Thursday, June 26, 2008

Painting a hug

So, as part of moving we're painting the new place.

Did you know that paint names are ridiculous?

Our livingroom, kitchen and office are all painted, wait for it, they are painted... "cuddle".

That's right folks, snuggle up to those warm cozy walls, let them stroke  your hair and squeeze you tight.

What colour is it really?  White, with a very slight pinkish tinge.

Now, the bedroom, well, it's painted in, um, uh.  Wait, I don't know the name of that colour.  We'll call it dark brown, although the actual name is probably something like 'desire'.  It looks like melted chocolate when you pour it into the tray.  As you paint it looks like you're smearing melted dark chocolate all over the wall.  It's quite delicious looking.

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