Tuesday, June 06, 2006

a night of firsts

i had two firsts last night.

the first first (?) was that i went to a bar on my own. i know that for most normal people this is not a big deal, but i don't do anything alone. i don't go to movies alone, i don't go out for meals alone, i don't sit in a cafe alone (unless i'm waiting for someone, but that doesn't count), i don't do things alone. but last night i had some work to do and decided that doing it on the patio at a pub would be much nicer than sitting in my office.

so i went to the house on parliament and did work. when the work was done i called a few people who live in the area to see if they wanted to meet me, but they were either busy or not home. i decided to stay. i sat and evesdropped on people, i people watched, i wrote down random thoughts, i enjoyed my own company. the best overheard thing of the night was when ssomeone said "you know what i find ironic..." and i thought they'd said "you know what i find erotic..." but whatever they went on to describe was not erotic at all... then, as the evening wore on, i joined another table with three men who had spent the night talking loudly about music and the music business. one of them was named jason and he was dreamy. i'm not sure what i mean by dreamy, i mean, he was a handsome fellow with amazing eyes, but i don't think that's what it was, i think the dreamyness came from talking to him, smart, articulate, a bit new-agey, and somehow also a bit rough around the edges. and has been with his gf for three years now, so there was no akward 'are we hitting on each other' shite, it was just us yammering into the night. it was nice. the other two were fun too, but in a very different way, and mostly i spent my time talking to jason.

the second first is that i walked home, alone, in the dark, in my neighbourhood. (i live in a kind of sketchy neighbourhood, well, sketchy bits and rich bits...). i was totally fine, i walked down a street of rich houses and avoided the corners that i know have lots of drug induced fights and i avoided the homeless shelter, just walked down my street (also i should qualify here and say the walk is only about 4 blocks, a bit more than carlton to dundas for those torotno folks.)

when i got to dundas there was some young fellow waiting at the light (and by young i have no idea what i'm saying because i didn't really look at him, but my glance made me estimate late 20's), so i stood next to him and waited. then i started walking. then he started making noises along the lines of 'booga booga', at which i giggled, because apparently i don't have that 'be afraid of strange tall man walking behind you at night'. so he said his 'booga booga' again, i giggled again. then he laughed too. then he started asking me things so i just stopped and let him catch up, i figured it was going to be easier to just walk with him.

he asked me where i was coming from.
i told him, the house on parliament.
he asked me if i was there with friends.
i said yes.
he said he was coming from work.
he asked me where i was going.
i said home.
he asked me if he could come home with me.
i said no.
he asked me why.
i said because i was tired and had to sleep.
he asked me if i lived alone.
i said no, i live with my boyfriend.
he said (in a very dissappointed voice, as if this random talking at 10pm was bonding us and leading toward some great relationship *eyeroll*) oh, you have a boyfriend.
i said yes.
he said that was nice.
he said he wanted a girlfriend.
i said he should try a boyfriend, that boyfriends were the way to go, they were great.
he laughed and said he'd stick to girlfriends.
then we got to my house and went our seperate ways.

and there you have my night of firsts...

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