Thursday, January 05, 2006

yay for new shiny things

we bought a new car!

well, no, we're leasing a new car, but you know, close enough.

we got the Rio5 EX Convenience.

it will be either blue or orange, whichever they get their hands on first.

who knows when we pick it up, they're going to let us know. but still, yippeee for us! remote keyless entry, air conditioning, heated front seats, multi-adjustable seats (which is good when one person is 5' tall and the other is 6' tall, i can pump it up so i can see over the dash without a pillow - note: only very slight hyperbole has been employed here...), it's all just so damned exciting!

it of course means that the months of lean living will have to be more than two, but oh well, we were about to have to sink over $2K into our 10+yr old car, so, you know, lesser of two evils. plus, it's a NEW car, i've never had a NEW car before. yippeeeee!

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