Friday, February 10, 2006

i wanna wanna wanna

so. i wanna write. i wanna tell you an interesting story. i wanna give you insight into my life.

but i can't. well, can't is a harsh word. it's not that i *can't*, nor is it that i won't, it's just that, well, i'm feeling at a loss.

the apathy is pervesive. not only can i not get my ass in gear to do the laundry, go grocery shopping or cook dinner, i also can't be bothered doing anything else. so, as a result there is nothing interesting in my life right now. which kind of makes it feel like there is nothing to talk about.

i could write about the new harper government. i could write about the man who crossed the floor to join the concervatives mere days after his constituents voted him in as a liberal, i could talk about how that person's parlimentary secretary is suddenly the person who had previously proposed a bill requiring anyone who crosses party lines to have a by-election, i could talk about how the PS for the person in charge of francophone affairs is a unilingual anglophone, i could go on about how the new childcare idea of harper's really only benefits single (*pthththththppptttt* to dickey) income families with a stay at home parent, therefore perpetuating the 'family values' vision of the party (exactly who's family is that? 'cause it sure as hell isn't mine.) but the truth is it's been done to death. it's fun to argue these points and get all riled up over a pint, but really, in print, not so exciting. nothing new. nothing earth shattering. nothing that google can't tell you.

so i want to tell you about interesting things, things that we aren't bombarded with by the news everyday anyway. but i find myself with nothing to say.

i guess just the compulsion to write and the fact that i know what i want to write about, even if i don't have anything to say, is in itself a bit of a peek into my psyche...

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