Thursday, September 21, 2006

things are looking up... i guess...

well, tonight i made it home from work by 8pm instead of after 10. you have to admit it's an improvement...

although the day itself was of course, still insane.

there is an end in sight. the project i'm working on right now that is taking every second of my day should be over by the end of the month. of course, then another project leaps into full swing, but i'm hoping it won't be quite so time consuming and that maybe, just maybe, my life can consist of more than going to work and then coming home and going to sleep.

until then i will try to keep the blog whining to a minimum, but i of course make no promises.

also, i'm hoping to get some much needed drinking in with some friends (yes dickey, i mean you, and no one if you're available) with in the next couple of weeks. i don't like being out of touch with my friends. lately i haven't even been able to email, which makes me feel the tinsyest bit like the worst friend in the world.

and now, on that note, i'm going to bed. and yes, you read that time stamp correctly, it's 9pm. stress is bloody exhausting!

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