Monday, January 16, 2006

my personal hell

i am in hell.

i have a cold sore crawling from my upper lip, all the way up into my nose.

it hurts. a lot.

and i have to say, IT'S ALL MY FAULT! i felt it coming on, but instead of going immediately to ice it, i answered the phone. then i stayed on the phone for a goodly amount of time, ALL THE WHILE KNOWING A COLD SORE WAS GROWING ON MY LIP.

the thing about cold sores is that if you can ice them when they just start that weird tingly feeling, i mean ASAP, within a minute and a half, then they either stop coming all together, or they come out significantly smaller. i have a theory about this based on absolutely nothing at all. my theory is that the cold slows the spread of the virus (is it a virus?) in a kind of physical cold things move slower kind of way, and this gives your body more time to react and fight off the virus, build anti-bodies or whatever it is that it has to do.

the challenge though is that cold sores are quick buggers, so even waiting 5 minutes makes a different, waiting half an hour or an hour or more, well, you may as well be inviting the thing to stay, making it a lovely dinner, providing it with the best linens you have to offer, making it the most comfortable house guest in history.

and so, with answering the phone i provided said invitation. and now, not only is it crawling up my nose, but it is also (oh happy day) speading poison through my right side, my right gland, the right side of the roof of my mouth is all swollen and raw, and it all hurts so much i want to cry. basically, yeah, hell.


i'm an idiot who doesn't heed the loud screaming of my body, what can i say.

happy monday everyone.

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