Tuesday, July 11, 2006

and now for something completely frivolous

last night we went grocery shopping and i did something i've never done at the grocery store before. i bought a magazine.

you know how they have magazines and tabloids at the check out, appealing to the impulsive side of customers, vying for that last squeeze of money through the ubiquitous impulse buy...

yeah. well. apparently last night it worked. so i bought myself a copy of chatelaine.

the point of telling you of this particular moment of indulgence is to tell you about a recipe i found in said magazine...

there is a recipe for a baby spinach salad with peaches, pine nuts and proscuitto, with a dressing that is made in part with red wine vinegar and a puréed peach. now, we all know (or at least, you do now, 'cause i'm telling you) that i can rarely follow a recipe to the letter, and i can see myself making this with lemon juice instead of the vinegar, and sunflower seeds instead of the pine nuts. but still, YUM.

this will certainly be on the 'try making' list.

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