Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apparently you can register baby stuff, who knew!

So, you know how you have wedding registries?  Well, apparently there are now registries for everything, including for your baby!

John and I have built a registry at babies ‘r’ us, and may also build one at Sears.  For us it’s more about keeping a shopping list for ourselves, but to me it seems like such a strange concept.

Oh well, strange but good I guess…

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wanna see a play for free tonight?

Okay, so, this is VERY short notice, but...

Anyone interested in going to see Raisin in the Sun with me tonight?

Curtain is at 7:30, so I'd be looking to meet someone at the theatre at around 7:15.

So, if you by any chance are reading this and might be interested, let me know.

You can email me at mainja@gmail.com

I know it's a long shot that anyone will see this, but just in case...  And, don't worry, I don't have to have met you, if you're in Toronto and you want to see a play for free, let me know.  I just have to do a very brief interview of you afterwards.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The dangers of a liberal arts degree...

So, yesterday we had an ultra sound, and I was watching the screen and there was a heading on it that said 'gender' and what went through my head was:

"You can't tell gender, you can only tell sex, gender is a societal construct"

Then I thought "oh for god's sake megan, who cares!?!"

And yes, we know the sex, but are still deciding if we're telling people because we don't want a bunch of all pink or all blue things (see the comment regarding gender being a societal construct *grin*)

Well, that was, as expected, a total waste of time…

Here we are, the day after the election, in basically exactly the same situation we were in before the election was called.

A Conservative minority.


Now, I’m thankful that it’s not a Conservative majority, I can’t help but feel this election was a colossal waste of money and time.  I also think that the low voter turnout is a bit of an indication of that.

So, now I’m going to go weep into my latte – or, possibly go to Mississauga to by prego clothes (not so much with the plus-sized maternity options – obviously fat people don’t have sex, so why would they get pregant?  *grin*)

Either way, I think I’ll try and fit some weeping in… 

Friday, October 10, 2008

God some people are gross

Canada judge tells woman not to call police if battered again.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just so you know...

My NDP candidate looks like he'd make an excellent Drag Queen.  Just so you know.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baby update

We had our OB appt today.

Basically, everything looks perfect.

I'm finally gaining weight (2lbs in the last month+), which has made my OB happy.

The heartbeat is strong and regular, and we got to hear it again, which was, again, super cool.

The baby is in the position it is supposed to be in for this point in the pregnancy.

The last ultrasound showed that everything was in order.  We have another ultrasound next week, because they couldn't get the heart effectively enough in the last one, because the baby wasn't cooperating.  They got some pictures of it, but I guess they want pictures from all sorts of angles. 

The weird fluttering and stuff that I'm feeling is normal, and it's also normal that I'm not feeling actual kicking yet.

My blood pressure is "perfect" and I'm assuming the blood sugar levels are good, because she dipped the litmus strip in the pee then threw out the pee and strip.  And those are two of the most common pregnancy complications apparently, so that's good.

The genetic testing they did turned out just fine, so there will be no need for an amnio (thank goodness!  I don't like the idea of a big huge needle going into my belly thank-you-very-much)

Ummmm.  I think that's it.  Basically it was a perfect appointment.  Which was nice.  Because, apparently I am constantly paranoid that something is going to go wrong.

Monday, October 06, 2008

You can't make this shit up...

So, I'm at Jet Fuel.  There's this guy, lets call him Joe.  Joe is very nice.  Very intense, but very nice.

He's being head-hunted by Research in Motion.

He just said very loudly to this other guy "yeah, didn't I tell you, I'm trying to get a RIM job..."

I somehow managed not to snort.  *grin*

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