Tuesday, January 31, 2006


you know how i recently had a cold sore? remember how snooze told me to go to a clinic and get some acyclovir?

yeah. well. i'm an idiot and i didn't liten to her. i rode it out. finished the cold sore on my own.

and as a reward, on my 30th birthday i got 3, yes, 3, i got 3 cold sores.

not one.

not two.


three cold sores.

all i can say is bloody hell i'm in pain.

so, today i went to the walk in clinic and asked the doctor for acyclovir. he looked at me and said "oh, that's a pretty bad coldsore, you want something stronger than that". so he has prescribed valacyclovir. apparently the addition of 'val' makes for much stronger...

we'll see. the pharmacist said it might not make a difference because usually you start right away. i'll be sure to keep you updated on the horrible infections on my lips, because i know what you people need, i know how to keep you happy, i know you're lost without infection updates...

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