Wednesday, July 12, 2006

diet coke passion

do you ever have anything you find hard to imagine living without?

you know, those things that if you don't have it you *really* miss it?

for me that thing is sweet alixer of the gods (aka diet coke).

now, some less generous folks might call this an addiction, but i know better, i know it's a passion.

i'm writing about it because mighty girl wrote about it (sort of) in her blog today.

the strange thing about diet coke is that people don't seem to realise how many other people feel the passion for the diet coke. if you go to a meeting where they're ordering in lunch, there are usually 2 diet cokes mixed in with the pop, they go very quickly, then 3 or 4 other people go out and buy their own diet coke from a store close by. given this phenomenon, one has to wonder why more diet coke isn't ordered from the get go.

my passion involves having one diet coke a day, at lunch, or with pizza, or with wings. the pairings are very important. it's a bit like a fine wine in that way...

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