Thursday, July 13, 2006

A forewarning...

i figure i should offer a bit of a forewarning here.

recently i discovered an issue that is proving to be a bit of an obstacle to enjoying my life as much as i could be. i posted about it, it was the piece about not being able to live in the moment and spending all my time 'waiting for something'.

well, i want to work through this. i want to find a way to enjoy moments as they happen. and this is where the forewarning is coming in. i think i'm going to try and work through this on my blog. which means my blog will likely get excruciatingly boring over the next couple weeks. so, you may want to come back in august if you don't want to deal with the mundane posts.

and i'll start it here.

i'm starting by listing the things that i am 'waiting for' and adding to it as i think of them.

  • a permanent job
  • john finishing the freelance job from hell so that i can actually spend time with him
  • my mum visiting
  • losing weight (i hate to admit it, but as i have started losing weight i have suddenly started focusing on size goals instead of health goals - which sucks, and is embarassing for me, because normally i am very health focused and this feels like a big step backwards)
  • buying a house

i'm sure there are more, and i'll just add as i think of them. i figure this is the first step to tackling this, figuring out what i'm waiting for, and what i'm not doing because of the waiting.

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