Thursday, December 29, 2005

on a good note...

just thought i'd follow up my big long bitchy post from this morning with something a bit more upbeat...

john is the most wonderful person on the planet.

i love this man so very very very much.

i appreciate more than words can express the way he quietly takes care of me when i slam into depressions like this one.

yesterday he came home early from work to make sure i was okay.

this morning he was late for work because he was waiting for me, without me asking him, and without him saying he was, he just patiently waited to see me out the door, he even took the streetcar with me, because he knows that sometimes when i'm depressed i get paralyzed. i would have sat in the living room not getting ready for hours and not even noticed the time pass. so he waited with me. made sure i got where i was going. all at the cost of him being late for work.

he really is an amazing person. i am so very lucky to have him in my life.

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