Monday, November 28, 2005

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john and i just made an agreement.

we're going to live lean for january and february and get our debt completely paid off. that's everything. overdraft, credit cards, loan from my dad, all of it.

it's going to mean no going out to movies, no going out for dinner, no ordering in, no buying our lunches, no going to the theatre, none of that kind of stuff.

we have been living fairly lushly for the last couple of months because for the first time in our lives we have had money. but the lush living has been at the sacrifice of paying down our remaining debt. so we have to take care of that. and we want it done sooner rather than later.

i am strangely excited about this. i'm excited about the idea of not being in debt, there is no question about that. i'm also excited at the prospect that it might help make some decent habits, like, for instance, actually getting my act in gear and making my lunch for a change.

so, i will be in search of fun free things to do, book signings, lectures, free concerts etc. and, if we hang out then it will likely be at my place (or yours) or maybe out to a cafe to play scrabble over a long cup of coffee.

*** update***
perhaps worth noting that our version of living lean is nothing like a real version of living lean. we will still have our digital cable with the movie network (the movie network on demand is the best thing ever, i haven't rented a movie since we got it, and i used to rent one or two a week), i will still have my fancy shmancy membership plus at the y, i will still buy prepared food at the grocery store upon occasion. we will still leave a privledged and blessed life. we just won't do some of the other stuff we do (the movies, the theatre, the eating out etc.). i just want to make sure it's clear that i know that our 'living lean' is still more opulant than many folks normal living day to day.

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