Wednesday, January 04, 2006

pure excitment

oh my god! i had the best night. you know why? do ya? huh? huh? do ya?!?

'cause, i had a bath. an honest to goodness soak in the tub.

and, not only was it a bath, it was a bath with lush goodies as found in my stocking this fine christmas morn.

i know this seems like an exceptionally lame thing to be excited about, but, well, i've been so insanely busy the last, oh, i don't know, decade, that i haven't had time to just take a night off. totally off. a bath people! a bath!

it was divine.

tonight john went to the first installment of the birthday present i got him, guitar lessons, 8 one hour lessons, every wednesday night. he was excited and scared, so i'll get the full report shortly. also, someone else who i read got their partner guitar lessons, i'm not sure who, i want to say maybe sister? anyway, when i read it i wanted to reply "hey! i'm doing that too! we must share a brain!" then i though, geeze, if john somehow read that, since whoever it was is linked off my blog, it would ruin the surprise, so, i never did. but to you mysterious guitar lesson giver, to you i give a high five for excellent shared ideas.

and, no doubt, you are all waiting in anticipation to hear about the interview (or not, but whatever, my blog, my fingers, and these fingers were made for typin', and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these fingers are gonna type all over you - wait, that makes no sense, okay, well, carrying on...) but at this point i don't have too much to say about it. it's always hard to say with interviews how they went. i really liked the manager, so that's good. there is no incumbent, so that's good. i couldn't stop talking, that's possibly not so good. i missed talking about a huge key thing, (ontario-centric comment coming up) it was the ministry of training, colleges and universities and somehow i forgot to mention the implimentation of the rae review as one of the key issues of the ministry *smacks forehead*. so, on balance, well, i have no opinion on balance. but i should know by end of next week, which will be nice.

who knows, maybe for my 30th birthday (coming up soon, geeze, 26 more days...) i'll get a permanent job, wouldn't that be nice!

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