Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Okay people, I have breaking news for you, are you ready? Well, I'm not convinced you're ready, but I'm going to go ahead anyway, okay, here goes nothing!

BREAKING NEWS - Fabulous Attitudes Taboo has become the most boring blog in the world!

Seriously. As I struggle for energy to work and to do anything other than work, I realise how much I wish my thoughts were in my blog. Then I think about how little time and energy I have, so then I think about writing about how little time and energy I have. Because, really people, is there anything more scintillating than reading about how busy and tired I am? No. I didn't think so.

But rest assured, as boring as the published version of this blog has become, the version in my head, the one that swims around in my brain while I ride the street car, brush my teeth, shower, work out, mastur... oh, you get the idea... *that* version is great. it's interesting, witty, smart, thought-provoking, and not once does it mention being tired or not having time.

Monday, February 27, 2006

what the?!?!?!?!

so, i just looked at my calendar and apparently i'm already booked up for every evening this week.

apparently i am a strong believer in sleep/rest/time alone/other important things is overrated.

Friday, February 24, 2006

soon, i promise...

okay, so, i did get today off work, and spent most of it sleeping recovering from the previous week.

now i'm frantically getting some job apps in before picking up a friend at the airport.

so blogging will have to wait.

hopefully saturday.

Monday, February 20, 2006


that was a preview of my week to come.

you may not want to bother coming back here for a bit, i'm thinking of taking friday off, i'll hopefully be sane enough to post something then.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Love Song Of A. Hari Viswanathan

I had drinks with a colleague tonight. I was going to say a friend, but the truth is, I don’t know him well enough to call him a friend really. I would like to call him a friend though. Sometime I hope to call him a friend. But I digress.

I had drinks tonight with a very fun fellow. We sang each other themes from childhood shows
It’s great, it’s great,
To have, to have,
A friend, a friend,
Like Hercules, like Hercules
Countered with
Oh the World of Oz is a very funny place
Where everyone wears a funny, funny face
All the streets are paved with gold
And no one ever grows old
In that funny land lives the Wizard of Oz
We talked about our mutual distain for Fables of the Green Forest, and how we still watched it because it was on after the Polka Dot Door.

We talked about the changing definitions of ‘alternative music’, we reminisced about when ‘alternative music’ was a way to describe music that didn’t fit into a particular genre, instead of just being a genre in and of itself.

We talked about the self-confidence that comes with getting older, and about how sometimes it doesn’t actually come with getting older.

We talked about what brought us to where we are in our careers.

We talked about music.

We laughed lots.

He drank Guinness, I drank Cider. We ate nachos.

Really, I think this is just a big entry to say I had a really nice evening and I’m glad I finally got to hang out with Hari.

By the way, Hari makes music. Very good music as a matter of fact. So, I encourage you to go to his website, and if you’re around, go to a gig and see him live. The band is Careless. They're playing somewhere sometime and I think we should all go. I say somewhere sometime because I don't know the details (it’s March 2nd) and it doesn’t appear to be up on his website (okay, we’ll allow him this small fault), but when I find out I’ll let you know, ‘cause wouldn’t it be fun to have a big crew all go?

wanna go crazy?

then click on this link.

warning, you may become addicted...

Monday, February 13, 2006

yay me!

tonight i went to the gym for the first time in about a year.

i went even though i worked until after 7pm because i had finally brought my clothes with me and i'd made a promise to myself that i'd go.

that in itself is worthy of a yay.

but what is really worthy of a yay is that i am still in just as good shape as the last time i went!

so, now, because the boring mundane details of my life are so very important to you, my dearest readers, i will describe my workout. (be forewarned that those of you who are serious about the gym and are actually in *good* shape are going to roll your eyes and think this is not a 'real' workout, but really, remember, been a year since i've gone to the gym)

i did 25 minutes on the eliptical cross-trainer. 25 minutes! 25 mintues on the machine that kate called something to the effect of 'the machine of the devil'. the machine that when i first went on it many many years ago i thought i was going to die on and couldn't get past 3 minutes. and, not only did i do 25 minutes, i did 25 minutes at varying levels of resistance. i started at level 1 (what i used to always do) and after 5 minutes i decide that it was too easy (yes, you read that right, i decided it was too *easy*!) and i moved it up to level 3. after 5 minutes of that i decided it was still too easy. i moved it up to level 6. i did that for 10 minutes (i didn't feel that was too easy, just for the record, it was relatively hard). after those 10 minutes it was time for cool down, which is 5 minutes at level 1.

i got off the machine feeling awfully proud of myself. i went over to the stretching area, stretched a bit, and decided i wasn't done yet. so i moved onto the circut. it's a small circut, only 6 machines, one of which you do twice because they work different muscle groups, so 7 sets (single sets mind you, but 7 sets nonetheless).

so, 25 minutes on the cross trainer and about 20 minutes on weight machines.

yes. that's right people. i kick ass! i haven't gone to the gym in a year and yet i am still working out at the same level as when i was going 4-5 times a week.

needless to say i am very very happy with myself right now.

i rewared myself with a nice luxurious soak in the hot tub/whirlpool thingy.

what i'm saying is, it was a good night.

Friday, February 10, 2006

i wanna wanna wanna

so. i wanna write. i wanna tell you an interesting story. i wanna give you insight into my life.

but i can't. well, can't is a harsh word. it's not that i *can't*, nor is it that i won't, it's just that, well, i'm feeling at a loss.

the apathy is pervesive. not only can i not get my ass in gear to do the laundry, go grocery shopping or cook dinner, i also can't be bothered doing anything else. so, as a result there is nothing interesting in my life right now. which kind of makes it feel like there is nothing to talk about.

i could write about the new harper government. i could write about the man who crossed the floor to join the concervatives mere days after his constituents voted him in as a liberal, i could talk about how that person's parlimentary secretary is suddenly the person who had previously proposed a bill requiring anyone who crosses party lines to have a by-election, i could talk about how the PS for the person in charge of francophone affairs is a unilingual anglophone, i could go on about how the new childcare idea of harper's really only benefits single (*pthththththppptttt* to dickey) income families with a stay at home parent, therefore perpetuating the 'family values' vision of the party (exactly who's family is that? 'cause it sure as hell isn't mine.) but the truth is it's been done to death. it's fun to argue these points and get all riled up over a pint, but really, in print, not so exciting. nothing new. nothing earth shattering. nothing that google can't tell you.

so i want to tell you about interesting things, things that we aren't bombarded with by the news everyday anyway. but i find myself with nothing to say.

i guess just the compulsion to write and the fact that i know what i want to write about, even if i don't have anything to say, is in itself a bit of a peek into my psyche...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

winter breeds disorganization

i think more accurately that would be stated that winter breeds apathy and apathy breeds disorganization.

either way i'm having an inordinate amount of trouble cleaning up and getting laundry done this past week.

i'm also having an inordinate amount of trouble going grocery shopping and going to get strongbow from the liquor store.

last night i sat and watched 5, yes 5, episodes of 'the L word' in a row.

lately that seems to be about all my brain can manage.

in fact, at work we just started a book club and i am concerned that i'm not going to be able to find the motivation to read (so, you know, if anyone knows where the coles notes version of
nickel and dimed, by barbara ehrenreich let me know, i might need them)

stupid winter. blah. bleh. yech. and so on.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

for god's sake, put on a hat!

today while i was waiting for the bus in the blustery freezing cold weather a man walked towards me.

this in and of itself is not of particular interest.

however, this man had on no winter jacket, although he was wearing many layers, ending with a kind of fall jacket, so perhaps this is forgivable. but, none of the layers were done up, i believe the jacket was open to an open knit sweater. he had a lovely stylish grey scarf looped over his neck, not wrapped around, not tied, just looped. it would provide warmth only to the back of his neck. and he wasn't wearing a hat.

again, all of this is forgivable, for all we know he had very high blood pressure and is always extraordinarily warm and this is a relief.

but the kicker comes when you look at this man and realise he is so bloody freezing it's a surprise he can still move. his face holds a perpetual look of pain, his eyes squinted, his shoulders hunched up to his ears, his whole body trying to collapse in on itself for warmth.

i felt sorry for him for almost a second, and then i realised the fucknut should have done up his coat, wrapped his scarf around his neck and gotten a bloody hat.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

bloody hell

i can't find my glasses.

i have to say, it's making work more difficult. bleh.

i'm in a weird space right now. not sure what that's about. maybe it's just 'cause it's february? i don't know.

i do know that it means i don't have any kind of interesting information to empart.

i think the harper government and proposed policies are depressing me. bleh.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

my birthday present...

so last night louise gave my my birthday present.

it was this.

go watch it. it will make you hurt from laughing.

Friday, February 03, 2006


well folks. i did it. i finally did it. i cut my own hair.

after years of cutting other folks' hair, i finally decided to try cutting my own.

john came upstairs, made a very surprised face then said "cool! i like it!" (he didn't know i was cutting my hair, he was busy fixing the door that had been busted down earlier...)

the i like the left side better than the right, which is no surprise, since i am right handed, so not quite as dexterous while cutting the right side (left handed cutting is hard...)

i'd take a picture and show you, but well, see previous post... :(

it's all about the thievin'

so, i got home tonight to discover our house had been broken into.


they took some bizzare stuff.

- a 5 year old palm pilot
- a 6 year old digital camera
- our digital cable reciever (?!?!?!?!?!)

and that was it.

they left behind the computers (by far the most valuable stuff we own, although not *that* valuable, which says something about us)

they also left behind the laptop which was in plain view.

the pisser is they trashed our door. they literally broke in, smashed the door frame to get it. good times.

i was a bit weirded out, mostly because i kept thinking 'what would have happened if i'd be home?'

the cops were adiment that if i had been home it wouldn't have happened because these aren't the type of people who are looking for confrontation. if i'd been home they would have turned tail and run. i have to say, that was reassuring.

so, as i type john is putting the door frame back togther. good times.

all in all it's been a grand birthday week...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

i'm still kissable dammit!

today dae wrote
Sorry, much as I'd like to push you up against a car, whisper sweet nothings to you, that's as far as it goes. I am NOT kissing you today ;-)

and i felt it nessecary to pout on the main forum in case people don't read the comments...

i AM still kissable.

dae, there are still many many places left on me that you could kiss post-sweet-nothing-whispering. the back of my neck is entirely herpes free, as is my ear, my shoulder, and so on and so on.

so, if for some reason you see me and feel like doing that millimetre away whispering that charges electricity through every pore, well, feel free to finish it with some nice kissing, as long as i'm not kissing you or you're not kissing my lips we're still all fine.

i must reiterate, I AM STILL KISSABLE!!!


that came off a bit ranty. it was supposed to be funny. so, now, re-read it with a funny voice instead of a ranty one...

the road to recovery

well, i still look horribly diseased, but at least i no longer am living my life advil to advil...

the drugs the doc prescribed did the trick. it brought down the swelling spreading poison, now i just have a huge wound on my face. life is good.

is suspect i won't be picking up at all this week though...

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