Tuesday, July 25, 2006


last night at the grocery store they had the pop stacked like a game of jenga. it actually worked surprisingly well since they were all the 'fridgemate' 12 packs, which are rectangular. as you may know, i have an unhealthy love affair with diet coke. so, i was bound and determined to free a case of diet coke from the jenga tower.

now, i know you all think you know where this is going, but i'm going to preempt those thoughts and tell you that no, the tower did not come falling down. we did not follow the song. we did not take a block from the bottom and put it on top. we did not take a block from the middle and put it on top. we did not keep taking blocks and just didn't stop. no no no. we took one block, and we put it in our cart. no falling.

but this story (which is whiney by the way, be forewarned) is actually about my first attempt at taking a block.

when reaching forward for the case of sweet elixir of the gods i caught my fingernail on the thin cardboard of the case of pop next to it. i was reaching forward with some speed. thin cardboard was subsequently jammed up my index finger fingernail on my right hand. much bleeding and whining and pouting followed.

what i have learned today (after waking up with a swollen painful finger) is; apparently one uses one's right index finger in a great number of activities.




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