Wednesday, January 25, 2006

winter has come... sort of.

with the coming of winter (sort of, it's been pretty warm compared to previous years) the house has been a bit colder and we have discovered why the previous tenant had the living room nearest the kitchen and the dining room nearest the front doors. it's because the fireplace is also near the kitchen, and that's what heats the house.

so a couple days ago we switched the furniture, living room at the kitchen end, dining room at the door end.

the problem is we haven't worked out all the details, and the art work is all in the wrong place now.

so, suddenly our house has been thrown back into an 'unhomey' state.

i must rectify that ASAP. like, maybe tonight. the house is a crazy mess and it's making me frantic. i would like it nice and calm and clean for the weekend. we'll see...

in other news, stay tuned, i suspect we're going to have a big 30th birthday bash for me on the night of saturday february 4th so clear your calendars.

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