Friday, September 30, 2005

you're a dude, she's a chick

last night i went out for a (few) drink(s) with dickey.

it was fabulous fun as usual.

one memorable piece of the evening was when dickey tried to wave down the (very friendly, much fun, enjoyable) waiter to get the bill. his waving was fruitless (which is a surprise for such a fruit...). a few minutes later i wave and immediately produce results, our waiter happily trots over to the table.

dickey exclaims "oh, sure, you'll come for her, but not for me" or something to that effect. surely that wasn't the exact wording, because no doubt that would have led to copious laughing, nudging and winking.

the waiter says (and i swear this is a direct quote) "yeah well, you're a dude, she's a chick, wins every time"

dickey pointed out that i also had better hair, i didn't think until much later that i should have piped up that i also have better tits. oh well, live and learn.

earlier in the evening, when bringing me my specialty coffee (it was supposed to be a surprise, i'm pretty sure it was just a B52) i said something about it looking tasty (it was all covered in whipped cream after all...) and he said "yes, but i'm having some trouble with your cherry".

i couldn't stop laughing.

if i had been able to stop laughing i would have really liked to say "that's what they all say..."

which would have resulted in more uproarious laughter due to the hilarious juxtoposition of the mainja and virgin...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

lookin' for heated patios in toronto

i'm interested in all heated patios, but specifically i'm looking for a heated patio near union station for thursday night in toronto.

any suggestions?


i'm in a bleh mood. i'm exhausted. it's making things seem bigger than they are.

today my manager invited my co-lead to a meeting on a project we're working on, but didn't invite me. when the person booking the appointment for her said 'shouldn't i be adding mainja to that' she said 'nope'. i haven't had a chance to corner my manager and find out why yet because she's been bouncing off the walls busy.

then i went to a meeting where someone else was given credit for my idea. it wasn't an amazing orginal idea. it was just something that came out of a conversation. normally it wouldn't have bothered me. but i was/am already hightened by the no-invite thing, so it really irked me.

and now i'm sitting here surly faced trying not to cry.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

for future reference...

note to self...

after having just handled onions and hot sauce, do not wipe the sweat from your eyes with the same hand you were using to handle said onions and hot sauce...

st. snafu is brilliant!

this is of course a surprise to no one, but st. snafu rocks my world!

here is a snipit of our correspondence today:

st. snafu (in response to the insanity i'm facing at work and the ensuing exhaustion):

Honestly, I think the amount of work you have to do is why your house isn't getting settled. You are the organizer in your household, so if it's going to get done, you'll be spearheading the movement. Do you see work letting up in the forseeable future?

right this second i find it hard to see work ever letting up. but i'm sure it will. without exageration though, probably not until december.

st. snafu:
Ah, so not in the forseeable future....
You need an assistant.

you see what i mean people? brilliant! she's absolutely right, i do need an assistant! i mean, not a full time personal assistant (although, how cool would that be?!?!?), but an assistant nonetheless.

i'm going to hire someone for a weekend to help us get shite done. it sounds absolutely rediculous, but it will help so much to have stuff done, and st. snafu's right, with the level of exhaustion i'm experiencing at work getting the house in order is too overwhelming.

i'm going to post something on craigslist tomorrow, or possibly even tonight. but before i do, i'll post it here in case there is anyone who reads my blog who's looking for some extra money and would be interested in earning it by helping out a couple of cool cats over the course of a weekend.

we'll be doing a wide range of stuff, things like organizing closets, putting together ikea stuff, cleaning out the garden, sorting through the kitchen stuff, hanging stuff on the wall, taking stuff to the dump, stuff like that. i was thinking of 10-6 on a saturday and sunday, this weekend. i will feed that person lunch, and i promise it will be tasty (just ask st. snafu). and if it's someone fun then i'll also feed them beer and probably afterwards if they're interested.

bloody brilliant woman that st. snafu!

deliberation done, date decided...

just so that everyone can arrange travel times around this and make their way to toronto...

instead of just a plain old house warming party we're having a housewarming / halowe'en party saturday october 29.

so, mark your calendars, book your plane tickets, book your train tickets, all the things you need to do to make it to our halowe'en / housewarming party.

you've been looking for an excuse to come to toronto anyway...

come on, you're all invited!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

i want my, i want my, i want my CBC . . .

CBC folks have been locked out for over two months now. two long torturous months. two months of no metro morning sending me off to work. two months of no as it happens to cook by. two months of not having a fucking clue what's going on in the world because my source of current events is cut off. (to be fair, they still have news, but nothing like it was, and it only scratches the surface)

woe is me!

oh sure, i've been able to go to work every day for the last two months. oh sure, i still get my salary and don't have to worry about how i'm going to get groceries this week. oh sure, i don't have to defend myself to goof balls who say good riddin's to me or who don't realise it's a lockout and think it's a strike. oh sure, i don't have to make any decisions right now about whether or not i should be looking for a new job. oh sure, i don't have to be worried about what happens to me even if the bloody lockout ends because it sure sounds like they're looking for 'efficiencies' which rarely bodes well.

but really, people, come on, what is that compared to my hardship?!?! what is that compared to me not being able to follow my comforting routine, giggling with kevin sylvester every morning (a man who made me look forward to the sports cast, he *must* be a god), listening to matt galoway talk about the city i now live in (no wonder i haven't been able to settle in!) or chopping veggies to the soothing sounds of mary lou finlay and barbara budd on as it happens? i ask you, how am i to manage day to day, where am i to get my cbc fix.

hmmmm. a thought has just occured to me, these people are probably a bit cash strapped right now, maybe i could convince them to come over and broadcast to me from the living room while i chop veggies. no no. that's unreasonable and unrealistic. they wouldn't want to do that. perhaps instead i will have them do it by telephone and i will just put it on speaker phone. yes! eureka! that's it! my goodness, sometimes my brilliance terrifies me.

okay, for just a moment (just a moment mind you, don't get too used to it!) i'm going to remove my tongue from my cheek.

i can't for a second imagine what these people are going through. it seriously has been disruptive to my life, and what the fuck right do i have to feel disrupted? these poor people have been locked out of their own jobs. it must feel a bit like being kicked out of your own house. replete with the feeling of panic and not knowing how you're going to survive considering their income has been cut off.

there was an event to show support to bring back the CBC on friday. unfortunatly i found the info on it at about midnight on friday. anyway, there's a snipit of film from that at this link.

which led to me poking around on the site cbc unplugged and coming across this post, which was bloody frickin' hilarious.

and now i will step off of my CBC soapbox.

as you were.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

everybody's doin' it...

and yes, yes i would jump off a bridge if all my friends did***

You Are A: Pony!

ponyWho doesn't love a pony? You are one of these miniature horses, renown for your beauty and desired by many. Full of grace, you are a beautiful and very special animal, full of strength and majesty.

You were almost a: Puppy or a Lamb
You are least like a: Chipmunk or a Turtle
The Cute Animals Quiz

st. snafu- look, i was almost a lamb too!

but really, i'm not sure i trust a test that rates me as "full of grace". i'll buy most stuff, and i am many things, but full of grace i am not...

***i say this confident in the knowledge that none of my friends are planning a bridge-jump anytime soon

Friday, September 23, 2005


i don't know what's up. i'm craving interaction. i'm checking my email every five minutes in case someone has sent something.

but in truth i don't know what i'm craving.

my friends, for certain. but something else too. something a little less tangible.

newness perhaps?

not really, i mean, not exactly. newness takes energy, and i'm not feeling very energetic.

maybe it's the energy i crave.

that and difference. not necessarily new, but different. the rub of course is that different is often new...

i want to go out, i want to do something, i want to sit and talk and drink. or maybe dance, i haven't gone dancing in forever, and i hear big rude jake plays at the resevoir on friday nights (under a different name) which would be right up my alley.

but i don't want to go with just john. i don't know how to describe it, and it sounds bad, it's not, but there is something about going out with the person you've been living with for the last 11 years that feels almost like going out alone. damn. that really does sound terrible, and it's not what i mean. it's not like going alone, not at all. but the feeling is still one of 'i wanna hang out with someone' even though you already are hanging out with someone. i love john dearly, and i love spending time with him, and i love being around him, and i love going out with him. but, i guess the thing is, after 11 years you sort of run out of things to talk about. if it didn't happen that day then you've likely already heard it. that kind of thing.

these things are strange. because there are things i do where there is no one else in the world i would want to do them with except john. things like saturday errands. things like walking through canadian tire and busing up laughing about random irrelevant things. john is my favourite person in the world to do that with. same with laying next to each other in bed reading. or playing computer games with. or having a hickey fight with (i am the ultimate champion, one word- forehead).

but i want someone else to join us at the pub, or hell, go to the pub without him and with someone else. it has been the fact that we are ready and willing to do this, the fact that we lead seperate lives, that has led to us working so well together, even though we got together when i was 18 and have been together ever since.

but since we've moved to toronto that's been lacking a bit. we've been locked in each other's world a bit more.

and i am torn. torn between going out with people after work and hanging out and doing all that stuff, and getting the house set up (see, it always comes back to that).

i think what we need to do is have a party soon. that would provide excellent motivation for the finishing of the house, plus friends gathered in a house always make it feel more homelike, and i'd get to hang out with people and drink stupid amount.

okay, so, um, what are people doing saturday october 1? If we were to have a housewarming party would you be able to come?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

and enjoy i shall...

at pride i saw this ad and was dying to post it, but then i lost it, hadn't scanned it yet, blah blah blah. but luckily andy is on the ball and he has now posted it.

and now, so shall i:

Image hosted by

The writing that you might not be able to read up in the corner is "enjoy the ride". gotta love the national companies that get into the pride spirit...

and now, a word from our sponsor...

so, john is going to make a guest post without knowing it because he sent me an email that made me giggle and apparently i'm uncouth enough to just repost it here without telling him or anything. oh, in order for this to make sense i will tell you one tidbit, john works in one of the office towers at the eaton's centre (a big big mall in toronto for those non-toronto folks reading)

and now, john's guest post:

It's insane here today. Sara Jessica Parker is here and not only is the main floor I go through to smoke absolutely jammed with people, the floor I'm on is where the Lancaster group is on, so she was hiding out in there before hand making the whole floor smell like that dammed perfume she's flogging. Plus the trained gorrilas in suits keep looking at me suspiciously.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

it tastes like burning...

and now for something completely different...

does anyone else find that eggplant (aubergine) kind of burns when you swallow it? baba ganoush, eggplant tempura, roasted eggplant, it doesn't matter, it all kind of burns a bit. not a heat burn, an acid type burn. it's very weird. i'm just wondering if it's common.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

update on my happy face...

okay, quick update...

tonight we:
  • organized the laundry room a teeny bit
  • hung lots of art (but no where near all of it)
  • put up the mirror in the downstairs bathroom
  • sorted through mail
  • afixed the fire extinguisher to the kitchen wall
  • put a hook up by the door for our purses (yes, john calls his a purse too)
  • took the goodwill stuff and put it in the car (it's a step closer, right)
  • folded laundry
  • got rid of garbage in the dining room that we had both assumed were just thing to go to goodwill, but upon closer inspection realised they weren't
  • sorted through the mail that's been sitting around for ages untouched

and before all this i managed to talk on the phone with my mum for probably an hour, while sitting out in beautiful weather, drinking a cider and smoking to my hearts content.

i have some hope that tomorrow we will be able to follow through on this good solid start and finish hanging the art. not only does it make the space more esthetically pleasing and more ours, it also frees up the space the art was taking up sitting around not hanging on walls. (did i mention we have a lot of art? we've got 25 pieces up right now, leaving us with about 15 more pieces to hang, plus whatever is in the box in the office that we haven't even opened.)

now all we need is a cheering squad to keep us motivated tomorrow...

put on a happy face

okay, it's time for me to expose myself to you, i haven't done that in a while have i?

so, here it goes...

i'm not in a great space right now.

i'm also not in a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad space, and i have no immediate plans of moving to australia...

but certainly not a good one.

at the risk of sounding like a broken record though, i'm having a hell of a time with this move.

i need to get my ass in gear and get the house to a space i like, then, who knows, maybe i'd spend more time there. but right now the art isn't up, there's stuff in the dining room that has to go to goodwil, there's stuff that isn't put away because it doesn't have a place to go yet because we just have too much stuff for the space. we need to do a cull. that would be *another* cull. we need to clear the crap out and keep the essencials.

right now though, right now i feel like i don't have a home. i have a house. i have a roof over my head. i have food to eat. but i don't have a home. i need to build that home, but so far i haven't. the very odd thing is that usually i'm very good at building a home for myself no matter where i am. but this time, well, i don't know. i don't know what is different this time, but something is.

maybe part of what is different is that i'm in a different city. i miss guelph. i miss the easy access to friends. i miss the easy access to shops. i miss the easy access to my brother and my father. i miss familiarity of it all, i miss being able to in a heartbeat know where i need to go for something and how to get there. i miss the old house. i miss the old house a lot actually.

i'm in an in between space right now.

a space where i have left all those things behind and have not yet built them up here. and of course, there are some that will never come here, because it is a different type of space. no more hopping in the car and darting down the street to pick something up. it now takes planning and transit… but, in exchange, i get to live somewhere that i can go to the theatre easily, i can volunteer at the theatre, i can go to an art gallary on a whim in an afternoon, i can decide i'm bored and go to the ROM for a couple hours.

now i just need to actually start doing some of those wonderful things so that i remind myself of what i have here.

i guess what i'm saying is, things will sort themselves out, just maybe not right away. time and patience, time and patience...

i dunno, just tired and whiney right now. i want a magic wand so that i can wave it and make everything better.

Monday, September 19, 2005

WANTED: cunning linguist

okay folks, here it is, here's what i want.

i want someone to play scrabble with.

i need a scrabble partner.

i love scrabble but hardly ever get to play it. i'm not particularily good at it. i don't have a store of secret words. i don't know a single 'q' word that doesn't take a 'u' (although there are several). i sometimes clog up the board in a corner. but i'm fun to play with.

dammit, i'm *very* fun to play with!

so, i'm looking for someone to play scrabble with. someone to sit in the living room sipping red wine and playing scrabble, or, weather permitting, out in the backyard. someone to sit in a pub and play scrabble with (i haven't done that in years, but it adds a lovely dimension to the game). hell, even someone to make a date with to play online at i just want to play.

for those who might be wondering, this is indeed sparked by dickey's post about weekend sickness which included scrabble, i was jealous (about the scrabble, not the sick).

Sunday, September 18, 2005

bloody wedding bells

talked to my dad tonight.

apparently he got married yesterday.

that makes the second parent to not tell me about their wedding plans. that would make it 100% of my parents.

now, to be fair, i found out about my mother's wedding before it happened. but, that was only a week before it happened and only because i happened to say 'so, when do you think you and mark might get married' and she said 'oh, we're getting married next weekend' (well, she said good friday, but you get the picture).

my dad, well, i had no idea they were even thinking about it.

i just called tonight to firm up our brunch plans for tomorrow and he said 'i have some news, we got married yesterday'. just like that. ta da!


so, i made john promise that if we ever have kids and at some point decide to get married we will at the very least tell them we're getting married, and maybe even invite them too...

Friday, September 16, 2005

me! me! it's all about me!!!!

on one of the blogs i read (l'extension du domaine de l'absurde) there was a comment that piqued my interested.

Le Serpent said: "you can always count on some people to comment on themselves instead of on your post"

and he's right.

but he says it like it's a bad thing. i'm not sure i buy into that. i think it's just as valid as something about the post specifically.

if the point is that the post made someone think, and to me that's the best outcome. if it made them think of themselves, of their experience, of their life, well, that's great.

does every comment have to be a commentary on that specific post?

for me i leave a comment to say 'i was here, i read your post, you're in my life'. but i may not have anything particular that i want to say in response to the post. or i may want to reciprocate. they just opened up a part of themselves to me and the world, so, maybe i want to say thanks by doing the same.

i don't know. sometimes there is this black and white view of the world, where people who talk about themselves are bad (unless of course it's their own blog...)

oh, and for the record, this post is not in any way meant to be a slam on Le Serpent. he is an amazing writer and seems like a pretty cool guy, it just got me thinking is all.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

celebrity stalkings

david arquette followed me around last night. maybe he's stalking me.



well, maybe not.

and maybe it wasn't so much 'followed me around' as 'was walking behind me', but so much of history is revisionist anyway, i figure i should be able to do a bit revision to my own history...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

celebrity look alike

when i was walking in the door at work today i saw my reflection and thought "damn, i look like michael moore"

i don't think i do really (please gods, no). it was just the effect of short, fat, (sun)glasses and baseball cap with hair going haywire and sticking out the sides.

lets just say it wasn't my proudest moment...

oh, and for those of you who have requested pictures, i can only assume you mean a picture of michael moore, because, well, i can't imagine you expected me to have a digital camera with me on my way to work today, so click here and you'll get a picture of me him

Monday, September 12, 2005

the red carpet at the toronto international film festival

tonight was a wonderful forey into the world of the toronto international film festival

the film was so much fun. we went to see the world premier of trust the man

there was even a red carpet. i guess no other colour would do.

it was so different than going to a movie at your local cineplex. it's hard to describe how, just little nuances that made it different.

part of that was that it was in a theatre, a theatre where normally there would have been plays, rather than a movie theatre.

in fact, if i were to sum up how it felt different that would be it. it felt more like going to a play than it did going to a movie.

people were more engaged.

the energy in the space was amazing.

people laughed louder.

people clapped at moments they would have never clapped if they just saw it at silver city.

the actors came out and talked at the end. it would appear david duchovny is a really funny guy, who knew. i don't mean stand up comic funny, i mean real person who you'd like sitting around having a pint funny. quick witted. it was great.

it wasn't the passive experience that going to the movies usually is. this was theatre, no doubt about it, active, passionate theatre. it is an interesting lesson in how much the audience makes the play for me. but i digress...

the question and answer thing at the end was lovely, trite though most of the questions were, it was still interesting to see how the director and actors answered. i (of course) had my hand up to ask a question, but kept getting overlooked. that is until the end, the final question, when the facilitator (not sure what else to call her) pointed to me. very clearly pointed to me. as did someone else on stage (maybe justin bartha? i don't know, i didn't actually see, it was my stunningly sexy date di who told me that part).

and yet, despite the clarity of the pointing, some other person asked a question. she started asking the question before the person pointing to me had finished talking. there was no inturupting. i don't remember what her question was, but i'm sure it wasn't as good as mine. no where near as interesting. well, no where near as interesting to me anyway, and that is what is important after all.

pardon? what was that? what was i going to ask? oh, yes, glad you asked. well...

the director, bart freundlich, mentioned in his opening spiel that it was not only the world premier, but also the first time any of the actors had seen the movie.

that led me to what i imagine is a hard question, but one i'm dying to know the answer to...

what does it feel like to see that for the first time? in film scenes are filmed out of order, there is no chronological sequence for the filming, it's all about what will fit in the schedule when. so, when the actors see the film for the first time, they see the story for the first time. unlike on stage where we are rehearsing for ages, and see (or, experience i guess, since it would be difficult to *see* it if you're on stage) the play in it's entirety, or at least in chronological order, several times before it is ever introduced to an audience. so, what is that like, to experience it for the first time?

honestly, i'm not sure that it's an answerable question, but i wanted to ask, i wanted to hear what they had to say.

and so, i have posted it here on my blog on the oh-so-likely chance that david duchovny or julianne moore or justin bartha or maggie gyllenhaal or any of the other fine actors who were in this film read my blog and are dying to satisfy my curiousity which was so rudely pre-empted this evening...

film festival fun

so, i was just given free tickets to a movie tonight.

it starts at 6 and it's at ryerson theatre.

now i just have to find someone to go with, anyone interested?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

girl power

okay, so this site generally isn't work safe, although this particular blog entry is...

so go check this out.

it's about women baring the responsiblity for all that makes men uncomfortable, sounds fun don't you think?

Friday, September 09, 2005

not work safe... (would that just be NWS?)

sorry dorothy, more people than expected showed up for our dinner party, so this is the chair you'll have to sit in, it's the last we have left.

late breaking news: woman's head explodes


eek eek eek.

i am insanely supidly busy.

yesterday i didn't have time to eat.

i may not get time to eat again today.

i'm praying to the gods that today i will get time to pee.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


so, i was over checking out what epi has to say these days. he has a nice long post about stupid US media.

well, actually, i think it's more about people's stupid reactions to things.

you should go read his post. it's a well written thought-provoking piece.

my post isn't in response to anything he said, mine is in response to the article "NY Fox Affiliate refuses to air anti-Bush campaign ad for local Democrat"

so, a couple caveats before i post my post. first - i am not a fox supporter. other than the airing of the simpson, the family guy, futurama, american dad and arrested development as far as i can figure the network has done no good and the news portion, well, it just terrifies me. second - i am a lefty. left-wing that is, not left-handed. which means, if i were in the states and forced to choose, i would likely choose this guy. what i'm saying is, this has nothing to do with the person who is the subject of the ad fox refused to air.

what it does have to do with is the fact that people are saying that it is a violation of free speech.


okay, i admit, i don't know much about how the whole free speech thing works in the states, but as far as i can tell this seems like it has nothing to do with free speech.

and now i'm just going to quote directly from what i wrote on epi's blog, 'cause, well, i'm a lazy sod and don't want to re-write it... so, um, if you already read it on epi's blog, just ignore it here (although i did take the time to check the spelling in this version)

okay, but here's my problem with people crying censorship over fox not airing their ads...

fox has not taken action to silence them, they have just decided that they will not air the ads on their private network. in the same way that a private cafe owner can decide what flyers go in their window, does fox (assholian group that they are, please please please do not take this as a statement of love or support for fox) not have the right to choose which flyers they put in the window of their own store?

this is not at all a comment on the asinine comments comparing bush bashing to bigotry of any kind (i use that to include homophobia and sexism etc as well), but was that really what fox said? from what i read fox said they weren't running it because it was "disrespectful to the office of the president."

wasn't it?

oh. wait. i read it wrong when i read it the first time. i thought it said it was disrespectful to the president. and my response is that any ad i made that involved the current president of the united states would be disrespectful too, 'cause, well, i don't respect him. he's a wingnut. he terrifies me.

anyway, even if fox has their head so far up their ass they're wearing their ass as a hat (apparently i like the long way around, asshat, it's just too, i don't know, easy *grin*) isn't that their prerogative as a private company (even if they are publicly held and accountable to shareholders, they are still a private company, as opposed to a public institution) to air or not air whatever they want?

i mean, even if the reason is 'there's too much purple in that ad, we don't like purple, it clashes with our logo' then that's reason enough. the reason doesn't have to make sense to the rest of the world because it's *their* network, so it's up to *them* to decide what they want on it.

sometimes i think people really misunderstand the whole freedom of speech thing.

the healing power of books

i have a friend who had to go in for emergency back surgery. apparently she went to the doc yesterday to check out the results of her MRI and was told to go straight to emerge, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

she went under the knife this afternoon (apparently it was urgent enough she had to go to emerge and stay in the hospital, but not urgent enough to bump any elective surgery) at the first available surgery slot. i imagine she's still sedated as i type this (i think she went under around 2 and it's a 3+hr surgery - god surgeons must have a lot of samina...).

for my part i am going to rely on the healing power of books. for the next little while i imagine her mobility will be severly limited and her hobbies will consist of whatever she can think of to distract herself. well, distraction i can handle. i do distraction very well.

and so, i will provide her with excellent distraction, in the form of what are possibly the best books i've ever read (i find that a hard statement to back up because there are others that are wonderful in different ways).

for those of you who don't feel like clicking on the link, i am speaking here of the wonderful 'his dark materials' series by philip pullman. the books are the golden compass (or if you're in england apparently it's called northern lights...), the subtle knife and the amber spyglass.

so, last night i raised my glass to friends, today i raise to books.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

yay for friends!

had dinner with dickey tonight.

it was delightful as usual.

i was late (also kind of as usual) because i got pulled into an impomptu meeting at 5 (grrr.)

we sat outside. ate. drank. smoked. people watched.

all in all a very good night.

*raising her glass* here's to friends!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

a tasty morsel

just to forwarn you, this isn't worksafe (well, not in most workplaces anyway)

finally! someone has compiled pictures of nude protesters!

now i can learn about socially relevant causes and see nekkid folks at the same time!

god i love progress.

apparently hell has frozen over...

because my mum finally has a new post on her blog.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

hello, my name is mainja and...

i'm a star whore.

i admit it.

no use hiding it.

with the approach of toronto international film festival i find myself wishing i knew where the 'stars' were going to be eating and drinking, so that i could be there too.

i don't particularily want to talk to them, i just want to watch. i want to see how they interact, how they talk to people around then, what kind of a persona they project.

well, maybe if i went out with dickey i'd want to meet alan cumming (he's in neverwas which is being presented) because i think it would exciting to watch dickey interact with mr. cumming himself.

but man, i don't know, it seems so... um... lame? yeah. lame. it seems so lame to want to see the stars.

this next bit, this is an inside comment for the 4 of you who read this who know the story i'm about to refer to (someday when i have more energy i'll tell it to all of you in blogland) which means the rest of should feel free to tune out right about now (the funk soul brother...) -- so, should i get john to work up some kind of electronic counter to see how many famous folks i body slam or get body slammed by in the coming weeks? do i get bonus points if there is actual bodily damage? what about if one of us falls on our asses, even if we're not really hurt, bonus points there? i mean, i realise that the odds are better since the city will be thick with them, so maybe i should be looking at actually reducing the point level for just your average body check, but get a full point for falling or physical damage...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

the next time...

the next time someone mouths off about how lazy civil servants are and how we have it so easy and blah blah blah i'll be sure to point them to this entry.

you know, to show them how i am diligently writing an entry for my blog from my office at 11:50pm...


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