Thursday, November 24, 2005

finding my feet

i thought after oh-so-many whiny posts about feeling lost in toronto i should post an update.

toronto is indeed becoming home.

it's maybe not 100% there yet, but it's pretty close.

i am meeting some great new people. i am meeting some great new hang outs. i am meeting some great new shops.

yesterday i went to a lecture at the u of t, it was open to the public and free.

i have gone to the theatre several times in the last month.

i have played scrabble in a cafe and scrabble in a lounge.

i have people watched while eating shwarma

i am content.

we have a nice space, thanks to astrid.

we had a house warming, we're having a couple dinner parties, and we're having a new years eve party. the place will be well and solidly broken in by the new year.

and so, when it comes to toronto i have found my feet and am feeling much more grounded.

it doesn't mean i'm done exploring, meeting new people, reading up on what toronto has to offer. it just means that if i *want* i can do something without having to do reasearch first.

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