Thursday, January 05, 2006

resolution kept

finally! today i remembered my lunch. *phew*

also, i remembered to bring my canned goods so that next time i forget my lunch some soup or some baked beans will be close at hand. i look a bit like i'm hoarding for some strange protest that locks us in our offices for weeks on end. my desk drawer has soups, baked beans, several types of crackers, one container of chocolate pudding, some fruit leather and microwave popcorn. in another drawer you will find high alicin garlic pills, multi-vitamines and some b complex with extra vitamin c. down the hall there is a water cooler with loads of extra bottles of water. i'm ready and set, lock me in, see if i care!

of course, there is no impending lock-in, i just feel that my office should be a literal reflection of my kitchen is all...

my other resolutions?

  • snooze and i have a scrabble date sometime in february.
  • i was making plans for friday night then remembered that we're in a frugal time, so i am amending said plans to involve being at home
  • although live music doesn't *have* to wait until post-frugal if it's less than $5 cover (my own arbitrary rules) i am going to see how long i last
  • i will be volunteering at theatre passe muraille sometime next week, and possibly the week after as well
  • as for free city events, i need to give this more though, my gut says it will be warmer weather, but then, there are always free lectures to go to, and i think the rom and the ago both have nights where stuff is free, so i'll have to look into it - suggestions for free toronto activities would be appreciated.
  • sex-toy shopping will have to wait until post-frugal, and it's only on the 'considering' list anyway...

there's your run down as of day 5. ta da!

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