Tuesday, November 30, 2004

current events

yay! tommy douglas won the greatest canadian thingy. thank god it wasn't don cherry.

boo! pierre burton died.

also boo! only one person who was on the bus where the two people were shot in toronto has come forward. they figure there were 40 people or so, and they all ran away after the shooting. even though the police have been asking for folks to come forward if they were on the bus only one had come forward last i heard. i'm pretty sure if i were on the bus i would have come forward by now.

yay! apparently mcain has introduced frozen poutine into the market place. although, apparently it's not very tasty. (i know, i'm shocked too!)

Monday, November 29, 2004

a good thing?

so, i'm not sure how i feel about the fact that the CRTC needs to bribe canadian networks to put up canadian show, but it is an interesting concept.

basically, in return for more cancon television stations will be allowed to run more ads.

i guess it's a good thing 'cause it supports the arts. it's just that in my ideal little world it would be nice if the canadian arts scene didn't have to be supported through bribery. i mean, there is some really good stuff out there!

oh, and on the not sure whether it's good or not note, apparently they're doing a new version of the series 'the beachcombers'.

heck, i love degrassi the next generation or whatever it's called, so i guess it can all be good. oh, speaking of degrassi, apparently silent bob (kevin smith) found out there was a new degrassi and was so excited by the prospect he got himself invited to the show. he tried to get ben afleck to join him but the propect of publicity like "afleck's career so bad he has to make appearances on canadian teen melodrama" was too daunting so he didn't do it. wimp! ;)

boring whiny post

okay, will i ever be well rested again?

i went to bed at 9 last night. i was so tired i wasn't convinced i'd make it all the way from my couch to my be and thought i may just have to nap somewhere in between. (for those of you who don't know my house, my bedroom is right off the living room, making my bed a whopping 30 feet or so away from my couch)

i know this is 'cause i'm insanely busy at work and 'cause of rehearsals (although the play opens this week, so that should calm down, now there is just 3 weeks of run to go...). it's all fine and logical. but i'm tired of being tired all the time.

so, now, here i am, after some stupid amount of sleep last night and i can totally feel i need to keep sleeping. bleh. la la la la la la la.

and that ends today's boring whiny post.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

simpson's quotes

so, i was watching a rerun of the simpsons (shocking i know) and it was the one where lisa becomes a vegetarian. i have to say, this episode has some of the best quotes.

this one should be on a tee-shirt: "you don't win friends with salad" i think homer says this to lisa

also, during the 'educational film' they watch at school about beef my favourite lines are:
Troy: Come on Jimmy, let's take a peek at the killing floor.
Jimmy: Ohhh!
Troy: Don't let the name throw you Jimmy. It's not really a floor, it's more of a steel grating that allows material to sluice through so it can be collected and exported.

and of course the bit after the film when lisa says "they can't seriously expect us to swallow that tripe." and skinner says "Now as a special treat courtesy of our friends at the Meat Council, please help yourself to this tripe." and the whole class cheers and, well, helps themselves to tripe *shudder*

and my favourite quote of the show, due of course to it's status as a double entendre... "I've got the prescription for you, Doctor...another hot beef injection" said by homer as he hands dr. hibbard a hotdog.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

a rose by any other name...

okay, so this is a post about my name.

my name is megan. pronounced "meg-an" some people try and pronounce it "mee-gan" but they're wrong (in my case, although i have no doubt that there are 'mee-gan's who spell their name megan)

i have one of those names where there are a million spellings:

but today i saw a variation i have never seen before.

which prompted a web search ('cause, well, doesn't everything?)
i found out that megan is also a family name. so there were lots of variations here:
Spelling variations include: Meighan, Meehan, Meegin, Meeghen, Meegan, Meakin, Meakins, Mekins, Mehan, Mehen, Mehigan, Mehegan, O'Meighan, O'Meehan and many more.
Who knew?

Friday, November 26, 2004

a fine line

so, where is the line between being conceited and just telling the truth?

i had a kick ass rehearsal today. i was on fire. i was excellent. am i being conceited by saying that?

we (john and i) were talking about the guy who plays my brother in the show and john says i blow him off the stage. i asked him how and he said in articulation, volume, intelligence, stuff like that. (just a side note, i questioned the intelligence comment because i'm not playing an intelligent character, and neither is he, so i'm not sure how that comes across, john says it does and it makes it better, i'm still not entirely clear on that bit.)

anyway, i said i thought in truth i was just generally a better actor than he was. then i felt really conceited for saying that. but i do think that. and fair enough really, i went to school for theatre, he didn't, there is no reason why i shouldn't be better, and i'm not saying he's bad, he's got good stage presence and he's found his character and all that stuff, i'm just a bit more proficient at it is all.

so, here's my question, is it conceited for me to say i think i'm a better actor than him?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

my kingdom for a witty post...

i really want to write something witty and entertaining. really. i do. to the core of my being. but unfortunately my brain has been sapped dry by rehearsals and a crazy project at work.

so, instead i'll talk about the fact that i actually kind of felt like i have a life for a brief moment tonight.

i went to see west side story. i went because my friend gregg was in it, who, by the way, was looking particularily yummy when he came out after the show. at this point i feel the need to point out that he is teaching drama to grade 10, 11 and 12, and you *know* that the girls (and one assumes some of the guys) get all giggly around him. i have no doubt he's the "hot" teacher at the school. every highschool had one. at our high school it was mr. goldstien. mmmm. mr. goldstien. oh, and sam makinnon for the two years he taught there, now HE was yummy. he taught OAC law, was 27 or so, and just the epitome of yummyness. teeny bopper girls just followed him around with their mouths agape.

oh, right, sorry, got distracted by memories of yummy high school teachers.

tonight, i went out for dinner and a play with a new friend. her name is teresa and she's lovely. i had a great night. we went to latino's, had margaritas, split some bread pudding for dessert, then walked to the theatre to catch west side story.

i remember this now. i remember having a life. i'm pretty sure i like it too. well, my show opens next week, which will free up some 'life' time. maybe things that happen during that time will provide me with the fodder i need for witty blog posts.

oh, and for those who know him, todd harrop was playing bernardo (the head of the sharks) and looking... wait for it... sexy! i don't mean to sound so surprised. todd's a great guy, i really like him a lot. and although he's always been attractive, he's never struck me as sexy. i love theatre. it teaches me so much. *grin*

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

turn yourself about

so, this is very funny. and short. (hey, it's me! i'm part of the internet now! woo hoo. okay, sorry, lame-ass joke over, now, go to this very funny joke) thanks to ViVi for this one.

my mum didn't send it to me, but i bet she'll send it to at least one other person...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

why oh why did i do that?!?!?!

do you ever do something that even as you're doing it you're thinking to yourself how stupid it is and you wish you could just stop but you can't, the words keep coming and coming?

yeah. me too.

happened tonight in fact.

be forewarned this will be a boring post that you may wish to skip...

so, some background. there is this guy in the show who i really enjoy. really enjoy a great deal in fact. he's smart and funny and lovely. a bit out there and kind of in a rough place in his life, but just generally a good guy. so, now i'm trying to befriend him. basically i'm courting him in a totally platonic friend kind of way.

so, he has whispered the occasional thing in to my ear. and one thing was on the weekend that he said he thought about saying to someone but didn't feel he knew her well enough. then today he said he didn't know if he could resist it for the whole run. it was the kind of thing though that i could say to her. so, i said it to her.

i shouldn't have. it was pointless. there was no reason for me to say it. but i did it because on some stupid level i thought it would help this fellow i'm trying to befriend out of a bit of a bind. but it didn't. it was just dumb. and now i'm embarrassed.

i realise that was all convoluted and didn't make any sense, but i just wanted to get it off my chest.



Okay, apparently this needs some clarification 'cause no matter how much you warn people that it's going to be boring they don't tend to skip a posting.

I was keeping things convoluted to protect the innocent, but what the hell, fuck the innocent...
There is one costume in the show that someone, lets call her stacy ('cause, well, that's her name...) wears at one point that makes her breasts look very very nice.

At one point the fellow that I was saying I liked and was courting in platonic kind of way, lets call him Jeff ('cause again, that's his name) came over to me and said he really wanted to say something to her like "there's something about that costume that's really great... oh yeah, it's the cleavage" but he felt he didn't know her well enough to say something like that, and he doesn't.

So, a couple rehearsals later Jeff commented that he may not be able to keep himself from saying it to her. And this is where the "why oh why did i do that?!?!?!" moment comes in...
I knew that I could get away with saying something. I'm able to get away with more 'cause I'm a fellow woman, and well, I'm me, I'm crass, it's just the way I am. So for some reason I felt compelled to say something to her. I said something like "gee, that costume makes your boobs look really great". Now, I say "for some reason", but I know exactly why, it's two fold. First, it was a protective move, to try and diffuse a future situation in case Jeff couldn't help himself, which is odd, since, well, first, it's theatre and people say shit like that, and second, why should I care if he gets himself in trouble. The second reason, this is the one I can't pin point, but I think in some way it was me trying to show off to him or something, in some lame asinine way that makes no sense to me whatsoever. And as I was doing it I was regretting it. I mean, Stacy was fine with it, it had nothing to do with her reaction, she just laughed. But I felt like, I don't know, like I'd deliberately taken something away from Jeff or something.

I don't know, the whole thing is very convoluted and that's why the post was so confusing before. Basically though I just don't understand why I did it, since it resulted in me feeling like a schmuck, even though it didn't actually result in anything negative with anyone else.

Okay, did that make more sense?

Monday, November 22, 2004

dear blog,

bless me blog, for i have neglected.

it has been 4 days since my last post.

although you have been in my thoughts i have not acted upon these thoughts. is it still neglect if i only think about it?

i have let other things come before you.

i have allowed all my time time to be taken up by work and rehearsal.

i have allowed myself to become so tired i... i... i... *hangs head in shame* i have barely had the time or energy to check my email.

will you forgive me? i can't promise not to do it again, but i can promise to try...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

fun with fins

they might be giants was wrong. Everybody doesn't want prosthetic foreheads on their real heads, they want prosthetic fins on their real fins.

yay for prosthetic dophin fins!

lucky us!

apparently the CRTC has just approved fox news for our airwaves.

quoted from a cbc news story:
Canadians already have access to the main Fox network, but not the right-leaning, 24-hour news channel, with its trademarked slogan of "fair and balanced."

so, this must be a different fox news that we heard about all through the election, yes? i mean, surely they can't have the slogan "fair and balanced"

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

my mum's blog

so, my mum's started actually posting interesting/enjoyable things (*sly grin to me ma*) on her blog, so i'm going to list it now.

it's a bit of an odd format, you have to chose categories instead of them just laid out. personally i suggest the categories that are living and working in france, and food and drink in france. i don't remember if those are the exact titles, but i'm exhausted and need to go to bed now.

anyway, check it out. she's an excellent writer. easy to read, witty, enjoyable, and other good adjectives...


My public apology

I just wanted to say I'm sorry to John. My love, my true and dearest love, I am very sorry about all the laugher (and boy, was there a lot of laughter) on my part about the whole "are you Megan's dad" incident. It did not occur to me that it might have been a cruddy thing for you to hear until Jeff pointed out at rehearsal today that if it were him he'd be upset.

My take on the whole thing was just that it was so ludicrous that it was nothing more than laughable. You barely look older than me. No where near old enough to be my father. The whole thing just came about because Naomi doesn't actually realise I'm an adult, which really, if you think about it, means her statement is more commentary on me than you...

I am so very sorry I laughed (profusely). You are handsome and youthful looking. Remember the kids in your class who asked if you were born in the eighties? I mean, really, the eighties! If you were born in the eighties shouldn't you not be past grade 6 yet? So, what I'm saying is 18 year olds, who generally have a slightly better grasp of the world than 8 year olds, think you're 24 or younger, and the 8 year old, I bet she thinks that you're the same age as her mum, who is 30. You are not old. You do not look old. You don't even smell old! Maybe some days you feel old, but there's not much anyone can do about that. And you probably don't taste old either. And you for sure don't sound old.

Yep, that covers all the senses, I guess that means you're not old.

I love you mr. young tasty man.

a bit embarassed by...

the fact that i thought alice munro was dead until she won the giller this year.... oopsy. bad canadian, bad!

Monday, November 15, 2004

churchill's legacy

winston churchill left the world many thing, but one of the greatest has to be this 104 year old parrot who exclaims "fuck the nazis...with that unmistakable Churchillian inflection."

god i hope this is true. i have heard that parrots live a startelingly long time.

tip of the hat to algayda for this one.

birthday present update

okay, just in case anyone is interested in what i did with my birthday present dilema i gave my 'little sister' her present today and she loved it.

i got her an angora pimp-olicious baby blue hat (ala jennifer lopez apparently, man, i'm so out of it when it comes to pop culture these days). i was drawn to at the store without even knowing the styles, apparently i'm just intuatively hip! *grin* i also got her a baby blue and white striped angora scarf, and some baby blue gloves with really fun faux fur cuffs. in case you're wondering, i'm pretty sure baby blue is her favourite colour. she wears it all the time. so when i saw this stuff i knew i just *had* to get it for her. oh, that and the fact that she's cold all the time...

i also got her some make up, some glitter and some eye shadow, both of which she loved.

so, although they maybe weren't the most creative gifts, they were well appreciated. and let me tell you, to have a 13 (oh, 14 i guess) year old girl get excited about anything means she must be in her bliss. there is no more apathetic age than 13/14.

what i'm saying is, yay me! *grin*

and for you guelphites and ex-guelphites who are reading, i took her to latino's for her birthday dinner, which she had never heard of before (pretty much her dining experiences are limited to east side mario's, casey's and angel's). she loved it - 'cause, well, how can you not love latino's?!?!?!? hey, has anyone else noticed that all these restaurant names have an "apostrophe s" at the end? obviously some big conspiracy...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

bloody hell i laughed, laughed and laughed and laughed

so, this is john. john is my partner.

why am i posting a picture of john you may ask. well, it's because i have a very funny story, and this acts as a useful visual aid.

tonight john came to pick me up post-rehersal at the theatre. now perhaps some quick background is required here. i am in a play with a million children right now. okay, actually i think it's like 15, but trust me, it feels like a million.

so, john and i walk out into the lobby and naomie (an 8 year old girl in the cast) looked up and said "is that your dad?". i couldn't stop laughing. seriously, laughing laughing laughing.

now, to be fair, john hadn't shaved and was hung over from a cast part for the show he just wrapped up last night, and i'm sure naomie has no idea that i'm around the same age as her mum, but man oh man it was funny. well, for me. probably not so much for john...

Posted by Hello


okay, this one had me laughing so loud that i felt compelled to read it out loud to john who is hung over/still drunk from his cast party and trying sleep. i'm an *such* a nice girlfriend, i mean, otherwise he may have missed out on this, as if sleep is more important...

anyway, it's called Like Canada, but sexier--much sexier.

oh, and before you get all antsy about it being sexist and making generalizations, i remind you, it is satire...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

more politics

so, apparently i'm not the only one of my friends talking politics tonight. this is paddy's post for the day. all i can say is 'you sing it sister'!

and, of course, dalai is talking politics, but well, he's always talking politics. ;)

flogging a dead horse


i just had a great big long post, that i had in word, so that i wouldn't lose it, and then my stupid computer crashed, and there is no recovered document in word and, and, and, well, aaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg!

so, here's the gist of my (very long, and of course very articulate *grin*) post in a few (not articulate at all) sentences :

election over. move on. work within the system, much easier to affect change from within than from outside. don't come forward with stuff until there is solid evidence, right now things like "kerry won ohio" coming out of truthout come off a bit like crying wolf, if there ever is evidence, a huge number of people will tune it out as more proselytizing. remember you need hard facts, not suppositions (no matter how accurate they may be) because the people you need to convince are a hard lot to crack.

okay, that's all the energy i have now. i promise it was a good entry. and long. and it even had some funny bits. oh well, another time...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

my embarassing moment for the week

so, on tuesday we had a meeting. most of the meeting was here in guelph, but we were on a conference call to two people in toronto. well, we were supposed to be. but for some reason whenever we tried connecting we kept getting a busy signal.

after trying for a while we decided to call someone in the toronto office to see if they could suss out the situation. my manager was talking to her and explaining the situation, but i wasn't sure if it was clear that the problem was a busy signal so as she was hanging up i piped up with "the problem is we're getting busy in here"

let me repeat that for you...

"the problem is we're getting busy in here"

i had meant to say a busy signal of course, but in my rush to say it before the inevitable click of disconnection (is that a word?) i was sputtering it out at top speed, and missed a few key words.

in the whole room i think it was only me and one other guy who realised my foible. he and i looked at each other and tried very very hard to stifle giggles, and got strange questioning looks from everyone else in the room.

for the rest of the meeting whenever i looked over at him, and sometimes when i was just looking down at my paper, i would have to suppress a giggle. for those who know me, they know that supressing a giggle is a very difficult thing for me. really, some people climb mountains to challenge themselves, i suppress giggles. i'm just a giggly sort.

so, again, i leave you with my now immortal (well, to me, and, well, until i forget, so maybe not so immortal, but you get the idea) words:

"the problem is we're getting busy in here"

remembrance day

it's rememberance day, and i'm from guelph (where John McCrae grew up). so, time to post In Flanders Fields. all of those who spent every remembrance day in public school reciting this feel free to recite along...

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.
Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

there will be an awful lot to think about this year in the two minutes of silence...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

i need your help...

so. my 'little sister' (from big brothers big sisters) will be turning 14 next week.

so, i need to think of a good present for her.

what do you get a 14 year old girl?

so, what's the best gift you've given a teeniebopper? or... what was the best gift you got when you were a teeniebopper?


update based on some questions in the comments section...

i'm not actually that clear on her likes and dislikes, we've only been matched for a short time, so i've only known her for 6 months or so, and she's just starting to open up to me. she has just started working on a play i'm in and is really enjoying that, so maybe i should think of something theatre related...

how much am i willing to spend? kind of depends on what it is. i'd like to keep it in the $40 or less range, but if it's something brilliant then i'm willing to go higher.

gift certificates - this will be the first birthday present i give her, hopefully the first of many, i want it to be something that will be meaningful...

maybe a cheapola digital camera and an album, i liked the album idea (thanks roberto)

blog it forward

it's blog it forward day courtesy of Buzzstuff and i figure it's time for me to do my bit...

i thought about putting dooce forward for all the obvious reasons, but then i decided that she gets so much traffic anyway and that maybe i should put forward someone elses name...

so, today i am putting forward a blog i haven't actually blogrolled yet. the blog is trudeau wept. i was drawn to it because of the name. i like it because it's well written and clever. and it not only makes me laugh, it also makes me think upon occasion. plus, according to a comment he left here he misses pints at the albion, so he can't be a bad guy right? i mean, the albion, it's full of nothing but fine upstanding human beings...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

my name is mainja and i am a blog addict

it would appear that i have become unwittingly addicted to blogs.

who knew.

i read them all. the good, the bad, the ugly (and believe me, there are lots of the latter two...) i don't mean i go through and read the archives of the ones i don't like, but when i start cruising through blog explosion i can't seem to stop. it's like flicking through the infomercials on late night television. you know you should be sleeping, and you're pretty sure there is nothing of substance to be gained by continuing to scroll through every channel obsessively, but you never know, that one elusive gem, the best movie you've never seen, the documentary that solves all your life's problems, the episode of that show that you've always wanted to see but have never had the opportunity too, they all may be just one click away. the next channel up might be the thing that you *need* to keep staying up for.

i'm telling you, the next blog might be written by my hero.

so i keep clicking.

next. next. next. next. next. next. next. next. next. next. next. next. next... you get the idea.

so, now it's almost midnight, my eyes are droopy, i have to go to work in the morning and i can barely function because of all the antibiotics i'm on, but still i continue to click.


my new found obsession with british media

okay, so you've probably already seen this, but just in case, you should check this out...

Monday, November 08, 2004

greatest canadian

okay, so, i don't think i've talked about this yet. as you may or may not know CBC is doing it's greatest canadian thing. so, if you want to vote go to this site...

it's a nice idea. and i like being able to learn about folks from our history. but i have one MAJOR complaint to the CBC voting public, not one woman is on the top 10, and only 4 or 5 in the top 100. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!

my friend kate put it well when she said "i want to lodge a complaint, but how can i lodge a complaint with the whole country?"

now, just to add insult to injury, who is 3rd on the top canadian list right now? don cherry. yep. you heard me right. a bigoted loudmouth violence celebrating hockey commentator is third on the list of greatest canadians. 3rd. i mean, the the man who brought us canada is only 6th!!!

so, here is my plea, get out there and vote people! really. you don't even need to "get out", just click on this link...

say it out loud...

please people, before you name your children say the WHOLE name out loud.

this poor sod, son of mr. and mrs. peacock is named drew. drew peacock. okay, say it outloud, you'll get it. all at once... drew peacock...

tee hee

okay, so this had me laughing loudly, loudly enough that the cats were giving me quizzical looks, which is odd really, 'cause, well, i'm a laugher, you'd think they'd be used to it by now...

Sunday, November 07, 2004

update on me

so, for those who may be wondering, here is a tiny little update on what this weekend has been...

- no idea how the interview went. it wasn't horrible, but i didn't walk out with any sense one way or another. they probably won't know one way or another until the end of the month.
- went for very delicious indian food at a place called Kama on King St. in TO
- went to the albion for a pint and had drunken rowdies sit at the table and my friend camille told them she should try the other room (the juke box room) because there were much younger much more attractive women in there than us. i told her to speak for herself...

- went to the walk in clinic and had an infected sebaceous cyst on my head diagnosed. the infection has spread to my glands, fun fun fun. the doc perscribed these wickedly strong antibiotics, 4 pills a day, 500mg per pill.
- went to see shawn of the dead. EXCELLENT. highly highly highly recommended. i laughed my ass off. what no one warned me about is that there would be bits i would cry at, but whatcha gonna do?

- took antibiotics
- slept
- took antibiotics
- slept
- slept some more
- took antibiotics
- went to rehearsal and went through the motions of being there while walking through a fog
- came home, wrote this
- slept (okay, this one hasn't happened yet, but i'm willing to bet it's a very accurate prediction)

- go to toronto and do an interview and try to not fall asleep in the middle of a sentence, oh, and hope to not make a total ass of myself (again, a prediction)

Friday, November 05, 2004


okay, i know this is basically just an ad campaign, but i like it. it's a good ad campaign.

dove's campaign for real beauty

on the left you'll see a drop down menu and you can see (and vote on) different pictures. or you can click on "share your views" button on the top.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

"i'm not dead yet..."

a headline i saw on msn.ca from ctv news today made me think of that scene from monty python and the holy grail where the guy is trying to sell his 'dead' father to the body collector. the old guy was saying stuff like "i'm not dead yet..." "i feel fine..." "i'm feeling much better now..." and so on. okay, i'm sure you've all seen the scene, so i won't go into further detail. anyway, the headline was:

"Arafat is 'not dead', docs say"

the first paragraph says "... reports Yasser Arafat is dead are gravely exaggerated..."

now, to be fair, i didn't actually hear any reports of his death, so this whole thing was news to me. the last thing i heard was that they had ruled out leukemia, which seemed like good news to me. so, yeah, i didn't hear about reports of death, but i have no reason to doubt the good folks at ctv.

a couple questions went through my mind, first the one that is actually vaguely interesting in a political context which is, who is spreading these rumours of death? and who is believing them? and what is the motivation? i have guesses at the motivation, i don't know enough about the situation to guess at the others.

now for the frivolous questions...

first, apparently these are "gravely exaggerated" claims. what exactly would a mildly exaggerated claim be? Yasser Arafat is mostly dead but as long as we can find billy crystal and carol kane to administer a chocolate coated pill from miracle max's stash and we can all run off and defeat prince humperdinck and live happily ever after?

second, also on this choice of wording. um, did they notice that they were using the word "gravely" when talking about death? am i actually just a twelve year old in disguise as a grown up because it made me giggle? (the word usage of course, not the man on his death bed...)

and those are my thoughts for the evening.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

my blogging for books entry

This is my entry for blogging for books from the Zero Boss. It's 619 words, and really, it made a liar out of me from my last post where I said I'd be inactive on the blog for a couple of days...

For this month's Blogging for Books, choose one of the three "starter sentences" listed below, and use it as the beginning of a blog post totalling no more than 2,000 words:
- Just when I thought my life couldn't get any crazier...
- Before I had kids, I thought ...
- I enjoy reading the stories in your magazine each month, but I never thought something like that could happen to me until a few nights ago, when...

And now for my entry:

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any crazier I started laughing, that was how I learned to cope. They say laughing is a stress reliever and releases a lot of the same stuff as crying. I guess that’s where the saying “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry” comes from. So, my crazy life led me to laugh.

I was fifteen and convinced that I was carrying the world on my shoulders, what I didn’t realise was that all the other fifteen year olds in the world were also carrying it on their shoulders, so in relative terms it was pretty light. So, with blinders fully intact I was convinced that life couldn’t get any harder than this and I couldn’t wait until I was an adult and I could do whatever I wanted. No matter how many times you tell a fifteen year old that becoming an adult doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, they will never believe you. Adults don’t have to do homework. Adults can drive cars. Adults don’t have a bedtime. Adults always seem to have money to buy whatever they want. Obviously being an adult is where it’s at. But I digress…

In the midst of all my teenage woes, that seemed earth shatteringly important at the time, but that I can barely remember now, there were moments of pure joy in my life. And these moments of pure joy often involved my brother. My brother is seven years older than me but managed to put up with having his little sister hanging on his coat tails wherever he went and remain cool at the same time. He’s a talented fella is that brother of mine…

Right, back to moments of pure joy, well, many of them involved just hanging out in his room, going to say something to him at seven o’clock or so and staying in there just talking and laughing and reading and listening to music until eleven or sometimes even midnight. But this one, this one in particular I can see with vivid clarity.

We were sitting at the dining room table. It was dark out. It was after dinner, but the dinner dishes weren’t on the table anymore. We were eating peanuts, shelling them and putting the shells in a bowl, which was sitting in front of me. I was drinking milk. Can you see where this is going yet?

It all started innocently enough, as we sat there talking about nothing in particular, my brother started to make jokes, as he was wont to do. I laughed, as I was wont to do. The part that makes this story different than all the other times is the inclusion of milk and peanut shells into the equation. I laughed so hard milk actually came out my nose. Well, this amused my brother to no end (and truth be told me too, but I would never have admitted it through my mock anger). As the evening progressed every time I thought it was save to take a drink of milk, my brother would make me laugh. This went on for quite a while, likely a couple of hours, and I am fairly certain that I didn’t swallow a drop of that glass of milk.
The end result? Sides aching from unbridled laughter, milk dripping off my chin, and a bowl full of peanut shells swimming in milk providing us an image of what would be the most disgusting cereal ever (although chalk full of regularity producing fibre though no doubt). But best of all, a memory I will carry with me always.

I love you Scotty, thank you for all the moments of pure joy.

slowly going crazy am i...

so, just to forewarn you, as much as i'd love to have long witty postings every day (i really really really would, ah, to be clever and witty and have time...) i suspect that things are going to be light in the next couple days in blogland.

i just finished an interview today (yeah, it went okay, only time will tell), then i have an interview in toronto on friday and another in toronto on monday. and in there i'm working on the whole new job thing, as well as rehersals for the show i'm in. seriously, i'm tired just typing it out...

on a positive note though, i have successfully sucked my 'little sister' in to the theatre vortex. yep, that's right, she's working on the show i'm in now. ahhh, theatre. so much to offer for so many people.

okay, now i'm going to crawl back to bed...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

at least there's always jon stewart

yep, that's right, daily show special live election day coverage "prelude to a recount".

in canada on CTV at 10pm eastern.

yay jon!


bleh. looks a lot like bush is going to win, again. again i say bleh. bleh. bleh. bleh.

obligatory USA election posting

just wanted to take a micro break from work today to say that i really want to go to a pub and watch the election tonight with bunches of other people.

having said that, i'm not sure where i'd go, or who i'd go with (john will be at rehersal until midnight, yay for tech weeks).

and i have rehersal tonight then an interview tomorrow morning, so i really should be spending what scant time i have preping for the interview...

Monday, November 01, 2004

say it again babeee!

my favourite quote in a long time:

If, after all this, you do get her back, but get right back to lying, take heed. It’s probably a sign you’re in need of serious medical attention: a brain scan from the proper doctor -- which, in this case, would be a proctologist.
It's from this entry on the advicegoddess.com - thanks for the link mum!

i swear i heard it...

i swear that today while listening to cbc i heard them tell a story about there being a riot at a chess tournament.

i swear i'm not making this up.

but of course, now i can't find any record of it.

anyway, the idea of a riot at a chess match amused me to no end. step aside football (i.e. soccer) hooligans, the chess fans are steppin' up!

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