Wednesday, September 20, 2006

apologies for the apparently alarming announcement

apparently my post from yesterday was alarming. sorry about that. it was supposed to be kind of funny. maybe my sense of humour does go away when i'm stressed... so, in response to the comments and emails:

the crazy stress is just work related, nothing horrible. and it's not even bad at work, just busy. you don't know about it because i make a point of not talking about work on my blog. but rest assured, my job is still good, i still like it, it's just insanely busy.

for instance, it's 10:30pm, i just walked in the door 10 minutes ago. i will be at work around 8am tomorrow probably. and possibly there until 10pm or later again.

it should calm down next week.

so, if you've emailed me and i've been silent, this is why.

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