Sunday, July 02, 2006

do you swallow?

when you eat a pomegranate, do you swallow the seeds or spit them out?

i have always spit them out, because, well, they're seeds, you're not supposed to eat seeds, right?

it's a very slow and labourious way to eat a piece of fruit since pomegranates are nothing but seeds.

so what i'm wondering about is - is there a right way to eat a pomegranate? and does that right way include swallowing the seeds or spitting them out?

on a side note, while watching iron chef last night there was one point where they needed to get the pomegranate seed/flesh out of the skin, and they whacked the skin repeatedly with a spoon. personally, i was very impressed by the spanking of the pomegranate and plan to use that in the future.

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