Wednesday, September 06, 2006

damn, i'm so funny!*

* this statement comes with the caveat that my friend paddy once told me i was hilarious because i would make the stupidest jokes in the world that weren't funny at all, but i would laugh uproariously at them so you couldn't help but join in. this will be in that category, you know, the one where i think it's hilarious and other people think it's dumb...

it's 5:50pm. i just called john from my office:

m - i have good news and bad news

j - uh huh?

m - the bad news is that we just ordered swiss chalet.

j - *pause*

m - the good news is that we just ordered swiss chalet!

HA! ha ha ha! HA HA HA! he he he! hehehehehehe. har har har.**

**laughing uproariously at your own jokes in the blog world apparently isn't as effective as in the real world.

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