Wednesday, November 09, 2005

just a reminder

well folks, we're into november. that means you have less than two months to contribute to the million dollar year project.

if you're in toronto i encourage you to find something astrid can help you with, like;
cook you somthing yummy,
serve hors d'ouvres at your christmas open house,
be at your house when the furnace folks arrive so you don't miss work,
read you a story,
teach you a stretch for sciatica,
sing you a song,
plan a dinner party for you,
teach you a clapping game (i have no idea if she can do this or not, it's just off the top of my head),
help you pick out an outfit for that work party...

the list goes on. please feel free to add to the list in the comments section, i'll try and update as i get stuff.

if you don't life in toronto, i bet there is still stuff you can think of. or you could just follow my mum's lead (she's in france, so she just donated money through the donate button on astrid's site).

the idea is to just participate in the project, be a part of the art.

what i want to happen is the national gallery to buy the work for the remainder of the million, which would make the purchase/aquiring of the work part of the work itself. i like the dynamic of that.

anyway, yeah, so, here's your reminder to do something to contribute to the project. if you do end up doing something let me know, i'm very curious about this stuff.

oh yeah, if you want to see a trailer of the documentary or other video clips they can be found here. i enjoyed the trailer and it's nice and small and easy to download.

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