Wednesday, February 08, 2006

for god's sake, put on a hat!

today while i was waiting for the bus in the blustery freezing cold weather a man walked towards me.

this in and of itself is not of particular interest.

however, this man had on no winter jacket, although he was wearing many layers, ending with a kind of fall jacket, so perhaps this is forgivable. but, none of the layers were done up, i believe the jacket was open to an open knit sweater. he had a lovely stylish grey scarf looped over his neck, not wrapped around, not tied, just looped. it would provide warmth only to the back of his neck. and he wasn't wearing a hat.

again, all of this is forgivable, for all we know he had very high blood pressure and is always extraordinarily warm and this is a relief.

but the kicker comes when you look at this man and realise he is so bloody freezing it's a surprise he can still move. his face holds a perpetual look of pain, his eyes squinted, his shoulders hunched up to his ears, his whole body trying to collapse in on itself for warmth.

i felt sorry for him for almost a second, and then i realised the fucknut should have done up his coat, wrapped his scarf around his neck and gotten a bloody hat.

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