Tuesday, August 29, 2006

perfection is…

I’m not sure it’s possible to have a day more perfect than today.

The sun is shining but it isn’t oppressively hot. In fact, it’s not hot at all, since, after all, I did say it was perfect. Given that perfection is a subjective thing, I am of course only speaking of perfect for me. It is probably about 23 degrees, an ever so slight breeze is in the air, just enough to ruffle the leaves as it passes through, mimicking the sound of waves ever so slightly. There is no humidity, just clarity.

I’m sitting out in my backyard (what I call the small 10 foot square patch in behind my house) and my neighbor is playing classical music (or rather, he has a radio on which is delivering classical music, it is not so perfect that he is out on his back stoop playing the violin…), something he does on a near constant basis, which admittedly often drives me crazy, but today, today it fits.

My mum is napping upstairs, John is at work, I have a cider that I am sipping slowly, and I have, for the first time in months, time to blog.

Work has been the epitome of insane lately, but today, my second day into my week off, I have managed to only think of it very briefly. It’s almost like it is transforming back to the normal workplace it once was and I am slowly transforming back into a person who goes to work and then leaves work there when she comes home. I suppose I should clarify just briefly here that work is not emotionally insane, no insane bosses or anything, just insanely busy right now, for some reason, in my job August (and really even July) to October are the busiest times. And if I were being honest, I would tell you that there is a lot of fun in that insanity, but there is also a lot of stress, so the reprieve, however brief it may be, is more than welcome.

I have no idea what this week, or even this day, will bring, and I’m okay with that. Perhaps not a miraculous statement for most, but I am a planning kind of person. I need to know what’s going on, I need to know what’s going to happen, I need to know where I will be and when. But today, on this day of perfection I am able to just enjoy the perfect weather, my cider, my cigarette, the breeze, the music, the feeling of tranquility.

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