Monday, July 17, 2006

this one is about my BOOB

Today at lunch there was a barbeque downstairs to raise money for charity. My friend Hari was playing guitar and singing to entertain the masses. It was great fun. (no, we haven't gotten to the boob part of the story yet, my boobs had nothing to do with entertaining the masses).

I am wearing a long thin cotton dress. It's black with big purple flowers on it. It's the coolest thing I own, which was important for today's 35 degrees (95 for you imperial folks out there) before the humidex, 45 in the 'feels like' department (that's 113 for the imperial ones) weather.

Apparently while I was downstairs, outside, in front of loads of people I don't know, but still work in the same building as, I tripped on my hem and ripped my dress.

Across my boob.

I'm not talking a little rip. The rip is about a foot long. This is a big rip.

So, for who knows how long, my right boob was sticking out of my ripped dress.

When I got back upsatirs a co-worker noticed it after I'd been in my office for a bit. We did some impromptu dress surgery with tape and I am no longer flashing my bra at my co-workers.

I'm hoping that since the dress has a lot of black, and the bra is black, that for the most part people didn't notice my right boop sticking out of my dress. If they did notice then I hope that they thought I was making a daring fashion statement. You know, something other than "I'm a clutz"

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