Friday, December 30, 2005

depression update

well, i'm by no means better, but i am on the mend.

yesterday i made sure i had my multi and an extra vitamin b, that helped.

and, well, time, time helps too.

last night i managed not only to stay up until 11:30 (i'd gone to bed at 6pm the night before, sleeping is my depression reaction) but i also managed to go out grocery shopping AND make dinner. it might not sound like much, but for me depression is so dabilitating that when i'm in the thick of it those things would be impossible.

so, today is better. i'm not 100%, but i'm also not cringing at the idea of co-workers saying hello to me.

also, today is john's birthday, which is super fun, i think he's going to really like what i got him for his birthday, and we're thinking of going to saffron tree for lunch buffet (mmmm. saffron tree...) 'cause it's between our offices and they have delicious food. of course, that will involve going out in the cold, so who knows.

trying to decide what to do for / with him tonight. he's not so good at coming up with stuff he wants to do, and i guess if there is any day he's allowed to abdicate decision-making it's on his birthday. suggestions?

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