Friday, November 25, 2005

the power of flirting

i would like to say that i'm someone who never uses her sexuality for personal gain (you know, personal gain beyond getting laid...). but i can't. it would be a lie.

i would like to say that i never rely on my 'feminine wiles' at work. but i can't, it would be a lie.

i would like to say that my work speaks for itself and i would never do anything beyond my work to catch someone's eye professionally. but i can't, it would be a lie.

today i had a business meeting with someone that i was hoping to impress. i was flirting with him a tiny bit, but just in the casual interaction way, not in any kind of blatant way. he was reciprocating. then when it came time that i was saying something about talking about something at home i was going to say "my partner's eyes glaze over", but for some reason it came out "my friends' eyes glaze over". and then a bunch of other things where i would normally have refered to john seemed to come out as "my friends".

for some reason i was avoiding mentioning that i had a partner.

and here's the kicker.

i finally noticed he was wearing a wedding ring.

all of a sudden i was talking about "my partner" instead of "my friends"

the best part was this detached part of me watching the conversation, making observations, saying to itself "hmmm, that's interesting" while the engaged part of me was saying "yes, i love performance measures".

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