Sunday, March 29, 2009

suggestions for a tv series

okay, I’m looking for a new tv series to get on DVD.  Suggestions?

Or, hell, even just watch on tv now.  We watch: House, Fringe, Lost,  terminator, doctor who, torchwood, ugly betty, gossip girl (well, that last one is more me, not we…)

Oh, and sometimes random law and orders, and flashpoint.

I’m trying to get my hands on slings and arrows, but other than that I’m open to suggestion…

Wednesday, March 04, 2009



For the record, the Nike hat is a hand-me-down, we’re not likely to be buying him new label clothes, we’re too cheap.  *grin*

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Got Bed Bugs in Toronto?

Well then, tell the world.

I just found a bedbug registry, which is such a good idea.  This way, if you’re looking to move into a place you can check out this site to see if anyone has reported bed bugs at that location.

This, of course, is not going to be a comprehensive list, since it’s just people finding it and providing content, not something from the landlord tenant board tracking complaints or something, but it’s a start.

So, I’m all for the telling the world thing.  Bed bugs suck.  Literally and figuratively.


BTW – it’s for places in the States and Canada, it’s not just Toronto – but my personal interest in getting as much information on it as possible is completely Toronto-based, I am ridiculously allergic to bed bugs and could never ever live with them.

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