Friday, September 29, 2006

if you went to university of guelph between 1996 and 2000 then read on...

well, actually, dalai and kate probably won't know the answer. and i've already asked john and no one. so we've probably exhausted the former university of guelph folks who read this, but just in case...

if you went to the inner stage productions (now named the george luscombe theatre i believe) then this question is for you...

it is also a question specifically focused on daniel mcivor plays (i'm sorry people, you had to know my theatre geekness was going to come through at somepoint...).

who was in the production of house in 1996ish?

who was in the production of here lies henry in 1999ish?

and for those who have read all the way to this bit even though you didn't go to guelph, this question has come up because last night no one, john and i went to see here lies henry, part of mcivor's farewell season at buddies in bad times. it was great. i was exhausted and wasn't sure i was going to make it through a play, but it was well worth it, and i just fell asleep as soon as we got home (around 9:30). if you have a chance to go i reccomend it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

i am one exciting woman!

last night i got home around 5:45pm. i was starving so i thought i'd have a snack before making dinner. i had 3 crackers with cheese, half a glass of milk, and then promptly passed out on the couch.

i stayed on the couch until around 8:30 when john gently pointed out that perhaps i should go to bed.

i stumbled up to bed, set my alarm, and fell asleep.

this morning i hit my snooze button on my alarm until 8:00am.

i still look exhausted.

it's possible i'm burned out, i have a co-worker telling me to take some time off 'cause i'm looking too worn out, and she's not the type that would normally notice. yesterday she called me from an outside function to tell me to go home because she was worried about me.

but, there is light at the end of the tunnel. first, tonight i am going to see a play with no one and john, and boy does the idea of doing something normal and fun sound appealing. second, the thing that has been keeping me at work until 10pm of late as been signed off, approved and will be delivered today.

there are of course other projects looming, projects i've been neglecting, new projects, other things that will make things busy, but NOTHING like the past three months.

light. there is light. yay for light.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i'm an idiot

for the record, i'm an idiot.

i upset a friend tonight by sticking my nose where it didn't belong.

i'm not going to go into details, but it's to respect her privacy, not to protect my idiocy, because i feel like a big dork and i would love to make it right again.

here's what happened, i offered up unsolicited advice (because i'm an idiot) and my friend was hurt by said advice.

all i can say in my defense is that i only said it because i was worried about her and i was trying to help.

in my admission, it was stupid, you don't give advice on big things unless you're asked.

bleh. i suck.

she's a relatively new (within the last year) friend and i really really hope i haven't fucked things up because i love her. lots. she's wonderful. she's smart, funny, caring, has a great rack, sings silly songs with me, i mean, what more could you possibly ask for?

so, ****, if you're reading this, i'm SO sorry and i would love to make it up to you somehow.

(and yes, before anyone asks, i did already apologize to her, this is just an addendum).

always look on the bright side of life...

well, one thing i can say about pink eye is it sure brings out the green in my eyes...

Friday, September 22, 2006

sex ed question

okay folks, i'm going to draw on your expertise.

how would you convince someone to use condoms?

specifically, how would you convince a sexually active 15 year old who thinks it's okay because they're on depo so they won't get pregnant?

the thing is, when i was in high school AIDS was still a really big deal in the media and in sex ed classes and so on, so the idea of unprotected sex basically never occured to me. which means, i have no idea what is needed to convince someone otherwise.

you know how there are people that preach abstinance until marriage? well, i think instead of that people should preach protection until a marriage-like union. which makes me a raging lefty, i know this, but it just seems logical to me, because really, abstinance? seriously people, as if that's going to happen.

so, coming from the woman who was so preganant paranoid that she was on the pill AND used condoms until about a year ago (i've been with john for over 12 years, you do the math...), i need to know how to make an argument for condoms that will be convincing to a 15 year old.

any resources, words, advice, wisedom, anything you can share on the subject would be appreciated.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

things are looking up... i guess...

well, tonight i made it home from work by 8pm instead of after 10. you have to admit it's an improvement...

although the day itself was of course, still insane.

there is an end in sight. the project i'm working on right now that is taking every second of my day should be over by the end of the month. of course, then another project leaps into full swing, but i'm hoping it won't be quite so time consuming and that maybe, just maybe, my life can consist of more than going to work and then coming home and going to sleep.

until then i will try to keep the blog whining to a minimum, but i of course make no promises.

also, i'm hoping to get some much needed drinking in with some friends (yes dickey, i mean you, and no one if you're available) with in the next couple of weeks. i don't like being out of touch with my friends. lately i haven't even been able to email, which makes me feel the tinsyest bit like the worst friend in the world.

and now, on that note, i'm going to bed. and yes, you read that time stamp correctly, it's 9pm. stress is bloody exhausting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

apologies for the apparently alarming announcement

apparently my post from yesterday was alarming. sorry about that. it was supposed to be kind of funny. maybe my sense of humour does go away when i'm stressed... so, in response to the comments and emails:

the crazy stress is just work related, nothing horrible. and it's not even bad at work, just busy. you don't know about it because i make a point of not talking about work on my blog. but rest assured, my job is still good, i still like it, it's just insanely busy.

for instance, it's 10:30pm, i just walked in the door 10 minutes ago. i will be at work around 8am tomorrow probably. and possibly there until 10pm or later again.

it should calm down next week.

so, if you've emailed me and i've been silent, this is why.

"damn, i'm so funny!" redux

in an email to john today:

I have bad news and I have bad news…

The bad news is:
We're ordering in crappy AMATO pizza for lunch.

The other bad news is:
We're ordering in crappy AMATO pizza for lunch.


Since I got questions about the Swiss Chalet one I'll provide the following annotated version:

The bad news is:
We're ordering in crappy AMATO pizza for lunch.

  • This is bad news because the only time we order in for lunch is when we're so busy we can't get the time to go pee, let alone the time to go out and grab lunch (so, like the swiss chalet example where it meant I had to stay late, but the matinee version)
The other bad news is:
We're ordering in crappy AMATO pizza for lunch.

  • I hate strongly dislike AMATO pizza

You always know a joke is good if it needs an explanation...

Okay, back to the head-down-get-it-done-to-busy-to-pee hell that is work right now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

no swallows or amazons

everyone has different reactions to stress.

some people lose their sense of humour.

some people lose the ability to sleep.

some people lose the ability to eat.

some people lose the ability stop eating.

and some, though i imagine not many, forget how to swallow properly.

i am solidly in the camp with the latter.

as such, i just spent the last 10 minutes coughing so strongly i was trying not to vomit, and only the first 2 seconds or so was the coughing to expel the water that had made it into my lungs instead of stomach...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

just so you know

i'm not going to write about it, but i'm certainly thinking lots about it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

for those in the GTA and Guelph...

okay, so i'm not getting off my lazy ass to look up email addresses and send official invitations just yet, and for now i'm testing the waters...

for those of you in the GTA:

if i were to have a party on saturday would anyone be interested in coming and be available to come?

btw, john doesn't know about this yet, so in the fashion of all couples with good communication he may very well learn of the plans for a possible party by reading my blog.

Monday, September 11, 2006

the doldrums

dropped my mum off at the airport yesterday.

didn't sleep much last night.

still fighting a cold.

i will likely be eshewing human contact for a couple days, and this will include the blog and possibly even email. just so ya know...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

damn, i'm so funny!*

* this statement comes with the caveat that my friend paddy once told me i was hilarious because i would make the stupidest jokes in the world that weren't funny at all, but i would laugh uproariously at them so you couldn't help but join in. this will be in that category, you know, the one where i think it's hilarious and other people think it's dumb...

it's 5:50pm. i just called john from my office:

m - i have good news and bad news

j - uh huh?

m - the bad news is that we just ordered swiss chalet.

j - *pause*

m - the good news is that we just ordered swiss chalet!

HA! ha ha ha! HA HA HA! he he he! hehehehehehe. har har har.**

**laughing uproariously at your own jokes in the blog world apparently isn't as effective as in the real world.

turning to the inter-web for health advice

okay, you seem like a sporty group of people, i'll ask you...

i have had this thing happen to me a couple of times while working out and i'm wondering if anyone knows what it might be (yes, i will talk to my doctor about it, but i'm going to see her relatively soon, so i don't want to make a special appointment for it...)

i will be happily working away and all of a sudden i get quite cold, then my eyesight changes a bit, everything gets extra bright and kind of sparkles (a bit like pre-migrane actually), i feel a tiny bit faint, and i feel like i'm going to maybe throw up.

it's happened to me maybe 3 times now (over the last several months, so, it's not new, it's not frequent, it's just weird)

someone who was there and saw it happen today said my face went white as a sheet and my lips turned blue. i commented that i wondered if it was blood sugar, she gave me her diluted fruit juice to drink, i had that and sat for a minute. when i went to the bathroom my face was almost normal colour, but my lips were still purple. i felt a little shakey for about 5 or 10 minutes, and then i was fine. i mean, i stopped working out, i didn't want to push it, but i was just fine showering and walking to work.

so, now it's your turn to practice your amature doctoring skills and play "diagnose mainja"

some quick facts:
- it has only happened when working out in the morning, never in the afternoon.
- although i don't eat before working out in the morning, i do have a glass of milk when i get up.
- it happens when i'm using weights, not when i'm doing cardio (although it sort of happened once on cardio, but it didn't last and i didn't have to stop)
- there's nothing different about my workouts when this happens, it's not something that happens when i push the weights
- the train left the station at 10am going 120 km/hr

anyone know what the hell is happening to me? i don't even know where to being to do an internet search on this, so i'm hoping that maybe someone knows someone who has had similar experiences and could shed some light on the situation..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

words are overrated

apparently i've given up on writing for the time being, because now i'm back at work, where it is still so insane i barely have time to pee, which means i get home and collapse. so, yeah, no words (well, very few, because obviously since you are reading this there are some, but generally i enjoy the use of hyperbole...) tonight, but i can still post pictures. as you may imagine i've taken enough pictures to last us quite a while on the blog in the last month or so.

and without futher ado...

what can i say, i like candles. although, having a gazillion candles on your outdoor table does mean you go through tea lights at the speed of light...

if you look really close at the candle picture above you'll notice a vase of glads on the right side of the picture, this would be them...

fork! spoon! fork! spoon! fork! SPOON!

and in case you're at all curious what my mum and john were doing while i was playing with the camera, taking pictures at night, without a flash, by candlelight, without a tripod, well, they were there, happily ignoring my picture taking.

they were in fact...

on dueling laptops!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

new toys are fun!

on august 5th john and i got a new toy. a new digital camera to replace the one that was stolen last year (i know! how did we survive so long without one!?!?!?)

here are a couple pictures i took while playing with the new toy on august 5, 2007. these were taken in the car on the way home from the store (of course...)

today we'll be playing "name that structure!"

everyone knows i'm a serious sort...

everyone knows i'm a big baffoon...

Friday, September 01, 2006


there are times when i feel like my body is betraying me.

i do actually know that these times when i feel it is betraying me, it is in fact acting in a certain way in order preserve me, but i'm not a long term thinker.

let me explain...

my body will function reasonably well and carry me along, to a point. if i am, for instance, working too much, being too stressed, not sleeping enough etc etc etc... well, it will hold me up, keep me walking drone-like from meeting to meeting, until it has had enough.

it then begins screaming at me that i need to get some sleep, that i need to take a breath, that i need to take it easy. i promtly ignore said screaming and continue on my frantic way.

then one of two things happens... either i don't stop in time and my body crashes on me, making me too sick to function. or, i stop on my own and as i try to get back into a 'normal' pattern my body slams into 'recovery' mode, which means lots of (unproductive-feeling) sleep, and the occasional blip it can't take care of, like, well, as a random example, an oncoming ear infection.

basically my body does whatever it can to keep me horizontal until it's done with me.

which mean, it is not particularily unusual for me to get sick during my vacation, which is what feels like betrayal. my body should respect that i have finally taken some time and let me enjoy it, but no, no no no, it lives by it's own selfish rules.

which is, well, sucky.

the fun thing is that my mum's body reacts in much the same way.

mum and i are both on vacation this week.

as you can imagine this is a fun-filled house to be in right now. ;)

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