Friday, June 02, 2006

another tumoury thingy update

so, i had a specialist's appointment yesterday.

first, since it hasn't grown at all it is benign, she said that malignant tumours grow. so, yay for no cancer!

second, she wants to hold off on the surgery. there is a big long back story here, but the basic gist here is that the surgery is easier and safer if i am less fat (i don't have to be thin) and since i'm already slowly losing weight she said she'd be more comfortable waiting.

apparently if they are stable (i.e. not growing) and the pain is bareable (i.e. treatable with advil) and it's less than 5cm (i'm at 4.5cm) in diameter then they actually give you the option of no surgery at all. i said that i would like it gone, she said she understood, and reccommended it, but that it's not going to do any harm to wait as long as we keep checking up on it, (which means i have to do the hellish ultrasound once every three weeks) and then when i've lost some undetermined amount of weight (there is, as expected, no magic number, basically they poke at me and say, um, yeah, sure, lets try now) we go forward with surgery.

so, for now it's status quo.

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