Tuesday, August 01, 2006

too hot to trot

in the time it took me to walk from dundas to wellesley today i ended up drenched in sweat, and vaguely heat stroked. i'm struggling to function now.

for the record, extreme heat and i, we don't get along so well.

this morning when i left my house at 8:30am i was greated by a wall of heat. it was already 43 degrees with the humidex, a mere 30 degrees before the humidex. i feel it important to point out that this was at 8:30am.

this afternoon it is supposed to get up to 48 degrees with the humidex (a mere 36 before humidex). for my friends in the states i took the time to look up what 48 degrees was in fahrenheit, the answer is: 118.4 degrees fahrenheit.

i don't know why this memory sticks out so much in my head, but i remember being at some border crossing somewhere in africa (we took a lot of road trips when we lived there) and seeing a thermometer and seeing that it was 120 degrees. so for me now, even though i don't know fahrenheit, that is some marker of stupidly hot, because even as a child, that was WAY too hot for me, and my heat tolerance was much higher then than it is now.

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