Monday, June 23, 2008

thank god for pee pads (yes, a post about incontinence)

There are many things that suck about being sick.  I won't bore you with a laundry list of these things (laundry list?  who makes a laundry list?), I will instead focus on one part.

The coughing.

The coughing is hell.

Not because my throat is so swollen it clicks when I swallow now.

Not because I can taste blood in my throat because it's so raw.

Not even because I can't fall asleep because I keep waking myself up by coughing.

Nope.  Those aren't the worst thing about coughing.

The worst thing about coughing is the constant peeing myself.  Now, to clarify, just in case you have never experienced what I'm going to call pressure incontinence, it's when there's a little bit of pee that escapes when you cough or sneeze.  You mostly hear about it in menopausal women, and, well, me.

So.  I'm coughing constantly.  Which means I'm peeing myself lots.  Which means I'm wandering about with my legs clenched.  But then I remembered, I have pee pads!  Yay!  Pee pads are the best! 

Now that's solved, well, I guess we'll have to choose one of the above items as the worst part about coughing now...

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