Saturday, January 21, 2006

luke kirby on a whim

so, on a whim i decided i wanted to send luke kirby an email and congratulate him on his success.

i went to high school with luke in guelph. tonight i decided that i wanted to contact luke and say congratulations and tell him that i really was happy for him (and i really am). so, i started looking on google for contact information. here's the kicker, he doesn't have a website. i have to say, if i were famous, i'd have a website. it would have my agent's contact information on it, and it might even have an email address to reach me at. obviously not my regular email address, but one made specially for mail from this website so that if people wanted to they could get in contact with me. i couldn't have because that's already taken by a stand-up comic (who seems to kind of move like me and make similar jokes to me, i have theories that actually it's just me in a strange hypnotic state that changes my appearance...), but i'd have something.

i want luke to become the next hollywood super-star. i want him to have all the success in the world. i want him to become super rediculously famous and rich because dammit, i may not be willing to try and make it in theatre, but i can sure as hell support those who do, especially those who i went to school with.

and for an oh-so-brief moment i had decided i was going to make a website for him and promote him and do what i could to contribute to him being 'the next big thing'. then i realised that would take a lot of energy and i don't even know how to contact the guy. so, never mind.

but if anyone who reads this knows luke send him my regards and my congratulations. and hell, maybe send me his email address so i can send those on myself...

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