, the big stuff is mostly done, and I’m hoping that by the end of today it all will be. Just in case John happens to read this today, that would include moving the huge pile of rubble in the basement and installing the light and mirror in the bathroom, oh, and the crown moulding you started cutting from the ceiling last night (I have to say, I’ll never understand some people. The idea here is quick and dirty, it doesn’t have to be perfect, people are going to be glancing at it as they walk through. We don’t have time for perfect. Why the insistence on perfect?!?!?!).

Then all that’s left on the list is stuff at the difficulty and time consumption level of say, touch up paint.

The good news about all this though is that we will still be working on it when Kate comes to visit on Thursday, so she’ll get to help after all. Yay! I’m sure she’s so excited. *grin*

And, just to follow with a non-sequitor, to satisfy all you fans of non-sequitor posts out there, I would appear to have forgotten to wear deodorant today. That’s what happens when you have a bath at night when you’re so tired you can barely walk, you forget deodorant, and then in the morning you forget ‘cause, well, you didn’t have a shower, so it’s not in the routine. And today promises to be a stressful (and bloody long, probably 16-18hrs in the office, yay for big last minute projects) day. I guess if forced to look on the bright side of this, I will have a natural repellent to keep people from bothering me…

Monday, April 04, 2005

late breaking news: woman takes stupid pill before going to work

the sun is shining.

it's not *quite* as cold as i was worried about.

i am alone in the office and am able to work on the cabinet submission without distraction.

life is good.

while typing away i look out my office window.

i see that the flags are all at half-mast.

as i take a sip of my obviously much needed coffee, i think to myself "gee, i wonder who died."

Saturday, April 02, 2005

does anyone else find this...

i was going to ask if anyone else found this odd, but i don't know that i'd class it as odd so much as, um, well, i'm not sure. here, how about i tell you, shall i?

it is night. it is dark out. it is light in. the curtains are all in the wash. i am now on display.

that in itself is an odd and not entirely comfortable feeling, but that is not what this post is about.
while on display in my own home i am doing such sexy activities as sorting things, sweeping, and the pièce de résistance, the thing that will have all the neighbourhood gossiping. . . painting window sills. *gasp* it's true. on display, painting window sills. my oh my. some window painter fetishist's voyeristic fantasy. but i digress (slightly)...

the thing that is not quite odd, not quite funny, and will i suppose remain unnamed, is that directly across from me my neighbour is painting his window sills. so, there we sit, painting our respective window sills, the ones that happen to face each other, and we can both see into the other's house, and not once did either of us acknowledge this. no knowing nod, light chuckle, brief wave, nothing at all.

i mean, come on, how often does it happen that you and your neighbour are even painting at the same time, let alone window sills at 9:30 on a saturday night that happen to face each other.

i think there was some kind of weird protocol at work here. something that stated that we shouldn't admit that we could see into each others houses, or that we might be looking. plus these are the neighbours that we have absolutely no relationship with at all, not bad, not good, just non-existant. in fact, i'm not sure i've ever even waved at them, let alone said two words to them.

the power of pheromones

so, i haven't had a shower since wednesday morning because our tub is out of commission while john does the drywalling in there.

and now i have to go out in public.

oh well, it will give me a chance to test my theory from last weekend about the power of the unwashed woman.

if i am suddenly mobbed by men hungry to be near me i will be sure to report back.

in the meantime i need to find a hat to cleverly hide my unwashed state.

april fools!

yesterday when i was told there was a winter storm watch for toronto my first thought was "maybe it's an april fools day joke". my second thought was "please god, let it be an april fools day joke".

now it is snowing lots.

i have decided it is still an april fools day joke, it's just one being played by the weather gods instead of by other mere mortals trying to get a rile out of other mere mortals.

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