Thursday, June 15, 2006

ode to a friend

a particular friend has been on my mind a lot of late.

he is an amazing person.

we first met in university. i don't remember the exact details of our first meeting, but i do remember thinking that he was someone i wanted to get to know.

our second meeting didn't go quite so favourably because we were in a class together and ended up fighting over who got to present on being at home with claude.

but things changed. i'm not even sure when it happened specifically, but i certainly realised that my first impression was the right one. he was someone i wanted to get to know. and so i did.

and boy am i ever glad i did. it has been probably 8 or 9 years that we have been friends now and i cannot imagine my life without him.

he is strong, smart, funny and a virtual encyclopedia of popular culture knowledge. he is someone i learn from, someone i trust, someone i respect.

he has spent the last year doing incredibly strong, incredibly brave things. he has spent accomplished so much with his life. he is someone i am so very proud of, and so very proud to call my friend.

as is the case with humans, sometimes he is in pain, sometimes he has problems. when he's in pain i wish i could take that pain away, when he has problems i wish i could fix them. i wish there was a way to just fast forward through all the difficult things on to what i have no doubt will be wonderful rewards. but i can't. even though i can't do those things though i find comfort in knowing how strong and smart and wonderful he is and knowing that he doesn't need me to help him because he'll do it on himself and he'll do it successfully in a way that will be very satisfying for him in the end.

i don't have a particular point to this entry, he's just someone i love very much and who continually impresses me and he's been on my mind a great deal so i felt like writing about him.

as the golden girls would say "thank you for being a friend"

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