Sunday, June 01, 2008

hey, stress is fun, right?

so, mostly i've been avoiding talking about depression here lately, 'cause, well, it was getting old and boring quite quickly. but the bottom line is, i'm still depressed. it still sucks. i still can't work. or even stay out all day. and i kind of have a hard time with the people contact thing.

why am i telling you this now? why bring it up again? well, i'm in the process of filling out the forms for long-term disability through the insurance company at work. it's really bloody stressful. i'm not sure why it's SO stressful. i guess because it's a reminder that i'm not better and brings up all the old fears about never getting better and blah blah blah.

not sure why i am telling everyone this. just. um. well, just am i guess.

yeah. okay. that's it for now. :P

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