Friday, January 20, 2006

so far...

so, i did actually do some work on the resume stuff. sort of. i am just updating my exisiting resume but i ignored it, didn't look at it, instead i looked at the job qualifications and tried to brainstorm what i've done under each thing to demonstrate that particular trait. i'm mostly done that, and for some reason i feel compeled to share it with you. actually, i know why, but it seems kind of lame since most of my readers have never met me in person, or have met me once at the most. but i'll come clean. i'm telling you because there are some places where i'm stuck. for instance, i don't know what kind of activity might demonstrate "excellent judgement" or "conseptual thinking", so, i'm looking for suggestions.

the italics are the pieces i pulled from the job ad. the bright red ones are the ones i have no idea what kinds of activities would demonstrate them. (oh, and the little astrixes are to take the place of identifying information. i don't seem to have a problem putting up personal information on here, but i don't feel comfortable putting up work information...)

Description: The Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ research and outcome measurement branch has an opportunity for a professional with demonstrated applied research and program evaluation skills. You will: lead supervision, execution of in-house/tendered research, evaluation projects intended to assess the effectiveness, efficacy, sustainability of ministry programming; provide empirical evidence in support of program/policy planning, decision making.

knowledge of ministry’s children/youth services programs, policies, related legislation,

government/ministry decision-making, approval processes,
- issues coordination
- policy coordination

policy process/development tools, techniques,
- worked on cabinet submission
- reviewed cabinet submissions
- reviewed positioning decks
- worked on cabinet submission
- consulted on RbP notes

research methodology,
- researched other jurisdictional information (i.e. performance measurement in Oregon)
- researched current trends in emergency management and terrorist threats with a specific focus on agricultural terrorism
- developed and performed needs assessment to inform the development of SRT manual
- researched methods and techniques of effective survey development
- internet research
- market research
- trend analysis

program evaluation techniques;
- provided advice on the development of the RFR for a program evaluation of the ***** program at **** – participated in the RFR scoring to decide on a successful candidate – reviewed reports and provided feedback – liaised with the consultants
- spotlight on *** unit – internal and extrenal consultation/feedback (also, wrote the report)
- provided input on initial evaluation terms of references for the *** project

advanced knowledge of software such as SPSS;
- address in letter – talk about ability to learn quickly, understanding the functions of it, but not having had a lot of opportunity to use it in the past. Have done previous data mining and statistical analysis using tools such as excel and access.

demonstrated leadership skills to lead/coordinate project teams, work
- led the *** logistical team
- website rfp development
- charity campaigns
- work planning initiatives (****, ****)
- from private sector various projects (including direct reports and hiring)

excellent judgment,

- took the initiative to develop a manual – saw a need and fulfilled it.
- Sought the opportunity to explain the role of our unit to a broad range of people by seeking out opportunities to attend meetings held in the field to gain access to a wide variety of staff.

conceptual thinking,

- analysis of results from cross-regional client satisfaction post-event surveys
- analyzing data provide by groups to develop preliminary of logic models
- agri-terrorism

problem-solving skills to
- *** briefing note (negation)
- *** manual

develop/assess impacts of policies/programs;
- Agri-terrorism – assessing impact of current policy and presenting policy options / recommendations
- Provided input and support on the development of a cab sub and mb20

strong communication,
- briefing notes
- minister’s letters
- manual
- communications plans
- make presentations
- facilitation section of presentation course
- facilitated various logic model/performance measurement sessions
- various reports

relationship building,
- provide strategic advice and expertise to internal clients on subjects such as program evaluation, logic model development and performance measurement planning
- liase between parties
- draw on the expertise of others from both inside the ministry and from central agencies
- maintain relationships with central agency contacts


- Facilitation of performance measurement development sessions with staff in Community and Social Services for both Results-based Planning and for general performance measurement planning
- Facilitation of planning sessions which included logic model development, performance measurement development

computer skills.
- Highly computer literate with a range of existing knowledge, and an ability to learn new programs easily

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