Monday, February 13, 2006

yay me!

tonight i went to the gym for the first time in about a year.

i went even though i worked until after 7pm because i had finally brought my clothes with me and i'd made a promise to myself that i'd go.

that in itself is worthy of a yay.

but what is really worthy of a yay is that i am still in just as good shape as the last time i went!

so, now, because the boring mundane details of my life are so very important to you, my dearest readers, i will describe my workout. (be forewarned that those of you who are serious about the gym and are actually in *good* shape are going to roll your eyes and think this is not a 'real' workout, but really, remember, been a year since i've gone to the gym)

i did 25 minutes on the eliptical cross-trainer. 25 minutes! 25 mintues on the machine that kate called something to the effect of 'the machine of the devil'. the machine that when i first went on it many many years ago i thought i was going to die on and couldn't get past 3 minutes. and, not only did i do 25 minutes, i did 25 minutes at varying levels of resistance. i started at level 1 (what i used to always do) and after 5 minutes i decide that it was too easy (yes, you read that right, i decided it was too *easy*!) and i moved it up to level 3. after 5 minutes of that i decided it was still too easy. i moved it up to level 6. i did that for 10 minutes (i didn't feel that was too easy, just for the record, it was relatively hard). after those 10 minutes it was time for cool down, which is 5 minutes at level 1.

i got off the machine feeling awfully proud of myself. i went over to the stretching area, stretched a bit, and decided i wasn't done yet. so i moved onto the circut. it's a small circut, only 6 machines, one of which you do twice because they work different muscle groups, so 7 sets (single sets mind you, but 7 sets nonetheless).

so, 25 minutes on the cross trainer and about 20 minutes on weight machines.

yes. that's right people. i kick ass! i haven't gone to the gym in a year and yet i am still working out at the same level as when i was going 4-5 times a week.

needless to say i am very very happy with myself right now.

i rewared myself with a nice luxurious soak in the hot tub/whirlpool thingy.

what i'm saying is, it was a good night.

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