Wednesday, June 21, 2006

is it true?

someone on the weekend told me it was a uniquely canadian thing to announce that you are going to the bathroom. is that true?

do american's not say "i'll be right back, i'm just heading to the john".

do brit's not say "back in a moment, just heading to the loo"

do australians not say, well, i don't know, some australian version of "i'll be right back, just going to the washroom"

since the reason i announce, and everyone i've talked to about it announces, is that if you don't people say things like "hey, where are you going?", does that mean that people of other nationalities are also inherently less nosey? because surely if the question was being asked with some frequency then the answer would become pre-emptive, is it is with me.

and on that note, i'll be right back, i'm just going to slip to the bathroom...

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