Thursday, February 02, 2006

i'm still kissable dammit!

today dae wrote
Sorry, much as I'd like to push you up against a car, whisper sweet nothings to you, that's as far as it goes. I am NOT kissing you today ;-)

and i felt it nessecary to pout on the main forum in case people don't read the comments...

i AM still kissable.

dae, there are still many many places left on me that you could kiss post-sweet-nothing-whispering. the back of my neck is entirely herpes free, as is my ear, my shoulder, and so on and so on.

so, if for some reason you see me and feel like doing that millimetre away whispering that charges electricity through every pore, well, feel free to finish it with some nice kissing, as long as i'm not kissing you or you're not kissing my lips we're still all fine.

i must reiterate, I AM STILL KISSABLE!!!


that came off a bit ranty. it was supposed to be funny. so, now, re-read it with a funny voice instead of a ranty one...

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