Saturday, June 07, 2008

testing out live writer

Okay, so, I've installed this thing called 'live writer', which apparently makes it so I can put in blog entries here, and possibly others.

Who knows.  If it doesn't let me do multiple blogs, well, then, I don't imagine it will be of much use, but, for now, here we go.

Of course, this means I need to figure out what to write...  Well, I could write about our new apartment, I know everyone is DYING to hear about it. 

First.  It's in the perfect location.

Second.  It's a bit cheaper than our current place.

Third.  It's a bit smaller than our current place (but, you know, it's in the perfect location)

Fourth.  It doesn't have as nice outside space as our current place. (did I mention it's in the PERFECT location).

I guess that's it for the run-down.  Basically, it's in the heart of Cabbagetown, a 90 second walk from Jet Fuel if you're meandering.  When we first too possession it was still dirty from the last tenants, which, you know, was disheartening.  However, after a quick text message exchange with our new landlord she agreed to pay to have it cleaned.  And now it's sparkling! 

I have this wonderful cleaning guy who is super cheap ($14 and hour) so he made it sparkle for us.

I guess now I have to think about packing up our old place... 

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