Monday, January 23, 2006

Don't forget to vote!

If you live in Canada then today is your day. Today is voting day. Now's your chance to get out there and exercise your rights, to prove that Canada is a democracy, and all that other good stuff.

What do you need to do to vote? It's easy as pie. If you got a voter's registration card then just follow the instructions on that. If you didn't then go to (if you're looking for english language it's here) and put in your postal code. That will show you where to vote and will even give you some info about your local candidates. Then you just need to show up to vote with things that have your address on them and photo ID. So, for instance, if your driver's license (if you have one) has your current address on it then you're set, that's all you need!

Now all you need to do is get yourself to that polling station and cast your ballot before the polls close (9:30 in Ontario).

And remember, it is law that you have two consecutive hours off of work to vote, so if you're scheduled to work from 11am to 9pm you can either go into work for 11:30 (this is all with permission of course, it's just that they are obliged to give you permission) or you can leave at 7:30pm. Just something to remember to help you get out to vote.

Now, enough of reading this, get out and cast your ballot!

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